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Thanks for the replys fellas. @Virtual Kelly I appreciate your perspective on this. So far the Tigers are trying to use the pass to set up the run. This puts the burden on Mauk. The problem is Mauk isn't going thru his progressions and he bails after the first or second receivers aren't open. A simple man-under/Two deep Safety coverage will doom this mindset. I would like to see the run more and take the burden off Maty. Also more usage of the TE on the line of scrimmage would help. At this stage of Mauk's development we can't afford to be a pass first team.
Wolfman, Mizzou played credible defense given the fact that they couldn't rest thanks to the stalled offense. 40 plus minutes on the field is a tall order for any defense, on any level. The defense eroded away, because the offense stunk. Eerily similar to 2012. The way this defensive team is built, if we don't score 30 plus points, we will lose 95% of the time. It's that simple.
Let's be honest Mauk somehow has gotten a, "he already knows how to QB" pass from Pinkel. Coach has repeatedly admitted, its best to leave a guy like Maty alone and we don't try to alter his style of play. Totally ridiculous! It seems like Mauk's father is his QB coach. The problem I have is that it sets a psychological precedence for the QB-- SEPARATE from the team. Pinkel gambled and lost with this approach. True enough Mauk is a just a sophomore and has plenty to learn as GP likes to express, but Pinkel isn't putting the bit and bridle on his sophomore like he should either. Or like he has with other underclassmen. The Maty Mauk project is just as much on Pinkel as it is on Maty. I don't blame Maty for his style of play and his high schoool habits, but I do blame Pinkel for building his offense around these poor habits. His hands off approach to his QB, could possibly doom the season. And I'm pretty vexed about it.
One of these years the home team is gonna win this match-up. I hope its not next year. Georgia showed a lot of heart and grit, given the Gurley news. Tell CMR he owes Pinkel a favor for officially startin the Pruitt era in Bulldog lore. Im sure this will be a new benchmark on how to play his style of Georgia Bulldog defense. Always fun when we play yall. see ya next year!
The curse of playing on CBS continues..... we're "0"fer as far as I can remember playing on that network. What a waste of solid defensive game and a BYE week. 40+ minutes of defense is will wear any defense down. Congrats to the Bulldogs and good luck to Chubb.
Total disgrace. We just as well forfeited...smh
Kansas City representing! Mr. Shane Ray. Pretty amazing how this kid has grown up before us in Tiger country. He's home grown and taken his time to properly develop. Coach Kul is one damn good coach!
All great points as well Wolfman. I just hope this kid doen't jeopardize anything else in his playing career. This caliber of RB comes around a few times every 2-3 decades.
Not so sure about the MIZ/UGA predictions. With Sony Michel out with shoulder problems and no Gurley, that makes the depth a little thin behind Chubb. I think this may alter the gameplan a little bit towards the pass. Not sure this true freshman can carry the Bulldogs the entire game like TG. Hutson Mason has got to step up and make throws. This plays into our strength. I also smell some turnovers in the air. We win the turnover battle and the Tigers win. Georgia knocks our starting QB out of the game for a third straight year, they win.
This was definitely a set-up job. Who knowingly reports to the compliance office to reveal a black market hustle that they are a part of?- and for profit! Not just that, but this hater willingly brings in video and photos with Gurley to drive the point across. Wow! Is this the deep bitter SEC hatred, yall been talking about? Only $400 to take Gurley off the field? (If it's true, Todd sold himself cheap and should have at got least ten-fold. I'm sure he knows the 400 wasn't worth it in hindsight.) I tell you what though, the fact that Georgia self reported this indicates they know this low-life was headed to the NCAA or perhaps stopped there first with this story.
This has to hurt all college football fans. He's a beast! I love this guy, he's a throwback RB for sure. Gurley has NFL Hall of Fame potential. If this sticks and stays, in essence he just turned pro. This sucks for Bulldog fans, but it may be a blessing in disguise for him personally. How? He can rest his legs and turn pro without the added exposure to his body in league play. Perhaps even get a few more years out of his pro career. Everyone knows RBs have an early shelf life. And his workload for Georgia is pretty heavy, actually extraordinary. Gurley has carried his own burden, plus at least 50% of Hutson Mason's. I doubt an NFL team would work him like the Bulldogs do. He has nothing left to prove on the college level. He's beyond the Heisman trophy. Everyone knows it belongs to him, but unfortunately that won't be the case. He's a man amongst boys, and will be legendary. This guy is Jim Brown, Earl Campbell and Tony Dorsett wrapped into one. This SEC fan will cheer for Todd Gurley all the way to Canton, OH.
