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Haters gonna hate and cry babies gonna cry...
This would be anyone's lock of the week. Unless UGA decides to send the club team to Jax.
As long as the black lids don't have the white circle around the Block C like yesteryear...
I think they are mad because the school took the proper steps to ensure they were abiding by the rules the moment they found out.
Need him to play for UF to give the gators a fighting chance?
Sweet! Would have loved to see some black lids to complete the look.
Still cleaner than the bumble bee prisoner unis that the Steelers wear.
The Pittsburgh Steelers can learn a lesson here in what a clean throwback uni is supposed to look like.
I think CockyMike was being sarcastic....
Sad to see such a productive offense be overshadowed by a VERY underproductive defense...
Because Jimbo is too busy blaming the SEC and ESPN...
All I hear is a bunch of crying from fans of weaker conferences.
There's that SEC bias... UGA got screwed IMO..
What's the over/under on Vern and Gary screw ups this week?
The Camo jerseys were awesome. hated they didn't get to wear them during the game. I liked the gray unis they wore against LSU too.
Try anything and everything to get the defense to show up and play...
Great player. He has been a beast and will continue to be next season before heading to the Pros after his junior year.