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Reports are Ray Tanner is looking at options to relocate the game Saturday. It's bad here in Columbia and there's no need to have the game here. The city is under a boil water advisory and we are still flooding in areas. Dams are breaching everywhere.
Great game Mizzou. You were the better team out there today. I would say that the Gamecocks are a dumpster fire, but in all seriousness, that would be degrading to dumpster fires everywhere. At least a dumpster fire burns until there's nothing left. This Gamecocks team quits mid-play. The officiating crew was horrible, the targeting call should have never been flagged. Yes, helmet to helmet, but it was clear it wasn't intentional. Missed calls and generous spots on both sides of the ball. The Cooper catch should have never been reviewed, which cost the Gamecocks a TD. Change has to happen on the SC sidelines. The coaches can't right the ship or even see the plays. While Mizzou isn't as predictable with play calling as SC is, anyone watching could call the play Mizzou was running next, yet the D coach's had no answer. Spurrier should take over play calling and own it vs, blaming everyone else subtly. Lock is going to be a beast in the years to come.
#20 is T.J. Gurley, Holloman is #11
Nothing but class from both schools. Well wishes for the recovery! You're in great hands, Devon.
We need more players (current and past) doing this.
Did the same thing here. Haha
Lock only has to worry about throwing the ball about 5 yards down field all day on Saturday. The Mizzou WRs will not have a single Gamecocks DB within 7 yards of the line of scrimmage, so if they have a case of the dropsies, it's on the WRs and not Lock.
I think I'm going to take a cross-stitching class at noon on October 10th. HAHA!
Doubt they will stop the soft coverage. Let's just hope the D line can actually get pressure on an SEC offensive line next week.
Still a lot of work to do on both sides of the ball.
RESPECT! Nothing but respect!
Thankfully, I watched it with the sound off. It's an okay drone video, feels like the drone operator was a 12 year old kid who didn't know how to fly it. And as for the recruiting budget... the money was there, they just chose not to spend it, sadly.
Everyone does realize that head coaches sends questionable calls plays in for review all the time?
Might as well get him some game experience for next season.
He would bring big name recruiting to SC but not sure how his offense would hold up week in and week out in the SEC. SC would have the money to land him if Spurrier decides to retire.
Thinking his as well. I don't see Butch going anywhere anytime soon.
nope.. CBS wanted that one. They have first pick rights
Have to say the matte lids for LU with the chrome flame was pretty sweet looking.
Don't worry. Mizzou plays SC in two weeks. The Tigers will put up a whole season's worth of offensive points in that game... :-/