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He backtracked his words some on Facebook. Mitch and Beecher are not similar in any way IMO.
Ric Flair was a SC fan too, he would be on the sidelines often.
Could have been some funnier ones on here.
Completely agree with you. Stood in that line a few times and never had a long wait.
What fans voted California Dreaming in Columbia, SC? Sure it's close to the stadium but it's not any way a fan favorite.
"What a difference a year makes. Last August there were whispers that South Carolina could challenge for its first SEC East title..." Don't you mean SECOND SEC East title?
Hmmm.... SC helmet at 14 but Auburn's at 4 and aside from color and logo, they're the same basic helmet concept.
Harvard-Yale? Seriously? Agree Ole Miss should've been tops.
I've tailgated at Georgia a handful of times and it's always been a great atmosphere.
Poor Auburn fans... I bet you'll get to enjoy Uncle Vern and Gary.
Some funny ones in the mix!
One of the smallest stadiums to choose from. There are High School stadiums with more seating in the area.
The whine as if SDS came out with these ratings...
preach it!! Or wait, FFRF will probably tell me I cannot say that in here...
Actually, no. Someone did not have to complain. FFRF does this often when they find out about these things. They're not governed or controlled to have to wait until someone goes to them. They act on their own.
Like many others, Fan expectations for SC are high because most of the fan base realizes that the defense lost 3 games for the team last year. That defense is much improved and should hold up better this year.
Right? That pulled pork taco... makes me want it now!
I drive by them daily! They're about to open another location in five points.
Technically, Aldon Smith (sadly) is no longer actively on the 49ers roster. Hoping he gets his off the field issues in check.