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He's not a villain nor is he trying to be. Hog nation is not sure about when and how much but he had a program to turn around that Bobby left bare. I love being a Razorback, we always get the crap no matter what.
Really? Really? Really, you just said that? I'll remind you that two years ago Arkansas was picked by ESPN writers to win the national championship. Now, run off at the mouth a little more because surely you have more rocket science in that brain surgeon head of yours.
Hog haters man. Aren't we used to that? WPS!
I read about a month ago that ESPN had Arkansas at #1 S of S out of 120 teams. WPS!
Watched them all. I've worked in broadcast video production for 25 years. Very creative content. Hats off to the producers. WPS!!!
WPS. I couldn't help but see my team right away. All Swine, all the Time.
Remember when Arkansas was 10-2? WPS!
You don't keep up Skip. 247 rates Arkansas 2014 as a top 30 team with a 4 star QB to boot. Just hide and watch and we'll all see together.
Hey guys. Hogs win this one. WPS!
If BB didn't give the ball to Alex everyone, including the media would be saying "why don't they use their 5 star running back more often?"
Amen Wolfman.
Ok I'll bite. I'll take SC by 13, TCU makes it close (no prediction) as I think they're more dangerous than people might think. TN kicks it and so does Mizzou. Florida is a blowout. Arkansas wins by 17.
I don't know where all of the hatred is spewing from. He's not any more big mouthed than Spurrier, Miles or Malzahn (who happens to be from my home town in Arkansas). There is nothing he's "stepped in" except a great program at a fantastic university with top of the conference facilities. WPS! And oh Tide64? misspelled Arkansas.
Hey rebel. You've got us confused with somewhere in Mississippi. But it's ok. As I said, we're used to it. We're Arkansas. WPS!
Don't put the Hogs on the list even though they just open a multi, multi million dollar complex in Fayetteville. After all, they're just Arkansas....(typical)