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Alabama has started the season ranked lower than #2 only once since 2010. They started at #3 in 2015. Every other season they have started #1 or #2. Do your homework.
You can't fix 4.85 and being nailed to the turf. He would have enjoyed another season of playing college football and a final year of a free education, but he was never going to play in the NFL with a 40 time that you need a sundial to time.
Are you really this stupid? Zeke Elliot is the best running back in the NFL, and you think some nobody from Missouri is fit to carry his jockstrap anywhere, any time?
I thought Robinson's best season was his freshman season, and that usually isn't the recipe for success on Sundays. He seemed to pick right up where Cyrus Kouandijo left off, and too must be rated as a slight disappointment.
I think I can speak for every decent football fan when I say that I hope people will leave these new trees the hell alone and let them grow and thrive. Football partisanship is never an excuse for vandalism, particularly the destruction of life of any sort.
What is it like to seethe in perpetual crimson envy, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?
Guice's 8 ypc was otherworldly, but you cannot expect stupid barn fans to know that. Once you show it to them, they'll just shift to excuse-making. Guice belongs at #1 for sure.
Yes, we're all terrified that they might become so motivated that they rise up and go 5-7 this season.
Didn't attend the SEC championship in 2013? You got me, pal. No, I don't attend games in which Alabama isn't playing. I DID, however, attend in 2014. Perhaps you remember that game. Alabama curb-stomped a miserable Missouri team by a margin of 42-13, and it could have been a lot worse. I wish Alabama could play Missouri every season. Nothing like an automatic win to look forward to each year.
LOL, I graduated from the University of Alabama in 1996. I'll stake my education against yours any day, chump. You remind me of a barn fan; your football program is vastly inferior, so to save a bit of face, you automatically assume that you are better educated. A bit different in your case though: Auburn at least has some legitimate tradition to be proud of. Missouri is complete garbage and never should have been invited to the SEC in the first place.
2006 was more than a decade ago. 2007 Alabama was mediocre, but not bottom feeder. 2008 Slaughtered? The final score was 31-20. Alabama took a 20-17 lead into the 4th quarter. The game was very close. Alabama finished 12-2 2009 Alabama went 14-0 and won the National championship that season, you moron. 2010 Alabama's weakest team of the dynasty era finished 10-3 and ranked in the top 10. 2011 Alabama 12-1 and wins National Championship 2012 Alabama 13-1 and wins National Championship 2013 Alabama 11-2, is ranked #1 all season until final second of Auburn game 2014 Alabama 12-2 and wins SEC 2015 Alabama 14-1 and wins National Championship 2016 Alabama 14-1 wins SEC in dominating fashion, loses in last second to Clemson in National Championship. That is the most dominant decade in SEC football history, one which will look even more impressive when the 2017 season replaces 2007 in a ten year "window".
Typical SDS garbage. If you just looked at the unit rankings every year, you'd wonder why Alabama has thoroughly dominated the SEC for a decade now, since they routinely have their position units ranked behind dregs like Missouri.
No one cares what Big-talking coaches that can't do any better than 10-3 have to say.
Mama called him home. Nothing could have kept him from answering.
LOL, you realize this isn't a basketball article? Never heard of him, and I'm guessing Nick Saban hasn't either.
I wonder how many coaches would rate this far differently. Georgia's two backs are back in school because they both had mediocre seasons and weren't going anywhere fast in the NFL draft. Auburn's duo isn't nearly as talented as what Alabama and LSU have.
This group of players has a better chance of walking on the moon than they do of winning championships of any sort at Missouri. You weren't close in 2013. You weren't close in 2014. You've been terrible for 2 years running.
Only the cast of morons at SDS would look at Alabama's depth chart and all the returning starters and conclude that Alabama will be worse next year. Nick Saban will get whomever he wants for OC and Hurts will step his game up, while Bo figures to be the man all season and Calvin Ridley has a huge final season in college.
Tell us about all the experience your back up has. He didn't even play football last year. A handful of games in the crappy Big 12 and you barners think he's an All-Pro. But then you tend to do that with every unproven QB you have. I guess you have to grasp at something each year.
Yeah, so maybe he's going to be NFL rookie of the year too. Prescott made plays against Alabama's defense every time he faced it. Fitzgerald was utterly humiliated. There is no comparison.