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Will the Indiana game will keep/haunt them from getting back in the top 25 even if they win out and win the SEC east?
You know this by the first week...Really? LOL's
Missouri played some great games without Franklin, Mauk will do a good job. Sad that DGB couldn't keep his nose clean but they still picked up some good kids including a couple 4 stars. Everyone is underestimating Mizzou again, that's the way they like it.
This is the second time that we know of. DGB Needs to be smarter than this. Coach Pinkel is doing the right thing.
A lot of bad calls didn't get over ruled...there should be a penalty on flopping.
Oops! forgot to mention I'm referring to Mizzou's DGB.
You are correct, the sky would be the limit for this young man "IF" he can stay out of trouble, in another year he would be a great addition to any team.
One of my kids has Dish Network it isn't bad! Direct TV is about to lose a lot of Business.
Or I should have said Nick is controlling the "pace of the game"
Nick wants the "ten second rule". If it passes Nick in effect is showing that he "is in charge of the game"
Saban knows his weaknesses that's why he is pushing for and will get the ten second rule.
If MIZZOU isn't the right fit for you Drew, don't take it to hard when you get beat by the home town team! LOL's
LMAO What should MIZZOU have done? Not play the game? Not play as hard? Or even better yet lose because some UGA's players are hurt? Every team has hurt players MIZZOU had a few that day. LMAO unintelligent? really?
This tells me that he is as emotionally strong on the inside as he is physically on the outside. someone's gonna get a great player.
Stars mean nothing. All of these guys have great talent or they wouldn't be in this position. At this point in life it's how much heart the kid has and how much he is willing to learn. And how well the coach can teach.
Can't imagine him changing his mind after one conversation with Kiffin? Must be more to this story than Town wants to tell.
I hope Clowney show isn't coming to my town except to visit. I might be wrong but I just don't think he's a first rounder.
Sounds like he just needs an attitude adjustment. No big deal.
Just wondering, how much of a "gift" that could be for he school he choses.
Evidently SDS thinks very highly of Spurrier, every time I get on this page he's always the first face I see! LOL's, but I do agree for the games he did win the press just doesn't seem to be there, maybe if they would have beaten Tenn. In this league it seems you are judged by the losses.