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Now that was a very cool story. Had no clue this was going on behind the scenes. SW 420 is a staple in Atlanta bars.
I agree - far too easy nowadays for a QB to bolt his team when adversity hits. I get that competitors want to play, but that has to be balanced against some degree of loyalty to your teammates. Taking your ball and going home in-season is about as selfish as you can get in football. Kudos to Harris for sticking it out and being a team player.
It would seem to invalidate the perception by many that the zebras give Bama a pass.
Sooooooo . . . how huge is he?
Julio is just one of a kind. In an age of diva WRs he keeps his head down, works hard, plays hurt (often) without using it as an excuse, and let's his incredible play speak for itself. He's arguably the best receiver in the NFL, but he happily allows Matt to distribute the ball all around and accepts the role of double-team decoy whenever it's necessary to keep the chains moving. He is a true team player. I thought Dimitroff was out of his mind, giving up way too much to move up and pick Julio in the draft. WRs are not THAT important! DEs, QBs, OLs maybe, but there are plenty of excellent receivers out there each draft. I was so wrong. This guy is super-special.
If I could pull for the Saints a few years ago, you could return the favor . . .
It depends on what he shows in the spring and fall camps. There's talk of him taking a redshirt and putting two years between him and Eason, but he may be too good to keep off the field. He was the consensus top QB performer this past summer at Nike's Opening, and I think we all expect him to push Eason really, really hard. Kirby maintains that all jobs, even the QB, are open positions and the top performer plays, and he proved that a number of times this past season. Personally, I think it will depend on what Cheney does with the offensive system this year. Eason struggles under center and in play action. If we see more shotgun sets, then I think Cheney may be easing the path for Eason. If the system remains "pro", with lots of drop-back activity, Fromm could be a factor from the jump. The kid has the "IT" factor and makes things happen.
Georgia's O-line may be young this year, but it will be talented and absolutely massive, which bodes well for the run game. In addition to the 3 blue-chip monsters Pittman is bringing in, a couple more from last year that redshirted will be playing. The D-line looks to be very good, and possibly elite. Kirby understands that you have to own the line of scrimmage to win, and he's done an excellent job in putting together the personnel to do that. He's also building the kind of quality depth Richt never had, and that will pay huge dividends as the season progresses.
Agreed - that's exactly what Kirby's looking for in WR. 30 more pounds and he could be a OLB or TE. Lots of possibilities with this kid's future, given he's just learning the game.
That lazy fumble at the goal line in the UGA game didn't exactly endear him to McElwain. Seems that was where the Hurd controversy really started. Jalen maintains momentum and gets the TD instead of hotdogging it, all the late drama of that game may have never happened. Most coaches will justifiably go ape$hit over that.
Don't ask Aaron Rodgers - he never could figure it out till it was way too late. Dan Quinn is very clever at concealing what he's trying to do with the D-line and LBs. He was the architect of the Seahawks' D and is working to build the same type unit in Atlanta. He's outstanding at player assessment. No busts so far.
That last line was priceless.
You 'n me both. A high school friend, Jan Hooks, got her start on Tush's show before moving on to SNL and Hollywood.
Then you probably remember him whiffing Pete Rose in 1978 and stopping the streak. That was sweet.
We get it, Patricia - you hate Kirby. Your prerogative, but do you have to post the same boring, repetitive BS on every possible story? You're OCD on the subject of Georgia football. And while we're at it, your comments are irrelevant to the rest of us without you identifying the team you support. Easy to sit in the shadows and throw Molotov cocktails. Shine a little light on your allegiance and let's see how things develop.
Bunch'a Aints or Cowboy fans who've never set foot in Dallas. Ignore 'em. RISE UP!
Here's hoping you have another reason to hate the Falcons and Ryan in another 11 days. Disappointing UGA season - guess I'll just have to settle for a Super Bowl . . . RISE UP!
My job gave me an opportunity to get to know Hines a bit, and I mentioned this fact to him a few days after he won the MVP. He immediately remembered Davis, but had completely forgotten about Scott. I may be wrong, but I think Hines and Terrell are the only two SB MVPs to have played on the same college squad together. They were UGA's top two rushers in 1994.