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Why would you start an article by using Rivals to make a point, only to move over to 247 in making another point. Either stick with one or use all that you mention equally and avoid the bad "journalism" that you are putting out.
Yeah, Beckwith is returning. This is just another clown that SDS has brought in to contribute. The site used to be really good until they did that a few years ago. The only contributor I've been a fan of that's relatively new is Murph. He really does quality work and knows what he's talking about, unlike this guy.
This is not news to those who enjoy spending their Saturdays down south.
John Diarse is headed to TCU.....
While listed as a WDE in recruiting rankings, Rahsson Thornton is being recruited to play LB. Andre Anthony could also be in that boat.
It's only because he's older. Don't fall into this media hype trap. He'll retire before too long and the new Mike will come out and start attending games. Anyone that knows anything about the tradition know this and understands everything that happens with it.
This may be the greatest analogy of CBS I've ever hear. 2 thumbs up.
The SEC should change it to alternating both cross divisions rivals. The teams that get upset can just play each other in an OOC game. I don't see what's so bad about that route. It wouldn't be any different than playing Oklahoma or Wisconsin.
This may be one of the worst written articles I've ever read by a "professional". It seems more like something a Jr. High kid would write. Please take pride in your work and in providing a quality product. It is, after-all, a representation of you.
Older than 25, your over the hill. It's a sad reality..... haha.
The first picture in the bama section is very obviously razorback fans
Pretty sure the Arkansas game this weekend will be the opening to SEC play fro TAMU......
"Auburn got rolled before halftime". I helped correct your statement for you
I'll have to agree with GeauxJoe, Knoxville isn't quite what it's advertised to be
They started off with a crimson tide....
It's interesting how LSU gets put in the spotlight more than other schools, even though these things happen just as frequently within the rest of the SEC and beyond. It's also interesting how these guys are always automatically guilty for whatever they've been accused, mostly due to the media blowing things out of proportion just for some click bait. It's sad what some petty people will do just to try to get their name out there. Some of these guys are definitely bad apples as seen from repeat offenses (Brazil & Lealaimatafao), but some are just at the wrong place at the wrong time or doing what they need to in order to stick up for themselves (Jennings, Hill), with some situations where we'll never be able to know the factual truth (Domond & Mills) around the situation. My $0.02.
Sorry to be a stickler, but if you are really going to base this list on the winning-est coaches in the history of the SEC, you have to start you're timeline at 1933.