Nice to see the SEC newbies doing well in the sack and TFL departments. The SEC is a line of scrimmage league, and so far so good for the Tigers and Aggies. We'll see how this stands up thru SEC play as the season unfolds.
Ha ha ha! Pacific Ocean Cool....what a great description. I've swam in San Diego, and it was quite a shock compared to the warm gulf waters. funny. I think the BYE week is the perfect remedy for the Mauk and the WRs. That train has to get back on track. We should be charged up at home for them Bulldogs.
Spurrier vs Dave Steckel? yikes! If Golden and Ray don't put on their capes, its gonna be a long, long game in the other Columbia.
Best one on one match-up to watch? Bill Snyder aka the Wizard vs witty Gus Malzahn. What a clash of styles, experience and strategies. It'll be interesting to see how the Wizard defends the triple option. He seems to have an uncanny answer to everything. He's good enough to perhaps develop a true blueprint for stopping it. Other coaches will be tuned in to see if it's possible. But trust me, Malzahn will be an even better coach after this game. Snyder is so damn solid, he forces other coaches to improve their game. Gimmicks won't beat KSU, it's pretty amazing what they have done with their program-- given the lack of bluechips. Auburn has the talent and scheme to take down any team in America, and I think they win, but don't cover 10.5 pts. Should be an excellent start of week 4.
" He’s arguably the best NFL prospect in the league." That may be the boldest statement of Shane Ray to date. He man-handled and schooled their LT. How about the interior Defensive Linemen of Mizzou? Hoch was out and the back-ups shined w their opportunities. It was a coming our party for Augusta, Hatley, Vincent, and Brantley. Many in Mizzou land believe this years DL is stronger and more stout than last years. We'll know for sure in league play. All I know is... an active and disruptive DL will carry a team far.
We're simply on the same "Quest for Respect", by trying to win games. Pinkel has the formula and the personnel, we just need to seal the depth by bringing along the younger players. So far we are 0-2 against SC while members of the SEC, so I look for a ferocious battle. In both loses, our starting QB was out and we played w our 2nd team QB, so hopefully Mauk can pull us through this year. The HBC is the real deal and the Tigers respect his craftiness. That game will be the payoff game for us. Four non-conf games for tune-ups, to SEC opener w SC to BYE week. The momentum should be strong, but it'll be a tough game but I like our chances to steal one in Williams-Brice.
Chris is correct about the ideal trajectory. Credit coach Gary Pinkel and his MizzouMade program. GP knows it's easier to lose a game than it is to win one, so he attempts to field a more solid, disciplined team, over his opponent. A team that has less penalties than it's opponent. A team that wins the momentum battle via takeaways and sacks. A team that holds players directly accountable for being in shape, perfecting your craft/skills, knowing your assignments and executing at a high level. That's MizzouMade in a nutshell- just add talent, depth and determined players....and voila> The Missouri Tigers. A formidable foe for any team we encounter. Solid and disciplined- ever seeking to create momentum towards a victory. Talent alone will not be able to beat Mizzou. It's gonna take supreme execution to topple us. (Like Auburn's offense in the SECCG.) At the end of the day, or should I say last Saturday, I feel much better about our team and however the SEC East ends up whether we win or lose it. Upon us staying healthy, I at least know that team is for real and has a high ceiling for that trajectory to keep rising.
Best game of the season so far. Sacks and turnovers will carry this team far this year. Not a fan of the soft zone defense, but I gotta think that they are keeping it vanilla before SEC play begins (i hope). I think the secondary and linebackers need to be much more aggressive hitting and tackling. Opponents will feast on yards after contact if not. Also, it's nice to see the Harris and Loud get more reps and how about the the interior DL? The Defense took a major step forward today and I think it will inspire them the rest of the season. Offensively, I would script 5-10 plays for Culkin next game and also give Printz two solid quarters with the 1st team against IU. I think the Offense needs a third dimension with solid TE play, it's the final step to actually stretch and stress defenses with our style of the spread. All in all....Good day to be a Mizzou Tiger! M-I-Z....