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The saying is OLD! What's funny is auburn is still living on that one thing lol.
I am a lil sore I'll admit. I'd rather see y'all take the sec then any other west team. But now that we still got a chance. Go dawgs!
Yea with 5 turnovers, a handful of questionable/bad calls, and 2 or 3 "miracle" plays. Then beaten by Florida (who looks amazing now) and I can't remember the name of the high school team.
Be a shame to watch a 3 loss team represent the sec west.
Take those eggs Bulldogs!!!!
Lol and what makes you think I "chose not to serve?" The fact that I didn't want to include my job description in my username?
Bfp said the guy was a vet. You gotta admit their are a lot of us who think because they've served they can show their ass!
So I was right about him looking douchey. Some vets just don't know how to act.
The kid looks kinda douchey. Security coulda probably handled it better, but it's in the middle of the stands so they were probably responding to someone calling the guy out or him doing something stupid.
In the words of Sean Connery "Suck on it Trebek! Suck it long, and suck it hard."
Yea! It would look bad if Memphis beat another SEC West team.
I still supported griffith after the auburn game. He was a freshman attempting a kick some can't make in the pros. I lost total faith in him after watching him go way down hill last season. He had a awesome first game against WVU but it ended there! I can only believe and root guys on so much. After a entire season of misses that's my breaking point. And it didn't start with griffith, before him was foster. Cough... JK Scott is still a monster atleast. He just had a bad day.
That's really awesome. All the underclass that leaves and he took his time to write a nice letter! I hate to see when the big name vets leave early but good luck Collins! Roll tide!
They played good Bama's offense and secondary played bad. I was pretty ticked off our 5th year senior got beat by a sophomore on his 2nd start. I think the biggest part of the loss came from the players thinking osu was gonna be a pushover. And the osu team really fed off of that! I looked at probably every prediction their was before the game and only saw two that favored osu. On the plus side atleast we beat auburn and didn't get blown out like fsu
Can't wait to see the pictures they take on the way back! They'll probably want to stop by the mall and get some Bama clothes after watching their Buckeyes get dismantled.
Good article. It really seems like the only thing people focus on now. I think it's kinda sad. Hopefully it's just a phase. Bear Bryant “Offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships."