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Raised in Macon, MO about an hour north of CoMo. All we had was Mizzou to respresent us, so I'm a lifelong fan. The STL & KC folks have their collegiate and Pro teams, but for me the Tigers are the only true statewide flagship institution. Never attended MU, but played NG at Division III National Champion, Quincy University back in 1992-3. I finished my collegiate days at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. Since then I've lived all around Mid-Missouri including Jeff City, Fulton and CoMo; New Orleans, LA and currently St. Louis. I'm happy that we moved to the SEC, now my buddies down south have to consider us when start talkin football.

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Kellen Winslow period.
Good grief... Les Miles is spoiled. Kudos for his list.
We have quality depth as well in the back seven this year. Can't wait for September
Where's the stats? I have no doubt about the ability of each player listed, I would like to see the actual #s.
OL play is vital for State's style of spread. While Dak will cover up a lot of the OLs inexperience, they can potentially sabatoge his season. A disruptive DL will completley stall a team who runs the spread. Similar to what happened to us in the SECCG w Bama. Mullen is a very good coach and I'm sure he will design plays and formations towards their strengths. Is it better to have an experience/elite QB w questions at OL like MSU or is better to have a solid OL w questions at QB(UGA, Tide, LSU)?
Bama proved that we need strength AND athleticism up front. We tried too many off tackle runs and they were just too much to handle. Perhaps we would have had more success by running at them directly. Also a larger RB would have broken a lot of their arm tackles. Their DL won that game for them. They stifled our run and it became hard to watch by the end of the 3rd Quarter. My two cents
I agree with this. If Stoops doesn't work out for y'all I would love if Pinkel made room for him on his staff somehow. He can recruit! Wishful thinking.... Good luck to you guys.
The curse of the Bevo 12 has been lifted and Mizzou nation has done nothing but celebrate. At this point we all can truly see how we were deliberately held back financially,branding and recruiting. The SEC has granted us an opportunity to be self-determined as a program. Sure the winning percentage is nice, but we have a long way to go before we join the elite fraternity of the league. It's all about the conference hardware...SEC Championship trophy which is the foremost goal of the team.
Too funny CroKev! LOL
I'm looking forward to seeing us play you guys this year. Mullen has the Bulldogs on the right path and is making a name for himself as a head coach. I like to see how we match up in cross division games. We will get the best from Dak and posse for sure.
Pinkel gets the most bang for his dollar out all the coaches listed. In comparison to the rest of the league, Mizzou is on the bottom end in facilities, stadium capacity, and recruiting. All the while Pinkel turns "junk into crunk" by fielding a stout competitive team year after year. This guy is basically building from scratch... Mizzou doesn't have the storied historical championship pedigree like Florida / Tennessee / Bama /Georgia / LSU. Nor the warm winter climate of the SEC to sell recruits. Don't forget to mention his excellent graduation results of his players. The guy is a true over-achiever. Hard to argue what he has done pound for pound in comparison to the other coaches in the SEC. Give Pinkel five years of top 15 recruiting classes and you will see a national championship team.
I have a lot of respect for Tunsil , but as unit I thought Ole Miss should have been statistically better than they were. After they poached a few Missouri born OL from us, I have paid close attention to their OL play. Mayb they will live up to the hype this year....we shall see.
The questions came to my mind as well. First off, everybody already knows that Prescott, Chubb, and Fournette will be the SEC frontrunners for the Heisman. With Prescott having the edge, cause the Heisman tends to favor QBs over RBs. Johnson has a lot to prove compared to the above listed. He MAY be considered a dark horse contender late in the year if Auburn is successful.
CroKev...If I follow your logic, then the SEC is softer than hospital cotton. Especially UT 0-3 vs MU. If an "average" Mizzou team (as you say) has this much success, then what does that say about the league? Either the SEC is a complete fraud-trumped up by the media or Pinkel & Co fields a decent squad. I have a lot of respect for the Vols and their history but u can't discredit Mizzou like that without looking pathetic yourself.
Vanderbilt's Johnny McCrary is better than folks think. I thought did a solid job against our DL pressure last year. He killed us with TE completions. I saw a poised young QB with a lot of upside.
I was impressed by this years NFL haul of Mizzou players. Gary Pinkel is truly the man for our program. He has the team gaining momentum everyday in regards to building the brand, both on and off the field. This bodes well for recruiting, which is the final piece of the puzzle for Pinkel. SEC and National championships will be attainable after 3-5 years of consistent Top 20 recruiting hauls. I'm beginning to believe that everyone else is starting to realize this is well.
Every team you mentioned is probably better than the Rebels already. The Rebs would not even be favored by more than a touchdown. If they were to match up with any of the above mentioned. Tell me why again the Rebels will contend...... I'll give u a strong defensive front, but what about the secondary? WR will be strong for yall, but what about protection and the QB?
This is the year Pinkel actually transitions his recruiting footprint into the team. The guys from the south. Long gone are the players who thought they would be playing in the Big 12. This a SEC team now especially in the skilled positions. Pinkel usually does well with new challenges, so we will see how he does the new new' Mizzou Made'.
I think all of the teams from the east will have a renewed sense of hunger this year. We all have new coordinators this season. A sense of desperation will be inspire the best out of HBC and the Cocks, Stoops at Kentucky and Mason at Vanderbilt. Florida has an excellent opportunity to surprise the best of em. Georgia is still the team to beat, they have an awesome history of contending year in and out. Butch Jones is a damn good coach and I'll admit that the Vols have an incredible trajectory with him. I just hope we all can shove it to West in cross division this year.