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I think the ideas are one and the same. They bashed them for taking so long, presumably waiting to find a good time to release it and with the Baylor news breaking on top of it being a Friday before a holiday it was a golden opportunity to fly under the radar by UM.
I like how Tennessee is thrown out there to win the national championship. I don't think that would make net year better than last year for anyone but Tennessee, and maybe the eastern division. They also haven't done anything to make me think they are anymore of a contender than last year. If you want to talk about teams that would be good for the entire SEC talk about Kentucky or Vanderbilt who are typically doormats and haven't been able to make anybody mad lately. They'd make a dang movie about that and it would be awesome to see the poindexters of Vanderbilt win a title.
I agree. I like how Mullen identifies talent and offers before some other big schools pick up on a kid and recruit them hard, it gets us some better recruits. However, I am not a big fan of someone committing and announcing their commitment AND that they are still open to offers at the same time. What is the point of committing? I hope the kid stays with us because obviously Mullen sees something special about him but when he decommits because someone else offers I am not going to be surprised.
That is really true. It feels like the 6 years I have been at State (BS and MS, I'm not that stupid) we have only had one superb game and it was only really good if you were a State fan. Both teams have been playing an overall better season, especially the last few years so there is a lot of hype. Then at game time one team usually just doesn't play that well. The only year I really remember thinking, hey this team really showed up today was I believe '14 when Ole Miss looked really sharp against us. The other games it was just felt like one team should've put the other one away but couldn't like in '13. The games weren't horrible, and I am not second guessing the player's effort on the field. There has just been an awful lot of hype to not turn out to be a really incredible game.
This is just super embarrassing. I mean a grown man subtweeting high school kids about old school values. I'm sure the same dad that would've "kicked his ass" for not honoring a commitment would be so proud of his subtweeting. Coaches should definitely be setting an example tweeting about something that hurt your feelings instead of addressing it in a healthy way is very childish. No doubt there is a lot of flip flopping in recruitment but I am in the camp that puts a lot of that responsibility on the coaching staffs and how they recruit. There is also a fair amount of flip flopping coaching staffs do for low level recruits when a hot shot commits later in the game.
I really like this idea. I would like to see Big 5 teams play some of the "cupcake" teams that everyone wants them to quit scheduling during the regular season. It would be an opportunity for these small schools to get the money they need to support their athletic department while giving bigger schools a quality warm up game, and would increase enjoyment of fans in the spring and fall. I think that the big schools should just ante up and pay them what they typically get paid during the regular season and still donate some money to a charity or two. I don't understand why we don't already do this it would really be good all around. Not to mention it would be a great way to allow more families to take their kids. Its hard for most people to pay $50+ per nosebleed ticket for mom, dad, and a couple kids when you know they very well may not have the attention span to last the whole game. This should be a major topic, because done the right way you are talking about taking something that is pretty neat and turning it into something that is amazing.
Again the title of the article doesn't represent the content. Also, this by definition is not a case of domestic violence. It is however a case of a person doing something completely unacceptable. I think that this type of thing should be heavily investigated and punished. I don't think automatic suspension is the answer. If you suspend a guy he will go to a JUCO or transfer to another university and sitting out a year. I think there should be an option where a young person stays on scholarship and sits out a season or two, possibly with or without attending practice or games, and has to participate in some type of "rehabilitation" type of course. Making these athletes lose experience is a good punishment, while giving them a second chance, and provides a way for them to get some type of education to prevent it in the future. I am certainly not saying take suspension off the table as a punishment, I am simply saying that it should be a case by case basis and we should keep our options open to do the most good possible.
I don't understand how you think this can fail. It is literally a one time training program that takes ZERO extra time after the teachers know what to look for. It is not impossible for teachers to fit more training or other activities in their schedules, they already do that when different things come up. The idea that teachers are incredibly overburdened by everything is a load of crap. Yes they are busy, and yes they have to follow a lot of stupid rules for what and when they can teach things instead of having the flexibility that they used to, but its not impossible for them to take a short training course and be aware of behavior that might indicate suicidal tendencies. The teachers doing the complaining are usually the lazy ones that deserve to be fired. All the teachers I know that work their ass off and deserve raises are the ones that aren't complaining.
