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LSU plays BYU in Houston opening weekend as well.........
I'm fine with him leaving to head to the big 10 network.
You didn't get the memo? i thought it was in all of the major publications.
While I do hope that he get's all 12 regular season games (plus a few more), nothing is guaranteed.
Agreed, or even walkons. I graduated 4 years ago and never once heard of slinky's. Based on other comments, this is a bs list with nothing backing it.
That might not be a good idea, a flock of birds could fly by
Barkevious Mingo never played defensive tackle, he was a defensive end, poor lack of research and knowledge on your part. The problem with secondary last year had more to do with Kevin Steele than a lack of talent, personal opinion though.
It's not being talked about, but i think ULL will be trying to make a case to join the B12. They've been working on some major projects for athletic facilities in recent years, and what university wouldn't want to have more exposure in LA. Football has been pretty decent the past few years, and baseball seems to be pretty strong each year as well. They make more sense than ECU, Cincy, or USF.
Why? There is no quality reason for such an action.
"Most of the players on his roster — kids, really — aren’t old enough to vote in the aforementioned presidential election." Not sure how you don't know this, but the legal age to vote in the US is 18, thanks to the 26th amendment. This is common knowledge that I'm quite surprised you didn't know.
Maybe Chris Fowler should pay more attention to college football student sections, LSU already does this to some extent
Bingo. It'd be a waste of an official visit, plus he'll very likely be in Death Valley for an unofficial at some point.
spot on. it's amazing how people tend to leave out crucial facts just to make a point that's an inaccurate representation of the situation.
They should just do away with permanent cross-division games. The only ones that anyone really cares about is Aub-Ga or Tenn-Al. For the years they don't fall in the schedule, just play as an OOC game. The current scheduling isn't great for fans or players experience. I was looking forward to seeing LSU play USC at Williams-Brice, and seeing the Ole Ball coach in his element. Unfortunately flooding cancelled those plans, and now i'll have to wait over a decade to see LSU play there again.
But if it's in tuscaloosa or surrounding area, no one would ever hear or see anything about it. Funny how things change once the protection of a wall is far behind you.
Yeah, I read through it with as open a mind as possible, but it's really just a ridiculous point. If anything, he should've written about changes that could be made, such as no overtime, but the away team takes an extra point in such an event, similar to how soccer can be ended. Or maybe even PAT's are pushed back 10 yards for every OT up to the point they are no longer allowed. there's really not a lot of creativity, just a lot of complaining for a bad point of view.
I'll likely catch some flak for this, but i think Mark Ingram benefited from a great line and an overall balanced offense. He was a good back, but not great. In another system without the level of talent around him, he'd be nowhere near his numbers, and not even in consideration for Heisman.