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"as well as LSU All-SEC tackle La’el Collins " He's a senior who'll be going pro.....
I count 5 for bama: LA, AL, TN, NV, and the one you probably looked over, Maryland
Glad someone else caught the blatantly obvious mistake. This guy is obviously not a real SEC fan if he states that the auburn/ole miss game was "a huge road win in the SEC East". SDS used to be a great site with quality writers. The hacks they brought in this year are really diminishing the site.
Thanks for making sure to point out that diluted samples are treated as positive. One could just be drinking a lot of water on a daily basis and fail this test. Just goes to show how flawed it really is.
I think if they really want to start talking safety, they should start banning dreadlocks and other hairstyles that involve having a lot of hair. Most hits that take helmets off involve players that have dreadlocks. Because of the increased amount of hair, they wear larger helmets that don't really fit properly, increasing the chance that it will fall off, and decreasing the players safety.