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I still supported griffith after the auburn game. He was a freshman attempting a kick some can't make in the pros. I lost total faith in him after watching him go way down hill last season. He had a awesome first game against WVU but it ended there! I can only believe and root guys on so much. After a entire season of misses that's my breaking point. And it didn't start with griffith, before him was foster. Cough... JK Scott is still a monster atleast. He just had a bad day.
That's really awesome. All the underclass that leaves and he took his time to write a nice letter! I hate to see when the big name vets leave early but good luck Collins! Roll tide!
They played good Bama's offense and secondary played bad. I was pretty ticked off our 5th year senior got beat by a sophomore on his 2nd start. I think the biggest part of the loss came from the players thinking osu was gonna be a pushover. And the osu team really fed off of that! I looked at probably every prediction their was before the game and only saw two that favored osu. On the plus side atleast we beat auburn and didn't get blown out like fsu
Can't wait to see the pictures they take on the way back! They'll probably want to stop by the mall and get some Bama clothes after watching their Buckeyes get dismantled.
Good article. It really seems like the only thing people focus on now. I think it's kinda sad. Hopefully it's just a phase. Bear Bryant “Offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships."
I do wish they would forget the field goals and just go for it on 4th. A failed conversion deep in opponent turf is better than a almost guaranteed field goal.
Hairydawg77 sounds a lil butt hurt. Just because UGA got embarresed by a acc team doesn't mean anything. Fsu has been running on luck this whole season. Just like auburn last year. And just like auburn their luck will run out at the end. It'll be a "overrated" Bama team and oregon in the final.
What's with all you people from anywhere but the south always talking trash? That proves that. 1) You all might be jealous we have a little bit of culture. 2) You all have absolutely nothing better to do then talk trash about your fellow countrymen.
Bummer. The state of Alabama should keep the Blazers and lose the tigers.
By the time this games over sabans gonna have a tiger skin coat, tiger skin rug, a tiger skin comforter and a sec championship trophy. Add the southeastern tiger to the endangered species list.
Awesome article lol. I'm thankful that my team is in the BEST confrence in college football! RTR
I can't hate anyone more than I hate auburn. The Bama Lsu game is usually more exciting. But to me the Bama Tenn game is #2.
pretty sure the college game day picture up there is switched around. In which case can it please be fixed! Seeing Tuscaloosa under blue and orange almost made me hurl
I agree with Saban on this one! It would be about how it was before the sec added the last two schools. A four year player would play the other 13 teams. I like watching the sec whoop up on out of confrence teams, but that's what we have bowl season for. I also love the historic cross division rivalries, and trying to establish them for all the sec teams. Finally I hate hearing Florida and lsu complain about playin each other then point fingers at Alabama cause we get to play Tennessee each year. Just suck it up. Teams change their used to be a time UT was the last team you wanted to play! And bama was still playin them yearly.
I'd hate to see the pat taken out. Sure very few are missed or blocked but games are won or lost by one point.
Well mines a 1989 model and it was made and delivered in Tuscaloosa. So I didn't have to go too far.