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"unprecedented global hand lotion shortage" BAHAHAHA!!!!
My condolences to Ole Miss and Arkansas....
And Carolina would be 9-1 with the same mentality.
Go back 10 years and folks will be saying Oregon? They have a football team?
5 for 11 and no touchdowns... shoudln't that read 5 for 11 and ONE touchdown?
Shhhh.... It's the #SECBias... everyone knows that
Definitely agree with you on that one, Stephen. Taking the delay of game was the start of the nail in the coffin.
He's not going anywhere and will be back next season.
Glad to see Duce becoming a quality coach in the NFL.
I've questioned Haney's logic in some of his articles in the past and his thinking that Spurrier is on near the top of the list is just plain absurd. I don't see Spurrier leaving Columbia for anything other than a daily tee time here at Augusta National.
Agree with Chris here. You can say "max protect" all you want but if poorly executed (we are talking about a team whose offensive linemen blocked each other not once but twice in the last two years), a blocked punt and block FG are going to happen.
You could clearly see that Hargreaves was set to dive forward on Mike Davis, then Davis made a cut and went to his right, causing Hargreaves to look like he was shoved.
I'll be happy to have him as the DC in Columbia. Ward will get to finish his season at Carolina but he won't be back.
Several times during the game it looked like Spurrier was abandoning the run game but would switch back, thankfully.
It's called right click, save as...
1 - Yes, I trust Thompson to Cooper will be said often tomorrow. 2 - It would be nice to see, but I see 3.5 quarters of decent defensive football from the Gamecocks and then and all out failure... sound familiar? 3 - This Gamecocks D will make him look like the Heisman front runner. 4 - See answer to #3 5 - If the Gamecocks can grab a quick lead, the natives will get restless.
Amazing story Luttrell has, great read and great movie. CGD missed the chance to have Kyle Carpenter as the guest picker while in Columbia earlier this year.
Agree. Can't leave the guy who holds the record for most wins in school history out of a top 5 discussion.
It took 9 played games in the season for these adjustments to be made...