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Are you people insane?? Do you honestly not understand how few offers are accepted immediately, or even within a few months? This is a lifetime decision for these kids and unless they already know where they want to play, it makes perfect sense to weigh their options. You act as though Bama is the only elite program offering them.
I actually think that's something that will help in at the next level. Too often we see players that don't need blockers in college fail miserably at the next level because they think they can continue that mindset. In the NFL you have to learn how to use your blockers effectively and be patient. I think Fournette is going to slide right into that spot if he lands on a team with a good O-line and never skip a beat.
There have always been people who believed RGIII would dominate in the NFL, those people were wrong as well. :)
I'd consider 2.5 hours pretty damn close.
You don't watch much football do you?
You can make an argument for Raleigh vs Trayveon either way, but to say he's clearly better than Travyveon is just plain silly.
They all only list 2 backs, but Herrien is discussed for Georgia as well. I don't disagree that Georgia should be #1, but you make it sound as though they are comparing only 1&2 of GA to 1,2&3 of everyone else's which is simply not the case.
How exactly is he 'Eff'g away millions of dollars? You are right about one thing, you can't fix stupid, but it's demonstrated by your comment, not anything Garrett has done.
It must be really easy to get a writing gig these days. Apparently, you don't really have to know anything about the teams or players you are writing about. ;)
Not sure how going from 33% in a large sample size to 29% of the QB market in a smaller sample size indicates that the numbers could be changing. It seems like they are looking very much like previous classes to me so far.
Interesting how you make the assumption that all dual threat QB's are somehow less intelligent and can't throw as well as pro-style QB's.
Not sure how any of that makes him a drama queen. It's really easy for us to sit at our desks, or couches, and make decisions for these kids. It's a completely different story for them to have to decide where to spend the next 3-4 years of their lives knowing the impact it will have on their entire future.
I absolutely agree. I think the only reason he was a 3star is because he played QB instead of receiver in high school. There will be a slight learning curve but I think he's going to surprise a lot of people.
I agree. I only used the 12 because it's what Glenn was going off of and I feel even that ranking is pretty damn good.
Apparently Georgia fans have as much trouble with reading comprehension as Bama fans.
Are you seriously trying to argue that a #12 recruiting class nationally is a bad thing?? Come on, you're better than that Glenn.
Perhaps if you didn't write 2500 word essays to say something that could be said in 20 words or less "readers" might bother reading your entire articles. As evidenced by the responses here, the current state of NSD is simply not interesting enough to warrant 2500 words.
Apparently you view retention as it relates to college football programs much differently than most. Losing players due to transfer is a bad thing, losing them due to graduating or going to the NFL is not. Unless you gauge it against incoming classes you simply can't look at retention in those cases as a negative. In my opinion it's a misleading article, but you're entitled to see it however you choose.
He makes it clear that's what it's about here: "In terms of retention, Vanderbilt leads the way"