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Tough, tough team. Best of luck to the Vols!
SEC EAST Fun Trivia: In 2014, how do you beat Georgia without scoring a single point? Answer: A Missouri win over Arkansas
It hurts, but the glory is in leading the division and watching you dawgs howl and bark at the moon when we win.
The DL will be fine, we need a strong showing from the LBs. They will be key in keeping Dobb's athleticism in check.
Neyland Stadium and the Vols present a great challenge, but it would be sweet to take this streak into next year's season. IJS
My simple observations and thoughts: All this talk about the NCG has led many of the masses astray from actual quality college football. It's a historical year b/c of the new playoff, so I get hoopla and all. But it has turned into a red carpet vanity affair draped in athletic politics . The media has fed this monster with speculation after speculation. And few in the media want to humble themselves and eat crow when their preseason and/or game predictions fall flat. I also understand the SEC has been winning National Championships for quite a long time, and proudly feel like its "National Champion or Bust". Which seems to minimize the actual conference games/ teams while maximizing the post season pageantry in my opinion. I understand that perspective from teams that have been to the NCG and won. If you're used to driving a Benz, why would u be excited about winning Chrysler? Cue in the above discussion: Many of us had no idea how we would compete in the "Mighty SEC" when we first joined. We took our lumps the first year, but stood up to the challenges of competing in year 2. The division title caught 98% of us off guard compared to the- let's just get to a bowl conversations from August 2013. We had know idea that the season would become as magical as it did. That's history now. We find ourselves in a similar situation this year, but the only difference is that this is a much less experienced and younger squad. Kudos to Pinkel for such a an awesome job post- attrition. I'm following Pinkel's lead on this one and focusing solely on the game ahead. We win out, we in Atlanta. We win Atlanta, who cares what about the Playoffs. Serious. At this point in Mizzou Football lore, I'll gladly take the SEC title over the playoffs. SEC clout and movers will do all they can to push us into the playoffs if need be. The pecking order for representation seems like 1. Alabama, 2. Miss ST, then 3. (break in case of emergency) winner of SECCG. Unlike the Big 12, we do revenue share, please remember that. And if you are like me, that's the only coup we have to force respect amongst our peers in the league. Win the SEC! It's a proud day to be a Tiger, MIZ-
Hard to argue Mullen's accomplishments this year. We lost 15 starters and are far above the media's expectations. We do this with ranked in the 30's for recruiting. So I give the edge to Pinkel.
"You guys are projecting your own insecurities on this team", Wolfman. Quote of the year in regards to Mizzou.
heck TSUN, we ain't respected anyhow, we might as well be hated on.
In every blog , you can't mention Georgia without talking about Mizzou losing. I love it! If we get to Atlanta, Pinkel has to be the SEC Coach of the Year!
The SEC Championship is our national championship. To get to Atlanta again would be be Pinkel's greatest accomplishment while at Mizzou. This year is a complete rebuilding year.
Mizzou vs the entire SEC once again. And yall always wonder why Mizzou fans feel like we have a Napoleon Complex. Sure laugh at our recruiting rankings, laugh at our losses, laugh at whatever you like. I'm laughing reading this story, that the nobodies of Missouri can have the Vols and Dogs holding hands singing rocky top. Pretty satisfying for a team picked to finish 4th or 5th in the East. The jokes on every Tiger hater and doubter.
I'm pulling for all the Tigers this weekend. Auburn for obvious reasons. LSU to shut up this mythical Arkansas craze and praise?!? And oh yeah the Tigers that lost to Indiana.
Lets go Tigers! (Including Auburn and LSU)
Folks can say what they want about Mizzou, but as far as Defensive Linemen, Mizzou has stepped into the top of SEC. This is something us Tiger fans feel proud of. The SEC has an outstanding historical fraternity of Defensive Linemen. They can add Sheldon, Ealy, Sam, and now Golden and Ray to the list. All conference guys, All American guys, Defensive Players of the Year, etc. In terms of sacks, TFLs, and production I have been somewhat shocked by our success over traditional SEC DL juggernauts like LSU, Auburn, Miss ST, Tenn, Bama and Georgia. The same can be said about A&M too, they boast great numbers too. We don't get enough credit around the league or media attention about this.
Always a thrilling game when we play A&M. A lot of nail-biters through the years. We've always played tough in College Station. With all of our Texas recruits, it's almost like half a home game for us. I expect our Tigers to show up and control the line of scrimmage with our DL. I wanna see how far that takes us in this game. Hopefully, familiarity and memories of the Big 12 matchup will help our offense score some points-like we did back then. I expect the Texas Tigers to play extremely hard in front of their families too. Two young QBs. Two disruptive DLs. Two familiar foes in new conference. Two opposite divisions (Big 12 North vs South, SEC East vs West). One exciting game to watch as always.
Mizzou's Road to Atlanta? 70 East to 64 East to 57 South to 24 West to 75 South. Mizzou's not in a offensive hot sports car or a traditional rugged SUV, more like used moving van. Slow, steady and optimistically sure. Caught a flat playing Indiana back just south of Mt. Vernon, IL on 57 South. The van stalled with a dead battery playing Georgia at rest stop near the Kentucky/Tennessee border. We beat A&M and we'll be in Chattanooga, switching lanes to 75 South crossing into the Peach State. A lil closer the Dome.
LOL! Mercury Murphy and Runsel Footsborough!