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True, but still in the class of 2016. Close enough for the purposes of the article.
For anyone who doubts Bradley Bozeman on this list, if I remember right, he didn't have any penalties on him personally (holding, false start, etc.) in the 2016 season, just the usual delay-of-game that may not have even been his fault to start.
I like this change. Instead of an ejection that has to be overturned, you have to confirm that an ejection is warranted. That should result in fewer pointless ejections.
I don't think this was about iPads on the sidelines, but rather electronic aids in places where the home team would have a clear and massive advantage, exacerbated by any significant difference in program income. These places are as mentioned the coaching booths and the locker room. If both teams have sideline iPads, that's fair. But if UA or UT go play each other, and the home team has a massive electronic "Halftime Meeting Room" and the visiting team is only left with what they can carry in, even the most wealthy programs will be at an unnecessary disadvantage. And then imagine if the visitor is a non-P5 team, or even a lesser P5 team. The only way to fix it would be to require programs to provide visiting teams the same capabilities on game day. Good luck enforcing it, and the visitor would still be on unfamiliar equipment. I am all for taking every advantage you can, but this sort of thing creates a very unfair situation. It would be like if a big program could pay to have an extra coach on the field or something.
I think Leatherwood will play a lot as a primary backup. But Elliot Baker has a great shot to be a starter with his talent AND experience. And I've heard rumors about Josh Casher showing some "potential starter" flashes lately. The A-Day Game will be very interesting in so many places, but O-line is a huge one. Interesting scenario: Starting O-line is Williams/Baker at OT (I have no idea which goes where), Ross P at LG, BB at C, and Leatherwood slides inside to start at RG. He has the talent to do that, and I could see them doing that just to get the 5 best on the field all at once, even if they feel that Williams and Baker are more suited to hold down the OT spots.
That wouldn't surprise me. It also wouldn't surprise me to see Rashaan Evans step up into that as well.
Clemson has a good defense, and I honestly don't know who they're losing. However, they're losing a Heisman-worthy QB, and their best WR, and I don't know who else. But those two alone would knock them down a few spots for me, until they prove they can overcome such a loss. I am in no way comparing rosters, but see what happened with MSU after Dak Prescott left. Essentially, the worry is that Clemson will drop from a top-5 or better team to a top-10 team with Watson's departure, and I don't think that's unrealistic. In fact, it's a compliment to the rest of the roster and to the coaching.
That's more true recently, but not long ago if I remember right LSU set a record for eligible juniors going out for the draft. That's one thing that they improved upon, and still didn't develop properly and win more games, and got Les fired.
When Browning is under pressure he tends to get rattled and start pressing. So there is a good chance that we get to him early and often and get UW one-dimensional very quickly. When that happens, you end up with more passing attempts, which means more sacks, and likely more INTs and even fumbles. So I could see our defense holding their score down pretty well, and forcing a lot of punting and keeping our defense fresh all game. Then, I think we could very easily get going pretty strongly on offense, especially if Jalen improves over the break like Jake Coker did last year. Combine that with at least one, if not more, NOT, and there's no reason we don't score 52 like against USC, and hold them to 10. Or maybe it's 56-14. Now, I'm with you, and I think it won't be that bad. But I think we win by more than 14. Between our defense, NOTs, and overall depth and stamina, I don't think they have the steam to keep up for all four quarters.
I absolutely believe Washington is a good team, deserves their spot, and will not be a pushover opponent. But I also have serious doubts about some of the stats because of the difference in opponent quality. UW's offense has not faced defense on the level of most SEC teams, much less Bama. And more than once, they did face better defenses (USC and Colorado) and they got beat or struggled. And they had a decent run defense, but Bama averages 10 YPG more than the best in the PAC12, Arizona, and UW allowed 308 rushing yards from AZ and won in OT by a TD after AZ was -2 in TO margin. So I'm just not sure about how effective their defense will be, especially through four quarters of Bama depth and stamina.
I don't mind videos. My issue is the same one I have with any other website, such as ESPN and Bleacher Report: autoplay. If I want to watch the video, I will. Otherwise, it's intruding in my music, or just making noise since I've opened multiple tabs and now 5 of them are autoplaying different videos. I just want the default to be to not play, and then give me the choice.
@#17: We now have much better QB coaching. That's not really a knock against previous QB coaches at Bama, but a compliment to CLK and now CSS. So we can recruit and develop them better now. CNS is recruiting and developing QBs better now because he's recruiting and developing better coaches. And also there just aren't that many 5-stars each year, so there aren't going to be that many 5-star QBs. 4 stars is still very elite. @Nighthawk: Brandon Ruiz. I think he starts day one for us. He's the top kicker on Scout, #2 on the 247 Composite, and #5 on ESPN (for some reason, he's completely unranked on Rivals, but it almost looks like they just haven't scouted him at all). Watch some highlights and you'll see what I mean. And he can punt too.
I think that Bama will have more recruits than usual get that Minkah/Calvin/Jonah-type playing time in this cycle. But one I can just about guarantee is Brandon Ruiz. In a lot of ways, if we lost him to another school, that would be the biggest loss out of the class. It's a huge need position for us since, whatever your opinion of Adam G, he's graduating. And while the backup now is serviceable, I don't know that we'd be able to recruit an adequate replacement for Ruiz if he were to decommit at this point.
There is a difference between being concerned that you might be injured if you play, and knowing that you *already are* injured and playing could delay or completely negate the healing process. I don't begrudge Fournette in that respect. He's not a 100% healthy player skipping out on his teammates; he's making the most sensible decision for his future regarding his current injury status and getting it resolved before he auditions for his future employers.
Maybe. Tua is a better passer right now compared to Jalen, and Mac's not far behind. But you're probably right, which is why at least one of them will RS. If I'm CNS, I redshirt Tua and use Mac as the backup. Then, in Jalen's 3rd year, Tua is playing and can be a backup, Mac has a year of experience, and when Jalen leaves after that year Mac has another two years and Tua has up to three more years left. So if they're smart, and both seem to be pretty bright and competitive, they still come to Bama to compete, win championships, learn, and when Jalen leaves they can battle it out with any other recruits to start for Nick Saban.
And that's why I'd be very surprised for him to pick Bama. I'm even surprised Bama is a finalist for him TBH. The competitive mentality may drive him to go to Bama to try to break into the rotation, but he's also got to know that there are 0 RBs leaving from this year's team (barring transfer, and then probably only Emmons if even that), and that we have some really good other recruits too. But I'd be happy for him to come to Bama.
Fortunately, the fact that the B1G put four teams in the NY6 means the B1G bowl pecking order was shifted so that worse teams are playing in better bowls than those in which they'd otherwise play.
This is Nick Saban-level preparation. This is the same coach that has the team practice a bunch of highly-unlikely scenarios all the time and brought in former players as scout team members. Nobody prepares like Nick Saban as part of The Process. He wants to win before even hitting the field. That was in general; in particular, Peterson is known for trick plays. I mean, BSU got on the map with trick plays against OU in the Fiesta Bowl... it's kind of his thing. So this is Nick Saban being specifically prepared for Peterson's tendencies.
"...will be defined by how each fairs in bowl games." *fares
It's still a good sign for y'all though. Canada is good enough to make hay with whatever he can get, but getting a really good 2017-class QB would be a big boost, even if he doesn't start next season.