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Completely agreeing with you on this. You would think, having an outdoor practice field in Columbia, close to a river (extra humidity) would help them with off season conditioning...
The NCAA needs to quit trying to be the NFL and dictating so much crap, especially when it comes to uniforms. Allow the teams to modify some of the simple things like the "Hail State" or Vandy's "Anchor Down." I can see the contrasting numerals but this mess is just plain stupid.
I've got a feeling that they will scrap the 3-4, maybe not after just one game. The three down linemen had zero effectiveness with pressure, granted a 4th down lineman may not change that but it also wouldn't hurt it either. I'm willing to bet, if they go with 3-4 against ECU and end up with the same results, we'll see the 4-3 back against UGA. I still think the 3-4 will be very short lived for the Gamecocks. I don't see that sticking around.
LOL! One comment that was re-aired by the media 10,000 times.
You know better than that, He will still give the one-liners. He will be quiet this week, but I bet you he will get to the Spurrier we know and love once the D gets back on track and start winning again.
“We got to get better at tackling..." Understatement of the year right there. I saw one, maybe two quality tackles from the defense last night. If the D doesn't figure things out quickly, ECU will have a field day on this secondary and lack of pressure. After last night, Shane Carden is licking his chops to get at this Defense.
And... what's it going to take to get a better kick off/kick off return unit? This has been a glaring weakness for the Gamecocks for years. Glad to see Hull punting better this year.
While Thompson has some minor mechanics to work on, like getting the ball lower and with more zip on passes within 20 yards and not sacrificing yardage by running out of bounds behind the line of scrimmage when he can throw it away, he still had a great night. Hate the running game never got going. I keep saying, it's going to be a VERY LONG season if the defense doesn't learn how to tackle, get pressure and play better coverage. Seems like the guys were out of place prior to the snap more than anything. Some of this I hold the defensive coaching staff accountable on. They knew going into this game that aTm plays a no huddle, hurry up style offense and should have practiced to that. The next two weeks will be a real test for this defense. ECU has a great passing game and UGA is a well rounded team that will exploit this defense if they show up like this again.
Got to give it to the Aggies, they came to play. SC needs to practice tackling drills and throw the 3-4 out the window. Ole Miss will get better, sloppy game but showed some resolve. Sadly I didn't get to watch any of the Vandy game.
Hill looked great! Gamecocks defense...not so much. Got to give it to the kid, he was calm and remained in control the whole game. Just wish our guys knew what pressure, coverage and tackling are.
The Gamecocks offense didn't look like a powerhouse, but they did a decent job holding their own. This game was embarrassing, not for the Gamecocks offense, but the Gamecock horrible defense. Better coverage, pressure on Hill and actual honest to goodness tackling and this game would have been much closer. Lots of work on defense this week.
Definitely the (lack of) Gamecock defense. Out of position all night. No pressure. HORRIBLE tackling. And way to much cushion given by the secondary. I quit counting the number of times I saw the secondary giving the wideouts 10+ yards of cushion. Thee 3-4 needs to go back into hiding. Hell, coach Ward needs to first practice tackling drills all week this coming week.
Always have liked Mizzou's unis. Clean, yet modern look.
Yeah, you're right. But the point I was making is that in 21 years of games with the Hogs, there was never really any good old fashioned hate from either side of the field. More like the two teams were made to pair up because they joined the league at the same time.
Apparently for a shoulder injury of some sort.
2001...It's not about the music being piped in, clearly, you're not familiar with the Gamecock game entrance. Routinely voted among the best college football entrances in the nation.
It's not just 'played' at Williams-Brice. Ever seen the entire stadium during Sandstorm? Everyone from young and old are jumping and getting hyped, including the team.
Love how this cross-division rivalry hasn't played a single game and it's already more passion-filled than 21 years against the Hogs. Glad this rivalry got kicked off properly! Go Cocks!