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Art Briles will be available, and who knows maybe you could get Lane Kiffin
Not only that but the rating is based off HS competition and so many guys peak in HS and do not have the mental or physical ability to go further, thats why I think that paying too much attention to ratings hype on the recruiting trail is so much BS.
I think too many times these kids who leave early are getting pressure from family and friends to leave early thinking that the kid was going to get drafted and get a big check and carry everyone else along with him, and then there are those shady agents or agents runners who blow smoke up their butts about how big they will make it so they make that jump when a true evaluation would say stay another year and get your degree.
Smoking, dropping, injecting, whatever this was - I call it self indulgent BS.
Point for your argument - Fred Belitnikoff, one of the slowest wide outs ever but ran precise routes, always got open and hardly ever dropped a ball.
He was ready to roll and they burn LOL He didnt say WHAT he was rolling did he?
being first to comment - 5 cents making an inane comment - Neg 5 cents reading the entire article and comprehending it - priceless
except he clearly stated that the players listed were ranked based on their statistics. And since this is about the Super Bowl it only needs to go back 51 years.
News flash based on statistics they were.
And yet another one who missed the line where the writer said the rankings were based off the players college stats, so this is not an opinion ranking.
Guess you missed the line where the writer said the rankings were based off the players official stats during college.
Considering that almost up till NSD Florida had almost no commits and were losing the ones they did have at an alarming rate Yes Florida won (in putting together a class this good on the fly so to speak)
Know what I like best about the group from Arkansas? NO DRAMA, for the most part once they committed they stayed committed, sure we lost one late but turned right around and replaced him with someone just as good if not better, and picked up some really good preferred walk ons as well.
I have not heard, but there has to be a reason and its not something I think the coaches will talk about but there must be something that is giving them a red flag on him otherwise it makes no sense to ignore a hometown player as ranked as he is who wanted to come there to play.
Maybe he hired him because he wants a good QB coach for Hurts and his other recruits coming in?
I do not know what Jeff Long was thinking but that buyout may be there to stop an NFL team from hiring him away, as he had received NFL interest before taking the Arkansas job. I look forward to seeing who he gets in as DB coach and if the NCAA votes to allow more assistants who also gets added. I think Coach B already has people in mind but he has to wait till the NFL season is done to make any announcements.
sorta like how we bet on horses that had triple crown winners as studs in their tree except these bloodlines are impossibly dilute. If you were comparing bloodlines you have to have a direct lineage not be a 4th cousin twice removed type of bloodline.
He gets his share, but there have been articles about how hard it is to get kids to Fayettevile, and that is not a recent thing related to the coach either, UA is still one of the smaller schools in the conference for one, the lack of bright lights is another. UA will always attract a certain type of player, but those usually dont end up on lists like this, and you only have to look at the NFL to see that UA has had success bringing in good players over its history. More importantly though the school could use a lot less negative fans who make those top recruits shy away and go elsewhere.
You know what would be cool ( and so not happening i know) BB offers Peyton Manning a job as QB coach and offensive analyst. Makes sense since the Hogs are one of the few teams left still playing old style pro set offense.
@ boss hog, there are times when i really wish we could spray prozac with a crop duster.