If you like fresh air... If you don't like traffic jams and rude people and the coldness that tends to permeate large metropolitan areas such as New York... If you don't like government regulators getting into your business... If you get annoyed at how the cell-phone companies are gouging you on their monthly rates and bi-annual contracts... Then you'll appreciate the lyrics to "Rocky Top."

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Not only is Blackburn an experienced and successful AD, but he also loves the University just like Fulmer does. He's a known quality. Fulmer - sure he loves Tennessee, but Tennessee also had to pay the man Six Million Dollars to shut up and go away. Since he cashed everyone of those checks and put our AD in the red, he can start by donating some of that money back to the University he loves. Finally, do people STILL not understand why he was fired? He went 5-6 in 2005, after performing at such a high level for so long. He said to give him a chance to right the ship, and we did. He hired Dave Cutcliffe for two years, and we had two pretty good years, and then Tennessee went 5-7 in 2008, including a loss. at home. to... wyoming.!. That was only the second time in Tennessee's long storied history (referenced in paragraph one of this very article) that Tennessee had lost as many as seven games in one season. And so when you post the 2nd-ever 7-loss season, after saying you needed one more chance, then at that point, it's time for you to go. Now, granted, the university didn't handle the next few years well, but the guy wanted another chance, he got another chance, and he failed. Buh'Bye! Hindsight is 20/20. It's probably not a good idea for the university to take a guy they FIRED for incompetence, and then put him in charge of Hiring & Firing for the position for which he was fired.
Not stopping the clock after first downs is one way to save time, but the elephant in the room is commercials -- there are just so many. Limit them to ONLY being shown after each quarter and at halftime. The exclusivity of these slots will drive up the price per second. After all, there is only one Super Bowl a year, and prices for a 30-second slot are incredibly high. Well let's make college games only have three opportunities for in-game commercials (1st Q, Half, 3rd Q), and see how valuable those timeslots really are. This limited-but-oh-so-valuable commercial time works for soccer. It can work for college football.
By all accounts, a good man.
Realistically, Jones isn't going anywhere until Jimmy Cheek & Dave Hart are replaced.
I've got to say that 2016 was certainly a down year for the SEC. Only one team, in my view, actually exceeded expectations: Alabama - Failed to meet expectations Arkansas - Failed to meet expectations Auburn - Failed to meet expectations Florida - Met expectations Georgia - Failed to meet expectations Kentucky - Met expectations LSU - Failed to meet expectations Ole Miss - Failed to meet expectations Miss. State - Met expectations Missouri - Met expectations South Carolina - EXCEEDED Expectations! Tennessee - Failed to meet expectations Texas A&M - Failed to meet expectations Vanderbilt - Met expectations Just a bad year looking back.
I wonder if that means Coach Azzanni is going to get promoted to Offensive Coordinator.
I know "morning" passes your spell check, the correct word is "mourning" for the first sentence. RIP.
Dumb statements to get attention? Remind you of anyone?
Florida State sure did, as was chronicled on this website. Bobby Bowden stated that the path to a National Championship was much easier in the ACC, so that's why FSU went to the ACC.
I guess you don't keep up with current events much, but Tennessee won at least two championships this year.
Probably just some old dude reliving some of their pet rematches from back in the day. After all, nothing cool ever happened in this world until the millennials showed up.
Um, Shula and Dubose each had 10-win seasons, and this was back when there were only 11 regular season games.
Did you publish this before the game even ended? Don't confuse celebrating A win with being happy about the overall season. We beat a pretty decent team in Nebraska, whom we've never beaten before, and controlled the game reasonably well from start to finish. We wore our alternate uniforms to honor people in our region who have suffered recent tragedy, and I'm hopeful that this success might provide a modicum of relief as a brief escape of their dire situation. So yes. We will celebrate this win, in spite of your holier-than-thou opening line.
"If you’re a Tennessee fan and currently celebrating a 38-24 win in the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl over Nebraska, stop. Right now." Dude. .
I think you read something that I didn't write. The point is, you don't know about the motivations of the bowl teams, so therefore trying to extrapolate any long-term meaning from a meaningless game is absurd. Boise State got blown out by Baylor last night, which supports the argument I'm trying to make.
The author, in the "What it means" section, said this game "...raises questions, and doubts, about whether Vanderbilt had indeed turned the corner as a program..." I don't think you can really draw that conclusion out of a Bowl Game. I mean, sure, when the game kicks off, all the players are trying to win the game, but how serious are these players during the game-prep or film-study? Do the coaches tailor the extra practice sessions to win the bowl game, or do they focus them more on the 2017 season? How many contact practices are we going to have, versus how many team-building exercises like bowling and movie-nights are we going to do? All that stuff. Even Alabama got blown out in a bowl game by Utah in Nick Saban's 2nd year there. Utah. I'm not making a judgment here on whether Vanderbilt has turned the proverbial corner or not, but I just don't think one should use Shreveport, Louisiana's Independence Bowl as any sort of measurement.
I believe that bridge has been crossed in the Big XII. They have 10 teams, no divisions, and yet they will have a "Championship Game" next year, if I recall correctly.
bayou tiger's comment is probably the right answer if we really want to bring balance to the force. Mizzou & Vandy to the West. Alabama & Auburn to the East. You can preserve almost all of the long-time rivalries this way, and rekindle some rivalries that went away in 1992, such as Tennessee-Auburn, and Auburn-Florida. I know Tennessee's played Auburn more than they've played Florida or Georgia. That rivalry was so intense they had to cancel the game for about 20 years.