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Yes. Why would you let your opposition cheat. That makes no sense
He is a good football player. That should have nothing to do with being a role model. He makes a terrible choice for that.
Your take would be more credible if you listed the five ahead of him.
I don't think he sucked in the NFL, he just wasn't anything special.
I actually hope so. If our schools are cheating, they should be called out. If a school knows of a violation, they should be forced to report it. The sport could use a shower.
The vast majority of these guys did not meet expectations, and many weren't even close.
Key's father and O have both addressed it, and both been intentionally evasive in their explanations. Small is not what comes to mind here.
You won't be able to get anyone until the sanctions are known. I'm not sure a big name coach is going to want to start off with a handicap in the SEC West, but if the sanctions aren't too severe and they can pay enough, who knows.
Eddie is not projected to go in the first round. Many have him going in the third round, due to his injury. He may still go in the second, but I'm hoping he falls to the Jags in the third.
I don't understand this move at all, unless he has already been told he won't be the starter. If that is the case, then I have to wonder why someone would tell him that. Key is away, and now two guys who were expected to compete for starting roles have decided to transfer. This isn't our best look.
At Bama, Saban is the king. It's good to be the king.
I just don't think this is a good sign for LSU or Key. If this wasn't a big deal of some sort, more info would be out there by now.
Bama has signed 12 blue chip LBers in the last four years. That's a lot of talent on the field, and on the bench. That's great recruiting.
Just another group giving christians a bad name. We need to be more inclusive and tolerant, not less.
This is an ugly list. Just shows how tough it is to get a good read on HS QB's
LSU fans are excited to see what this season will bring from an offensive perspective. A legit OC is the main focus, but the offense returns most of their starters and Guice sure seems ready to be the man. Still a question at QB, but even that should be better.