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yaw yaw yaw yaw Futbah da lsu tigas a goin all da way wi coach o. Geaux Tigers! Beat Bama!

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I agree. Baylor deserves it more than Ole Miss. I still say it, everyone cheats, Ole Miss was just unfortunate enough to be caught.
Arden Key didn't transfer... Or are you talking about Jazz Furgeson?
How come your so passionate about Ole Miss and you are a Florida fan?
ruddersrangers, Considering the fact that BamaTime once said he went to and graduated from Texas A&M, one could assume he knows the university's history very well.
Unfortunate, we could have used him.
Hope it was worth that Sugar Bowl win, but hey, everyone cheats, Ole Miss was just unfortunate to get caught. The fact that they were a bottom tier team that surged to the top doesn't help their case either.
If they have a rebound season, I doubt it.
I know people ay college is the best time of their life, but eventually, you have to leave. Sorry Jake Bently, but you can't stay in college infinitely (which is how long it will take S. Carolina to win a title.)
Harbaugh can say what he wants but the facts are facts. The last time Michigan won something was 1997 and it was half a championship. Then you have to go back all the way to 1948. Most of the players that were on the last Michigan team to win a full title are either in the ground or are about to be. Michigan is also 21-24 in bowls. If any Michigan fans read this, why are you so cocky? It ain't 1905 anymore.
He will be drafted mid-late rounds and he will be a steal.
Fun Fact: LSU will bring back the rivalry with Rice at LSU in 2018, at Houston in 2020, and at home again in 2024.
That's what I thought too, but it is opponents that have never been in the same conference.
Yikes. Baylor and Penn State ought to get together for the death penalty bowl, hosted by SMU.
Yet another wasted QB under the Miles regime. I remember when both he and Anthony Jennings looked like the QB of the future for LSU. Good luck in the Sunbelt.
Turns out Brady's jersey may have been loaded up on a patriots truck left Houston and is headed to Foxborough now.
That won't happen until Nick Saban retires.
Class act right there!
Are you the reincarnation of Rebel_Land_Sharks; the mightiest of trolls; he who came before your time? He talked extremely high levels of trash, but then the Seminoles attacked, and when SDS needed him most, he vanished.