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"LSU is “DBU,” but it’s also “RBU” and we’re limiting teams to one position." Tell me---how many "DBU" players were drafted from LSU versus Florida in the first round of the NFL Draft this season? Go home, SDS. You're drunk.
Um, I'd argue that Eddie Pineiro is in the top three here. Not even an honorable mention, SDS?
And quite the nice turn of events for jilted Florida fans like myself. I can't wait to be at the Swamp screaming things at him as the *opposing* coach rather than the home team's coach...
I was a sportswriter for another website, and I am beginning to wonder if SDS fact checks or vets any information before they publish it. UGA does not play Florida at home this year or any other year. SDS does great work sometimes, but stuff like this---come on, guys.
Need to add LSU fake field goal against Florida.
I am a Florida fan through and through, but UGA did Richt wrong here. He made the SEC a better conference, he coached and won the right way, and most importantly, helped his players both on and off the field, and after graduation. I have a feeling UGA becomes the next Tennessee----fire a proven winner and legend for the "next hot thing" and then end up where the deserve as a result. Way to go Coach Richt. I wish you all the luck in the world at Miami.
Totally fine going in as the underdog (as ever indicator except the actual game line seems to show). Coach Mac hasn't opened up the playbook yet, and Kentucky's secondary was exposed by ULL and had Carolina had one more playmaker, they would've come back in the 4th. Kentucky is improved---no doubt on that one, and will continue to do so. But, they are not there yet. I'm not buying into the fool's gold.
And just gave you a follow on Twitter :)
You're on. I'll even croon "My Old Kentucky Home" if BOTH those things happen. And if Florida wins and you don't go 8-4, I'll be glad to send you a Florida cheerleaders dress and you can sing "We are the Boys of old Florida" outside Rupp Fair deal? :)
And lest we forget the last time Muschamp played Louisville, and that was with his best Florida team during his time there!
For being a "great defensive mind", Muschamp's defense gave up a school-record 600+ yards to Alabama last year (and that's WITH Vernon Hargreaves), lost to Georgia Southern who didn't see the need to complete a single pass against Florida in 2013, and lost to LSU by allowing the offense to convert on a 3rd and 31. He can recriot and definitely gets some stars on the field, but his play-calling on defense is suspect at best, and Auburn's defense really isn't that much different than last year when UGA, Alabama, and Wisconsin took them to the woodshed. I have no stake in this team, but Muschamp is indeed, not a God of defense (based on those stats I just gave) and I too don't understand the media hype.
If Kentucky goes 8-4 this year AND beats Florida, send me a blue UK tutu and I'll be glad to go in front of Rupp and dance "I'm A Little Teapot" in high heels.
You should put an asterisk next to Lane's name since he's no longer with the team.
Bring back Miami and play them in the Citrus Bowl every 2 years!
I was at the UK-UF game last year, and it was nerve-wracking, for sure. But, not only have you lost 28 straight to Florida, you also lost Bud Dupree---easily the best UK player in a long, long time. Bottom line, until UK actually breaks through and beats Florida (something I am still not sure happens this year), y'all don't really have much talking to do until basketball season. And, I'm not saying that to be an ass---just being honest.
Muschamp. Here's a stat everyone seems to forget or ignore. He was coaching (and as the "greatest defensive mind in college football" this should be appalling) when HIS defense allowed Georgia Southern (who was paid $550,000 to play in Gainesville) to win the game without completing a single pass. Fact that can't be disputed---that happened. Give me one other defensive mind that has let that happen. Build him up all you want, Auburn---but that happened not too long ago.
Though I don't think it'll happen (but do believe it'll be close) you'd think the possibility of Kentucky beating Florida and ending "the streak" would be intriguing. But, Auburn-LSU should be a great game as well.
Great stuff here. Way to go, Eric!
Mizzou: I say L here because I’m just flat-ass tired of saying “W” against Missouri and being wrong. Nothing would thrill me more than to humble Mizzou (a team I am fast coming to despise more and more every year) at their homecoming this year as they did to the Gators at their homecoming last year. Mizzou has lost a lot on both sides of the ball, and like I said I’d love to see the Gators steal one from the Tigers this year in Columbia, but until proven otherwise---I have to go with the two-time Eastern champions at home. LSU: I don’t think the Tigers will win the West, much less win the conference----nor do I think they’ll be terribly improved from 2014, but at the end of the day, when the sun sets in the western sky, sunset in Baton Rouge can and most likely should spell doom for the Gators. I just think between the crowd noise from raucous fans only having seen LSU play twice at home since September 19, the trickery that Les Miles always seems to have up his sleeve when playing Florida (see 2007, 2010, and 2014), and the inexperience of the Gators’ offensive line---this will be a typical defensive slugfest between the cross-divisional rivals and will send Florida back home licking its wounds after a tough three week stretch. Georgia: For as much as I’m not buyin’ what’s being sold on the upset of Ole Miss, I’m not buyin’ the hype of on Georgia. There is inexperience under center, there wasn’t much change on the defense that even Will Muschamp offensively exposed and embarrassed via the running game in 2014, and the propensity of Coach Mark Richt to lose games he shouldn’t---I see a closer than last year, but still quality win for Jim McElwain’s first dance at the Cocktail Party down in Jacksonville. McElwain will not only return Kelvin Taylor (who is still running somewhere in that city after 2014, I’m convinced), he’ll also (hopefully) have Jake McGee at tight end, DeMarcus Robinson at WR, have Jalen Tabor and/or Vernon Hargreaves neutralizing any threat of/from the Dawgs in the air, and a more seasoned (Harris) or more airborne (Grier) QB under center and actually know what to do with them. Florida wins it’s second in a row here. Carolina: Call this the “underachievers” game. For as much as I disagree with a lot of prognostications for the upcoming year (Auburn won’t win the SEC---I assure y’all of that), I do think Steve Spurrier is in the twilight of his career. I personally wish the man would never stop coaching and live forever---not only for my love for him during his time as a Gator, but just for the pure hilarity and wit he brings to the game (not to mention the revolutionary play-calling through the years). But, I do think this will be his last year coaching, and I think (fittingly) his last conference game will be against the team he made into a power---Florida. The last two years, for as bad as the Gators have been, they have come within one offensive play of beating the Gamecocks. I think with offensive-minded head coach in McElwain (who’ll look to prove a point to the Gator fan base longing for the Spurrier days), the major defensive questions that were raised last season and not (thus far) answered for South Carolina, and with the Gators looking to build up some steam in the SEC race for 2016, Florida walks away from Williams-Brice Stadium a winner for the first time since 2009, and Spurrier walks away from Carolina a legend at two SEC schools. And FSU? Well, last year was a fitting end to a frustrating era of Florida football. Three turnovers against the hated Seminoles translated into only three field goals, and the game could’ve been won with even just one of those being a touchdown. Will Muschamp played safe when he had nothing to lose, and sadly his MO got him where it always got him---saying “Well, tough game” in the press conference after. The Seminoles were decimated by early entries to the NFL draft (QB Jameis Winston, CB Ronald Darby and P.J. Williams, DE Eddie Goldman, DE Mario Edwards, and arguabnly the two best offensive players for FSU----TE Nick O’Leary and WR Rashad Greene. Not to mention the still-unclear status of RB Dalvin Cook, who spurned the Gators late in the 2014 recruiting cycle---leaving the Seminoles undermanned both on the offensive line and at receiver. The game is at Florida Field, should be under the lights, and though FSU remains immensely talented, I think the Gators rally for the win with their new coach, gain state bragging rights, and end 2015 on a high note. That's just this guy's .02