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While I agree with you to a point; this horrible act had nothing to do with violent movies, games, etc. This sick little punk was motivated by hate. Segregation error hate that is a learned process that unfortunately exists here in the Southeast. A type of hate that has no place in this world. These families, this city and it's people mourn for the lost of the innocent. Hopefully this opens the discussions this country needs to have in regards to race relations, starting with the state of SC removing the confederate flag from the state house grounds.
This is one reason why I wish the recruiting process wasn't so overhyped. These kids get big-headed. I'm mean, does he really feel like he is a "Walking Legend?" He's a good player but I hope his attitude isn't going to get the better of him and be a problem child for the program.
Pretty much knew he was going pro after this season. He served the team well even with a slightly disappointing 2014 campaign. There were times were you could clearly see his head wasn't in the game. Maybe he was looking forward to the pros or something else.
He will be a washout in the NFL. Seriously doubt he'll be in the league more than 5 years. He'll either get traded from team to team or his off the field antics in the now tougher NFL stance will keep him off the field.
Figured something like this was coming. He didn't really pan out to be the breakout player he was recruited as. Hopefully, he doesn't think he will get a draw in the NFL... He'll go undrafted.
Agree with Chuckles. We knew this time was coming sooner rather than later. Just wasn't expecting the season to be what it became. The late game play calling and inability to ruffle feathers on the defense are the biggest questions. I don't see how Ward is safe. He's the DC, he didn't make the necessary adjustments during the games or season. I know if I did similar in my job, I would be promoted to customer...
With a HCIW, the team is screwed due to the recruiting restrictions. I would rather him keep the 4-5 year and then retire out of the blue.
I know it's based on early estimates and this year's record. However, it's way too soon IMO.
If he wins, which he most likely will, he will get to keep the money because it's a civil lawsuit.
I think Cooper will be fine with any QB for the Gamecocks next year. If nothing else, he could take over the role if need be. The question mark comes whether or not Nunez gets the starting job as a freshman and uses his feet much more than his arm.
If Blackshear hadn't suffered the ACL tear, he would have easily been the top pick from the state.
Before considering Cooper at QB, they need to see how the dual threat Nunez does in spring practice.
Nike should have made the compression top all houndstooth.... I hear the Bama folks love the Houndstooth.
SDS needs to adjust their Wordpress filters to stop these spammy posts.
The offense was productive for the most part but they shoulder some of the blame. Many of the games lost were because of the (lack of) defense. 3 games the offense had a two TD lead and the defense blew it. This poor season is more on the defense and the lack of coaching adjustments all season.
As they should have... Cramp like this is nonsense.
Agree. Garnet and Black Traditions needs to make Fire Ward stickers...
Was it Targeting? No. Was it roughing the passer with the helmet leading? yes. Helmet to helmet contact will get called every time, especially when it was in open field like that. Anthony shouldn't have been ejected IMO.