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I very much agree with the non-conf schedule allowing the team to polish and get game time reps before SEC play begins. I also, remember Franklin as the culprit for sacks as well. His pocket presence was 50/50 throughout the year. I thought he had trouble feeling pressure and sometimes scrambled right into a sack. All is well, overall I love what he had to contribute as a QB during his tenure. Kudos to Christopher Smith for this report.
Per Dave Matter: 9 of the 13- 2013 recruits cracked the depth chart. Talk about excitement! Folks forget, but we have yet to fully transition into the SEC with recruits from the SEC footprint. Mizzou is definatley trending up!
Good read. I'll be honest- it hurt to lose Josey AND Ealy as juniors, but releasing DGB immediatley put heavy pressure on the entire team. Folks can rightfully evaluate the character of DGB or note him not living to his potential all they want, BUT you better believe game planning on defense would start with him. His measurables, his hype, his trajectory are undeniable and should always be throughout his career whether NCAA or NFL. This team is completley different with these 3 guys on the field. Arguments can be made for why they should or should't have stayed, but this team is remarkably better with those guys. The preseason buzz would be much higher as well. Now everyone must somewhat hold their breath, about how the younger players will develop. Thank goodness for our non-conf schedule and back to back pre-conference format a la the Big 12. SEC fans baulk at it but, we have always considered it an extended fall camp with extra warm-up scrimmages to polish our game. When you don't get "ready-made players" (5 / 4 stars) as recruits this format is vital to be competetive in conference play. Last year I had no idea if we compete til I watched the entire non-conf specifacally Indiana and I will verily say the same this year. Bottom line: we have our hands full and thus far have more questions than answers in the skill department.
Starting at 24, gives us a chance to actually shoot for the play-offs. We should stay ranked and possibly a higher ranking come South Carolina week 5. The four non-conf games in the first 4 weeks gives the team a chance to polish up their skills before SEC games. If, again if, we can somehow go 2/3 or better against SC, GA, and FL we would have a great opportunity to climb the polls as last year. We came in week 5 at 24th, I believe against GA and steadily climbed from there on. All in all i'm satified with the ranking. In regards to the players having a chip on there shoulder..... I'm convinced that the players have plenty of motivation, as they attempt to sound the alarm across the SEC that Mizzou is here to stay and will be competitive year after year.
Very well written, I agree that the running game shall carry a little heavier burden over the passing game this season. Im fine with Hansbrough gettin the majority of the carries amongst the RBs. He's a legitamate candidate to rush for 1000 plus yds as Kendail Lawrence and Henry Josey did in the first two years in the SEC. He's a tough runner with a good speed in the open field. Morgan Steward is primed for a breakout year. We need a solid season from him. His time has come to show Mizzou Nation what the offense looks like with larger, stronger RB in the backfield. I'm very curious myself. And of course Murphy will be the utiliy guy and perhaps has the best chance to be the most impactful offensive player for the Tigers. If Henson is creative enough, then he has a chance to rank pretty high in all-purpose yards in the conference.
Kudos to SDS for this article and all the a media attention towards Mizzou as of late. It's true, Wilson's absence is the obvious black hole in the D. Leadership, technique, and hustle were his intangibles that will sorely be missed. I doubt Brandon Lee redshirts, so he will get a chance to play, but I'm waiting for Eric Beisel to show what he is made of.
We're used to this crap. Gamblers made a lot of money on a horse called Mizzou last year. Low risk bet , with high pay outs.
This game will be a great opportunity to look down the road a bit in regards to young talent. RBs, LBs, OL, DBs, WRs in particular. We typically play more upper-class men, but that won't be the case as much this year. 2nd and 3rd string developement is vital for this Tiger Team.
"Shoot for the stars, but if you don't get there- cling on to the moon", Dolomite aka Rudy Ray Moore. For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7 "Free your mind and your ass will follow", George Clinton, Parliment My preseason observations of Mizzou fans about upcoming SEC football season: 2012- Thankful. Happy to drop the zero's and join he hero's. Big 12<SEC 2013- Cautious. Not really sure to make of going 5-7 or Pinkel's job. 2014- Optimistic. We stay healthy, and we can compete with the best of 'em. Truth be told, Mizzou has a high ceiling (just add 4 & 5 star recruits ) and a great opportunity to grow the brand in the SEC via wins, media, monies, and conference clout. Like you said, how else are you supposed to think after winning 12 games?
Top 5 in NFL 1st Round Picks since 2007, not total draft picks.
I believe that's Top 5, 1st Round Picks since 2007 per Gary Pinkel.
I was thinking about this topic last week. I think Berk would be actual #2 for now, b/c he knows the system, has SEC game experience and has matured. I agree Printz has a higher ceiling, than Berk as well. Thus 2a and 2b on the QB depth chart. I think Pinkel would put in Berk first, but wouldn't hesitate to put in Printz if needed. At any moment during the game- a series, quarter or a half, if Berk is struggling.
We got this year in the bag fellas, National Championship and all , thanks to Brad's optimism of Mizzou. Follow me, if 6-6,2-6 2013 projection = 12-2, 7-1 actual , then 2014's projection of 8-4,4-4 = 15-0, 8-0. Brad you are the man! Somebody buy that man a beer! In all seriousness, thanks for write up. It helps with my football withdrawals. Sheesh! Can the season start already?
30 player scuffle? Damn that sucks. Very unfortunate turn of events for the Gators. I hope he recovers, cause he can flat out play.
There's always room for improvement. I would love to see Pinkel shave this average down to 20-25 as we grow in the SEC. That would be awesome and ensure a stout contender year after year.
Leave Armyguy alone fellas. What else could he possibly brag about? Give him the Grove and preseason preditions and stay clear!
We are fortunate to reload at the DE position this fall. This a very critical year for our 2nd string guys Harris and Loud to gain experience and make names for themselves. Golden is gone for sure and I doubt Shane Ray will return for his senior year. On a side note, last years 1st n 2nd team DEs each scored a TD. When was the last time that happened. That shows just how athletic those guys were and how special that unit was. That's a long shadow to stand in for this year's DEs.
Injuries due to pace of play never made sense to me. Complete theory. It is logical to have more injuries playing smash-mouth football w larger n faster players versus a finesse game w smaller players. The SEC is like a demolition derby.
Don't be surprised if Gayhawk trolls show up here to talk basketball.
I love reading these. 50% unbelievable sarcasm and 50% "I could see coach________ saying that." Entertaining.