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Yes, he's a moron(while we're all stating the obvious), but it's funny the majority of you make more of these idiotic choices on a daily. It's easy to talk down on person when your life isn't viewed under a microscope (the media/public eye), and aren't famous. But hey, if it makes you feel better about yourself, continue.
He can make all of the throws and reads. He's a pro bowl caliber QB. He will however get kicked out by security if he "shows" up.
"Ole Miss is the latest school in the crosshairs of the NCAA." Yea, in the crosshairs of a supersoaker. John I like you, but you're wrong. After the response to Baylor, the NCAA wouldn't pull the trigger on Duck Hunt.
Source for these numbers? And these are schools, not states. lol
Coaching is key as well. Talent doesn't promise you anything. I'm 100% sure we have better talent than Clemson, across the board. Yet, we can't win because Sumlin is robbing us for every dime. If A&M had Dabo.......
Wow.....You're missing the point. Mullen is saying that you can't call a recruit "elite" by high school performance.
The same guy that ran a sub 4.4? The same guy that had 9 seasons with 70 plus catches or more? I can sense the hyperbole, but no, no he didn't. lol
This seems fake. I don't know much about LA, but TX High Schools have AD's. No way a single coach could ban anything here; I'd imagine it's the same everywhere else....
That's all you need. The position is wideout, not "fastest player" on the field. Only issue with that is most student athletes think it's a cake walk to the NFL. Then, hundreds come up short and end up working at T-Mobile (without a degree) 3 years later. It's a sad set up if you ask me.
Meh, that's not a big skill when regarding NFL wide outs. You can't make a living with 50/50 balls. There was only one Randy Moss, and even then he was always WFO (Wide the.....) if he got behind the safties.
Chill; every college has a sample of student athletes that select "certain" majors. Most of the time they don't finnish and leap 3rd year to the pros, so why does it matter to you? It's not like they're taking up any of your organic chem classes...... Deep down you know you're a communcations major! hahaha
I don't know if it was his 40 time that was the issue. Anquan Boldin and Jerry Rice (to name a couple) ran 4.71's and turned out to be HOF and future HOF recievers (yes, I will argue that Boldin is a future HOF'er). The issue with the'Runna is that he does not do ONE thing really, really, well. Both Rice and Boldin were/are polished route runners. Your skill(s) has to stand out, when you're not "gifted" as other individuals. That's one of the benefits of college; you can use every chance you can get to improve said skill(s). #stayinschoolkids
They are the few stations (family) that could afford this move. It's genius. It'll generate more views, and more money. The rich get richer.
I bet they will be twice more exspensive.
Unless your state has a drop count law. Can't just be dropping classes. Not in Texas. lol Evidently Texans only care about education at the college level.... *wet fart noise