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Great video, Justin!
They play up for UGA, UF and the likes and ALWAYS play down to Vandy, UK, and other lesser teams. Always the case... Can't seem to figure it out. Just on the luckier end of the case since the 2010 loss to UK after the Bama game.
I personally don't think the pick 6 warrants an upgrade from a D to a C-, that was just a good defensive play that Vandy was out of place on to stop the run back. Overall the secondary still stunk it up most of the game. With all the drops, it's a miracle that the game didn't end with a Vandy win.
Wilds is good but can't seem to handle the heavier workload. Give Williams the ball. He seems to be the one running with something to prove right now.
While I agree with you, the Gamecocks usually play down to Vandy. There is a glaring weakness in the defense that HAS to be fixed for the Gamecocks. And then the sudden case of the dropsies the offense saw is scary. I too think Mizzou stumbled by looking ahead.
Sure the coaching should shoulder some of the blame... but the coaches can't shoulder the blame for the case of the dropsies that we witnessed from ball handlers. The players need to take ownership and a real student-leader on both sides ball needs to step up and demand better from himself and his peers.
Hmm...Maybe worry less about uniform changes and more about Xs and Os and they may get back to playing football...
Poor Bama and UF fans...they have to listen Vern and Gary.
Same here. I see this making the rounds on sports meme sites.
... and then gets the lights knocked out of him for the stupidity of this.
Sure Bama and aTm won their first game of the year and they look good thus far, one vs. a conference foe and one vs. a Power 5 foe. Since then, both teams have played cupcakes. Florida Atlantic, Southern Miss, Lamar, Rice and the upcoming SMU game are all pretty easy wins for both teams. Real easy to be listed as the best teams in the conference when you throw up giant numbers against teams like this. I really wish the media pundits would save their "SEC best teams" hype until each team gets a few conference games in...
While I think HBC uses this game to get the running game going even more. I feel this is going to be a learning game for the SC defense.
Does Mason think he has Spurrier's Fun 'n Gun offense from his Florida days? He is setting his team up for disaster. This should equate to SC building their confidence on the defensive side of the ball.
Beasley has been sneaking drinks from Dabo's Kool aid again.
#AskGarcia Natty lite or PBR?
Thanks Jenni! Hopefully Gurley takes this as a lessoned learned. Still expect to see him crush it this year and on Sundays next year.
That would be nice in a perfect world.
LOL! I had a coworker that's an UGA fan giving crap all week last week...today he wasn't at work for some mysterious illness...Hmmmm.