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Auburn (2011). UGA (2012). Georgia Southern (2013). Mizzou (2013 & 2014). FSU (2011, 2013, 2014, 2015). Will Muschamp.
As a Florida fan, I actually think this is quite fair. Tennessee returns the most, Florida is reloading on defense with some unproven offensive and special teams players, and UGA is breaking in a new coach with a question mark at QB for now. The East comes down to Knoxville on September 24 and Jacksonville on October 29. As far as the West, until someone takes Alabama off the king's chair, they've earned the right to sit on top. The West comes down to November 5 in Baton Rouge, September 17 in Oxford and October 22 in Baton Rouge. LSU's bye is place dvery nicely between the two must-win's for them. Should be an interesting year. Oh, and whoever selected Vandy and SC to win the SE needs to not be invited back to the party next year. Go home, you're drunk.
"Running their mouths?" Come on man---true or not, let's try to class things up a little more. You're a journalist, so try and keep things at a more mature level. Yeah, I'm a Florida fan, but I'd say that with any team you used that verbage with. Even, "While Florida players spoke of beating Tennessee often yesterday, the Tennessee trio (Joshua Dobbs, Jalen Reeves-Mabin and Cameron Sutton) kept any sense of smack talk to themselves." Come on dude---be, talk, and write like an adult and not someone in the back of the middle school bus on the way home in the afternoon.
I hate Muschamp. Florida fan, yes. But he was a terrible coach, with an unbreakable and uncompromising attitude, and who just seems to have every ounce of luck in the world to continue getting employed. he was a failure at Florida (see loss to GA Southern, end of the nation's longest bowl streak, and first losing season since 1979( and a failure at Auburn by their standards of success. He's got a shi* attitude, treats his players like their owned property (see his sidleline tirades), and the only reason "most everyone could care less" is because he didn't screw up your program like he did for Florida and Auburn.
Bet y'all Moosedump gets thrown out before the end of the season with 2 UNS calls in his game at Florida.
Orange is a recent thing if you think about it. The red and the blue at Florida-Georgia is a great contrast, and the Gators script logo on the helmet is classic. I happen to love when Florida goes all blue at home for a big game---but hey, I'm a homer just like you are. And I'll agree, the UT all-orange uniforms are hideous. http://www4.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Alabama+v+Tennessee+9S0QOe_cZkRl.jpg
Heard the same in 2015. Anonymous sources thrill me.
The stadium is fine---note I didn't make reference to that above if you read carefully and spit out the dip in your mouth (you know, since lobbed a stereotype my way). The city itself is nothing to tout, in my opinion. Neither is Gainesville and neither is Auburn. But, Columbia is not a pretty or even charming town. USC fans were great, though.
I was there too. the stadium itself is fine. Lovely, in fact. Seats were great, fans were nice, aisles and walkways were big, and it was easily navigable. But, as a city---which is what we're referring to here----Columbia sucks. And I'm not Gainesville or Auburn is anything glitzy, but one best not throw stones when you live in a glass house.
I've always loved the fine surroundings near the stadium. The industrial plants, landfill, and not one tree anywhere near the fairgrounds just make Columbia a lovely little place to enjoy a nice sunburn on your skin, and smog filling your lungs. Go to hell, Muschamp.
They're missing the Tax Slayer Bowl
"LSU is “DBU,” but it’s also “RBU” and we’re limiting teams to one position." Tell me---how many "DBU" players were drafted from LSU versus Florida in the first round of the NFL Draft this season? Go home, SDS. You're drunk.
Um, I'd argue that Eddie Pineiro is in the top three here. Not even an honorable mention, SDS?
And quite the nice turn of events for jilted Florida fans like myself. I can't wait to be at the Swamp screaming things at him as the *opposing* coach rather than the home team's coach...
I was a sportswriter for another website, and I am beginning to wonder if SDS fact checks or vets any information before they publish it. UGA does not play Florida at home this year or any other year. SDS does great work sometimes, but stuff like this---come on, guys.
Need to add LSU fake field goal against Florida.
I am a Florida fan through and through, but UGA did Richt wrong here. He made the SEC a better conference, he coached and won the right way, and most importantly, helped his players both on and off the field, and after graduation. I have a feeling UGA becomes the next Tennessee----fire a proven winner and legend for the "next hot thing" and then end up where the deserve as a result. Way to go Coach Richt. I wish you all the luck in the world at Miami.
Totally fine going in as the underdog (as ever indicator except the actual game line seems to show). Coach Mac hasn't opened up the playbook yet, and Kentucky's secondary was exposed by ULL and had Carolina had one more playmaker, they would've come back in the 4th. Kentucky is improved---no doubt on that one, and will continue to do so. But, they are not there yet. I'm not buying into the fool's gold.