I'm certainly not trying to belittle the terrible thing that happened to her but I don't understand the $55 million award. I don't think the average victim of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or rape (the last two being frankly much worse) get this type of compensation. If the courts are going to award this kind of money I think it definitely should not be awarded to a person but instead centers dedicated to helping victims of this type of crime that do not have the resources to take their cases to court. I'm not saying she didn't deserve anything and that these criminals don't deserve to pay, I'm just saying it is a little ridiculous that the pretty, blonde, rich, famous person gets $55 million and the the poor girl down the street that gets raped barely gets her attacker convicted or kept behind bars.
Lol I couldn't agree more.
I'd like to see any national championship coach or Heisman winner get a statue of some sort I think doing those things merit some physical recognition. I certainly agree that Prescott, while possibly the greatest State player ever, didn't quite accomplish enough for that. If in 20 years MSU has found a bunch of success and we can attribute a great deal of it to Dak then we can talk about something but otherwise I think not.
Also, I really think it is stupid for some of yall claim people are obsessed because "they comment on them all the time" in current articles about their SEC rival. Being obsessed in my mind is more like bringing up irrelevant crap just because you want to try and put them down. If a State fan jumps into a conversation about how OM has beat UA the last two years and they talk about how OM went 3-9 in 2007 that would be obsessed.
Having grown up in Alabama and going to school at State I can assure you that these four fanbases are at least somewhat obsessed with each other. I'm not saying all fans are equally obsessed but the fan bases in general do have quite a few people who live and die by the failure of their rival rather than the success of their own team. Auburn fans are quick to claim that almost no Alabama fan graduated from UA and act like all Auburn fans are alumni and they always bring up how Alabama didn't actually win all those national championships. However, you let AU play for a national championship and you'll see some obsessive like actions from the Tide fans. Ole Miss fans just crack me up, I would say they are more obsessed with trying to convince everyone (including themselves) that they aren't in the cellar of the SEC with State. It's pretty tough to have little brother syndrome when you both usually suck. State beats OM pretty regular, OM beats State pretty regular, both teams end up screwing up and not going to Atlanta so I guess it never really matters in the end.
I'm going to be honest here and say that is one of the stupidest things I have ever read. I agree that Alabama fans could be considered "obsessed" with Auburn but to say that Alabama's existence is built upon an obsession with Auburn is ridiculous. Alabama's existence is predicated on the obsession with being champions plain and simple.
I think you could be right about this. The only thing that makes me think this might now happen is how terrible TSUN has been with developing freshman QB talent, Patterson has a chance to be different. LSU and TSUN both have killer classes.
I agree, I think UGA would find a great coach in Mullen, and he would be smart to take the job if offered. While Smart would be a great choice I am sure they are a little gun shy about getting someone with no HC experience. Mullen would be successful at UGA in my opinion, better recruiting grounds, easier division to play against, more and better resources to build off of, etc. etc. Two things to consider, Mullen signed two good QBs from the state of Georgia last year so one could deduce that he might do alright in recruiting over there, and he has done better against Auburn (A big rival for UGA) than most other SEC schools he has faced (albeit Auburn has had some crappy seasons when he beat them).
A lot of people trash the writers at SDS and I am usually quick to defend you guys and enjoy most all of your articles even those that are a little on the edge of accurate and seems to be aimed more to get someone to open the webpage than get good insight on football. However, we are 8-4, not a huge mistake, but for the love of God our stadium is DAVIS WADE STADIUM and our field is SCOTT FIELD. It hasn't changed recently how are you guys ignorant to that fact or too lazy to make sure it is right. I'll give it to you I don't think I can name every football stadium in the SEC but I also don't publish my ignorance on an SEC blog for everyone to see. Dang it guys you are better than this, write like it.
If Beth Mowins called every game I would never watch football on TV again. It was nauseating. Also, call me a sexist but women (and men for that matter) who have never played or coached football on any level have NO business calling games. I never played organized football and if I wanted a terribly inexperienced interpretation on the subject I would ask my own dang opinion. I want someone with a background that gives them good insight. If you want commentary on javelin, shotput, and discus I am your man, football, no sir, me playing backyard 5 on 5 isn't really the experience I want in a commentator. I don't expect a football player to commentate a basketball game, I don't expect someone with ZERO football background to call my football games.
Interesting concept, I think that would be a really cool statistic to look at.