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I'd even include Florida-Auburn here. Auburn is a longer-running rival to Florida than LSU or even Florida State, and it was a damned shame the SEC elected to stay at 8 games instead of going to 9 where this awesome rivalry could be picked back up. I hate Auburn (especially with the Mus-chump element there now) but I respect the rivalry.
Since when does playing at Auburn and versus Alabama constitute a "favorable SEC schedule"? I'm a Florida fan and I sincerely hope they lose both, but it's extremely disingenuous to say Georgia has an easier road than other East teams.
How Spurrier (Heisman and National champion) lost to a guy he beat 3 times (4 with him on the bench the first year) is ridiculous. Guess Vols fans have lots of time on their hands, haha.
Jacksonville would be interesting, as it's a good mix of SEC (Florida/Georgia played there every year), ACC (with FSU and Miami within driving distance), and Big Ten (retirees and Ohio State fans) in the area. Plus, there's no dominant one team in the area, so it'd be a good neutral site spot, as well. The stadium has had a TON of upgrades, but the hotel space would again be an issue like it was for the Super Bowl in 2005. Miami's stadium is in a very sketchy and unsafe part of town (no where near South Beach) but they do know how to put on a party. New Orleans does the best job at hosting big events, IMO. I'd say Atlanta, Jacksonville and Minneapolis or New Orleans for the three.
How in the world is Jeff Driskel not #1 on this list?
As a Florida fan, I wish Coach Muschamp the best in wherever he goes. He's a great man, who while with limited success on the field, left Florida in better shape than he found it.
Garcia, you suck as much as a picker as you did as a player. GO GATORS!!!!
You have the Florida and Auburn game mixed up. They go to Auburn first, then come to Florida.
I counted. Florida made 5 appearances in that video. Five. Tennessee had 32. I realize Florida was bad last year, but the defense was top 5 nationally, and Florida beat Tennessee. Come on, guys.
Too many losses there. You're the first writer to hone in on that point without blithely picking them to win the division. Yes, Gurley and Marshall are GREAT, but Mason is unproven, and the secondary is incredibly depleted. Not to mention, special teams is a bit of a concern for UGA as well. I think (and I say this as a Gators fan) Carolina wins the division, Florida comes in second, and UGA third.
Campbell would change the game, offensively for Florida.
Georgia will host Clemson. Nice to see Ole Miss will be playing in the Georgia Dome for the first time.
Ok, now looking back---since neither of these things happened, what's Muschamp's watershed threshold to stay employed this year, do you think?
Driskel isn't bad---he's really not. I think if you make Jeff Driskel a multi-threat QB, namely by having a good corps of WR's who can catch the ball down-field (something I hope we develop if we don't lose Joker to Texas), have a good crop of running backs (which I think we have in Taylor and Jones---if he can stay healthy) to run the ball in key situations, and simply let (pardon the turn-of-phrase) Driskel be Driskel, we'll be fine. He's obviously got the talent with his legs (he proved that at Vandy in 2012 and at FSU in 2012). Honestly, he just needs some tutelage in accurately reading a defensive screen of the opponent, making *accurate* decisions on the fly to adjust to those defensive plays (unlike he did at Miami in 2013), and find a good receiver down field (something he really hasn't had time to build a relationship with, either due to graduation, early departures, changing OC's, or injuries). The raw talent is there, that's been proven. It's smoothing out the edges, which I think (or at least sincerely hope) Roper can do. All in all, I think his having two years left due to a medical redshirt from last season, means we can red shirt Will Grier (who has a completely different skill set) and give him more time to adjust in Roper's system.
How do you think the Florida offense bounces back next season, Jon?
SEC is (287-139-10) against ACC Average score: SEC 23.3 - ACC 16.5 In bowl games: SEC is (36-19) against ACC http://mcubed.net/ncaaf/tvc/sec/acc.shtml
Jon, any chance Florida goes to the Music City or Gator Bowl? Do you think Will Muschamp will still be coaching if they do end up at Legion Field?