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As a Gamecock and Niners fan, I'm excited for Lattimore.
Total points in Knoxville - Over 51 Auburn Offensive production - 401-450 yards
While I would love to see an upset happen in Jordan-Hare I just don't see the SC Defense stepping up their game all of the sudden to stop Auburn's offense.
No let him stay so the rest of the season can be just as comical for the Gators.
Put Tebow in at head coach... he couldn't do any worse than Muschamp.
I believe what their logic behind some of this is that while not every school will have a bunch of players getting paid for their autograph, the lawyers would have a field day with the Title IX aspect that if one player gets $100 for his/her autograph but a supporting player only fetches $50, then the lawyers could claim that the player who only fetched $50 deserves some of the other player's $100 since they help make the player who he or she is (remember this is a team sport). It's a slippery slope either way.
With the State Fair in town, I'm fairly impressed with the turn out at Williams-Brice. Almost three quarters of the tailgating spaces around the stadium were taken up for the fairgrounds and Fair.
I believe the final nail will be if he and the Gators lose to UGA on Nov. 1st.
I didn't realize ESPN WAS the AP all by themselves. LOL! People think ESPN controls all things football.
Hogs 35 Dawgs 28 - Depends on which team's defense wants it more. Bama 42 aTm 28 - This game will be sloppy. Ole Miss 35 UT 17 - Ole Miss struggles until late in the 3rd Qtr. LSU 28 UK 24 - UK takes early lead but LSU pulls it out Mizzou 21 UF 17 - I think Mizzou pulls it together this week. SC 42 Furman 14 - We'll see if Whammy moving to the box makes a difference...
Will they win out the rest of the games this season? doubt it. Let's just hope the focus was on defensive assignments and tackling as well as ensuring they stick to what is working on offense and not try to force something.
Let's hope these changes are made. When we have backs like Davis, Wilds and Williams, there's no need to press the passing plays.
You sound like a fellow Chiver to me.
It was the HBC responding to a journalist's question regarding Gurley. He didn't just throw this out there just to be talking about it.
Signing any autograph for free, regardless of who the players sign it for, is not a violation of NCAA rules.
Remind you, your institution suspended Gurley, not the NCAA. They did this to protect themselves from further sanctions and possible forfeit of games. Say what you want about Spurrier, clearly it's just hate driven. All the man said was that "we have to wait and see" and that "we all know the rules." Which is true. Every kid on all 128 FBS teams knows these rules and every kid has to abide by them. If the rule is broken, no matter what an individuals feel about them, then they will be investigated and what ever is deemed the proper punishment will be handed down. And your comments about anyone who chooses to exploit people is silly. Please explain how any coach exploits anyone? Their job is to get the best out of the athlete for the team they play for. If that's the case, then every head coach in football is "not a good person" in your eyes...