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Yea they are getting pretty obnoxious! I never had a problem with Ole lady until recently. And I even considered them my second favorite west team behind Bama. They're getting on the level of the freaking Seahawk fans, which is just terrible!!! Beating Bama REALLY went to their head!
You my boy Greg! He's definitely not being biased though. McElroy predicts Bama to lose all the time now days.
At least he's not acting like "billy football."
College by a looooooooong shot! Could be I'm biased because I'm from Alabama but to me everyone seems to play a hell of a lot harder in college. With that said I'd love to see atleast one damn pro team in Alabama.
I know he played for UGA but he was born and grew up in Alabama. He probably loved Bama football until he left for UGA.
In T-Town it's pretty much blasphemy to say anyone is better than the "Bear". But Saint Nick sure can run a dynasty!!!
Ahh yea cause the best team in the country played in the fiesta bowl against a weak Norte dame???
And you and all your ole miss fans are HONESTLY gonna say there wasn't one time during that game y'all said "man were really lucking out tonight!" ?
Well croom what I do know I learned from watching ole miss! How are you going to beat Bama then lose to Memphis (a team that auburn destroyed). I like ole miss! After they beat Bama I said "I'd rather they win the west then anyone else" but when they lost to Memphis lol. That was pretty embarrassing.
That's because Bama focuses on a "season" ole miss focuses on "one game".
Lofl. A bunch of you ole miss fans sound like all those auburn fans who were convinced that saban would NEVER beat malzhan because they won off some miracle play! Ole lady has gotten way too cocky for no reason. No way they beat Bama next year.
Bama still has 40 plus games over you guys. So y'all have a loooong way to go. And it won't happen in either of our lifetime! That last game y'all won off luck and nothing else.
Good call! I unfortunately have to pull for the damn Tigers when they play in their bowls....
I like how they finished above .500 even including the 4 teams that didn't even get a bowl. If this is a "down year" for the sec I can't wait to see a good year!
Bear had a good amount of hate towards him too.
I'm just shocked they hired muschamp. Saban was so- so at msu. But at least he left to a different confrence. Muschamp is starting over in the same Division! I don't see him changing ANYTHING except for making USC worse.
There are teams in the western division that, "Don't Want Bama" every year. Stanford should be careful what they ask for. Also being a great running back in a confrence known for defense means more than being a great running back in a offense focused one.