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Oh and not to mention his winning percentage as a NFL head coach is only .540. Not that great when you look at it...
Why? He's never coached at the NCAA level. He has ZERO experience recruiting. Sure he may used to have a fire in him as a head coach but I just don't see him being a fit at just about any college.
Exactly. It's a daily "So and so is the top candidate and there's mutual interests" story line that's getting old real quick. If Herman is really out, I hope it's not because of the "sources" being quoted by the media from the story the other day. I bet it's the same "source" that said Muschamp was in town here in Columbia for the DC job...
"negated by a holding call." Pretty sure it was a false start call... Regardless, the way this team is playing, there's no chance Clemson will lay an egg against this porous defense and (lack of) offensive line.
Fact check much? The Citadel didn't need Overtime to put the ass-whipping on the Gamecocks... They did it in 4 quarters. I guess it takes too much time to pull up a stats site before writing "articles" these days...
Same crappy woulda, coulda, shoulda's different week. Glad next week will end this...
I called this game a loss weeks ago. The team is pathetic and the coaches are horrid. Any one that thinks a single member of this cosching staff deserves to stay on after this season needs to have their head examine . Citadel got paid to come hand this team an ass-whippin'.
If they have their guy and he is currently coaching, respect to the school he's coaching at would be a reason to wait.
It would be fun to win that one but I just don't see it happening. Their offense has been very productive and against this horridly porous defense, they are set to have a field day.
Coaching, coaching, coaching. This game is THE game that should be enough reason for the fans who want to see the current coaching staff to remain intact to come to the realization that the current staff needs to go. Elliott would be nice to stay in some form of coach status (not as the HC) but the rest need to go quickly.
Coming out flat on offense again next week will be a disaster.
D+ for coaching is being generous, very generous.
Exactly. The school will want a younger, energetic HC that is light's out on the recruiting trail.
NFL has better lawyers...
He's a good back but some of the "injuries" he's had during his career seem a little questionable.
Sad story. But "killed" implies murder. This may very well be a case of an accidental fall out the window. The headline, until otherwise told, should read "died," not killed since the authorities have not stated details.
Hoke is being held back by trying to implement a tough defensive scheme and being hard-heading and not willing to make adjustments on the fly until it's too late.
Exactly! The headline reads "Wife of man slain by former Texas A&M WR found dead of suspected suicide" I read this headline as it is and not bashing the school in any way. His article is a direct paraphrase, even quote, from the AP article. I guess the AP writer is anti-Texas A&M too?