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Rooting for you Mike!!!
5 wins he can definitely get. That's about all my faith in muschamp. I'm just still shocked by the hire. I could see him getting a job out of conference, but same division ?
Don't u wish UGA woulda hired him as HC? He did "pretty good" at Florida!
I was just talking trash. Honestly though, last year UT played two of the CFP teams and nearly beat them. It's pretty crazy to look at it like that
Are preseason polls not the same poll as week one???
Don't you understand ole lady logic? They beat last years national champion. That means ole lady is the real national champion
He hates preseason polls because he has to watch his team slide down them each year...
It's always a upset when u turn the ball over 5 times.
Congrats guys. This is the first thing out of auburn since 2013 that doesn't feature the kick six. You guys have come a long way.
What is this, butch jones 6th year of laying bricks? And he still doesn't have much to show for it. I think UT is a little over rated.
LSU could lose to Memphis and still have a better shot at the CFP!
Despite being 3-9 USC kept it pretty damn close last year! With that said, I'm sorry but it's gonna take a 10 win season for me to have ANY faith in muschamp... I'm still kinda in shock he was hired to coach within the same division? Lol he's kinda like the Bizarro version of Spurrier!
It makes me happy that any fan in the SEC can honestly pull for any team in the conference! I really think just adding the words South Eastern to the name gives us more pride in not only our team but definitely the conference. That's something the other power 5 don't have.
Lol. Screw it lets just add to the so called "discrimination" and name it the Confederate Conference of America!
Thank you soo much for the disclaimer! My blood was starting to boil.
Poisoned trees? Oh you must be talking about the ones the auburn fans rolled when the Bear died.... That's some TRUE classlessness. Let's not just celebrate big games but let's celebrate when someone passes away too! Guess you barners can roll them again when Sabah dies.... Oh wait, I guess u can't.
Honestly when I think of the Southeast I think of the states that formed the confederacy. And Missouri was member of that. If we grab up anymore teams I think it should be a Virginia and North Carolina team.
Man I wanna hear more about the Alaska Nanooks, and the Montana State Bobcats joining the SOUTH EASTERN Conference!!! When did conferences stop being a regional thing? I think that's why the SEC has more confrence pride.
Idk man. When I pay over $100 dollars for a ticket to something, I like to be able to see the thing.