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Raised in Macon, MO about an hour north of CoMo. All we had was Mizzou to respresent us, so I'm a lifelong fan. The STL & KC folks have their collegiate and Pro teams, but for me the Tigers are the only true statewide flagship institution. Never attended MU, but played NG at Division III National Champion, Quincy University back in 1992-3. I finished my collegiate days at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. Since then I've lived all around Mid-Missouri including Jeff City, Fulton and CoMo; New Orleans, LA and currently St. Louis. I'm happy that we moved to the SEC, now my buddies down south have to consider us when start talkin football.

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TT, I totally respect your opinions. This is an open forum. That said, my point is that since '12, every pre-season publication ( ESPN, Athlon, Bleacher, SDS, etc) has listed UT/UF over MU. I suspect this is because of recruiting rankings and the lack of national press on MU. It baffles me the premium put on recruiting rankings here in the SEC versus actual coaching and the system. As I pointed out, we are 3-1 over UT and 2-2 w UF thus far. Sure a lot of us bought the hype of he storied Vols, Gators and Bulldogs when we first joined the SEC. But a lot of those perceptions changed once we started beating these teams. Only problem is that, out of the 3 only UGA has had the upper hand with us. Fans on forums from RockM, Mizzou forum in Post Dispatch, KTGR, even here on SDS began to note the unfounded narrative once the actual games were played out. I will not disagree about UT looking strong this year. And this year, the hype is truly warranted. But that doesn't guarantee them the division. Truth is, Mizzou has never been as pathetic as the some of the media and fans try to portray us and these other teams are not the juggernauts as reported. We field a solid, tough team. We produce. And probably overachieve more times than not, when comparing preseason recruiting rankings to the final team rankings. Thanks for your response.
I prefer Option 1. Based on the fact that nobody has ever thought we could compete in the SEC. Since 2012, we've already beat Ark, UGA, UF, and UT, but not LSU. Georgia (1-3) has had our number, but nobody around the state is worried about UF(2-2) or UT(3-1). Sure we may lose this year but, first impressions last a lifetime. From day 1 in the SEC, Tennessee has never been seen as juggernaut in the eyes of Mizzou fans since we won there in OT. We were a 5-7 team beat up by injuries and we still won. From that day on, UT has been all hype to us. We've always played competitive against UF whether home or in the Swamp. Beating LSU in Death Valley would a feather in the cap. The biggest feather. It would be SEC myth-buster about our ability to compete, we would gain true momentum for our DL as D- Line- Zou. When we outsiders and in the Big 12, it seemed LSU had the nastiest defensive lines in the SEC. They seemed untouchable with their annual draft picks, All- Americans, etc.. A dominate showing of our front seven plus a victory would cement Mizzou as being bona fide as a DL powerhouse. Also, i would personally have bragging rights over all my buddies and family in Baton Rouge for a while. I get there 3-4 times a year and they try to laugh me out of the room when i talk Mizzou football. It would force the media to turn the page from 2015 and recognize the leadership/direction of Coach Odom. Beating Arky and sweeping the west would simple be sweet.
As far as I can tell , that comes with the Bulldog hoopla. You guys sign a top ten class every year. Now whether you guys finish in the top ten is another story. I've learned that all SEC media outlets put a premium on recruiting rankings over everything. In other words everybody is drinking the kool-aid and hype. I mean look at Jeremy Johnson last year.... No experience, just a stats from mop-up duty and recruiting rankings. I find this to be insanely over the top.
True. My point is that, which the exception of 2012, its been Sam, Ray or Garrett leading the league in sacks. The new kids on the block have done pretty well in the trenches.
Sounds about right to me. Isn't ironic that the two newbies (MU & Tex A&M) have played exceptionally well on the DL in this league? I would have never guessed this in a million years.
Amen to that! You know Tiger fans very well.
All three Mizzou players listed were Freshmen All-Americans. SDS never mentions this when talking about these guys. Fatoney, Beckner Jr, and Brady.
Excellent rebuttal. Proof the "East was down" argument is dead. In every season listed at least two teams from the East finished in the Top 25 with one of the two in the top 10 with the exception of 2010. Thanks for this Captain.
What? Say it isn't so, Legend DD2 has Mizzou listed as 4th and not 7th? Hot damn! The sky is falling.
Yawn. Same story, same narrative from 2012. Stop huffing glue and present facts with your argument. This is more wishful thinking and propaganda than anything. Shame on SDS
The burden of proof will reside w Heupel and the new look offense. Don't forget we brought in an exceptional recruiting class in 2015 relative to what we normally bring in. We had several excellent skill players come in. Taking those lumps last year will help this year and beyond. Also- barring injury, we totally improved this year by bringing in WR Chris Black and RB Alex Ross. Last year we had a championship defense, but a high school offense. Surely we won't be that bad again on offense.
5th place is generous compared to the past. Heck even when we won the East in '13 & '14 the best we were picked pre-season was 3rd. Behind either FL, GA or TN- pending the year. Hate to cut it to you ladies and gents but last year was the exception, not the rule. Our offense was offensive to all. We won't be that bad on Offense this year. I expect several upsets this year and I got the oven pre-heating on 400, there's gonna be a lot of humble pie served.
For Mizzou the number is 13.3 . That was our scoring average for 2015. This has to change. If we would have averaged 24 pts, we would have lost only two games last year. Mississippi St and Arky. Our Defense was that good. We return 8 on Defense with two freshmen All Americans on the D Line Zou-Walter Brady and Beckner, Jr.. On offense, we return 5 players, all skill players. All freshmen and sophomores. I have to believe that we will improve w these skilled positions. If we somehow can average 24-30 points in '16, we will be at the top of the East again.
God bless you Tackman, you admitted exactly what we're saying, along with the writer.
Hey SDS, DeMontie Cross doesn't qualify? He ranked 26th Nationally ahead of Chavis
You have to hand it to Odom and his staff. Not sure Pinkel would offer an 8th grader. The kid can sling it and has decent foot-work already.
Dude, at least come up with a new narrative. Its the same copy and paste from 2012. And how has the east gotten better, when none of us have beaten the West in the championship as of late?
Question is...How well will LSU's make-shift OL match up against our front seven? Truth is we have produced quality defenses while in the league. Our offense.... TBD?!@#$?
I've been following LSU a lot closer this year since we play each other. But I'm curious how LSUs OL matches up with our DL. The trenches are gonna get ugly.