Lifelong Alabama Crimson Tide fan from Huntsville, AL, with a deep seated hatred for anything auburn, so strong in fact I had to go all the way to Starkville, MS to get my undergrad degree in Forestry with Wildlife Management at Mississippi State University. So goes my parent's and scholarship money so goes my loyalty. I am happily bleeding Maroon and White, ringing my cowbell, and yelling Hail State and Go To Hell Ole Miss.

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I hate to agree with a guy from TSUN but I started thinking this way when they starting hating on SEC teams playing FCS teams during the regular season. They need the money they get from playing Power 5 teams to support their athletic programs so why not allow them to play us in the spring in order to get the money.
I too hope they are wrong and Dak Attack dominates all year and wins the Heisman decisively. However, we have a lot to replace this year and we aren't nearly as deep as some of the teams that make runs at the NC every year. I do think that we aren't going to drop off as much as some think. We have some phenomenal talent in our returning starters, great backups, and some good talent coming in. We should be alright. I hope some play makers emerge to help Dak utilize the talents that he has.
Im pretty sure we have a disk golf NC, I mean give us our due credit. HAIL DAMN STATE!!!!
I think we had a pretty good season overall. I definitely want to see us continue to do well and have winning season every year and every couple years make a legitimate run at the SEC title. I think Mullen has created an expectation for that sort of thing and I think he is the man that can do it here in Starkville. I am a forever believer in that man. State fans are just as horrible as any other. We all are embarrassed by our fellow fans. Growing up as a Tide fan, Tide fans embarrassed me. Now that I am a full on State Alumni and fan I have been disgusted by our fan base. The two biggest times were when people booed Tyler Russel when he came back from an injury and replaced Dak, that was classless and shameful, and when they started calling for Mullen to get fired last year. I knew he had it in him all along. He has taken us to heights unsurpassed by any former coach. I try to keep thing in perspective. Here at State we don't have the best facilities (although they are damn fine), we don't get the best recruits (although Dan and crew make a NFL player out of them non-ranked boys), and we aren't the most prestigious and historical university (although we are proud of our past and traditions!!). Even with all those things where we are "lacking" compared to other schools be sure beat a lot of them this year and I think that is something we are going to see for years to come. Next year is going to be another tough one but I think we'll make it out alive. HAIL STATE!!!
He's probably just overwhelmed that Nick Saban looked past everything else and gave a phenomenal OC a change to be a part of a great season. He's done a wonderful job and Saban made a great hire. Glad the SEC West is still on top.
It should be mentioned that of the two replacement buses that we needed one was provided by Ole Miss. I hate them but that was really nice of them.
I actually love these. I see that most of you do not share the sentiment. My only problem is that the jerseys do not match the rest of the uniform. If they used a darker maroon and more of a cream on the jerseys, just like they did on the helmets, these would be the cleanest throwbacks I have ever seen. Most people's throwbacks sort of suck and don't seem that different. These are really something in my opinion.
Towles is good. While Kentucky by no means dominated State on offense that dude made plays. His mobility shocked me for sure, and by looking at his numbers it shocked our defense too. When, not if, Stoops puts some better players around him Kentucky is going to have a chance in the East. Everyone can get down on UK but here is the thing, it wasn't but just a few years ago that State was showing flashes of brilliance and we were counting moral victories, now we're number 1 in the nation. No, we are not a perennial power, not yet any way, but we are taking steps towards building a good player and over the last few years we have had a number of phenomenal seasons. Dan Mullen is changing the attitude about MSU and if he stays we can possibly become a contender year in and year out. Stoops can do the same thing at Kentucky. The time is right for him to make some noise. He has been recruiting lights out, at least for UK. The East, for the most part, is down. I'm not saying he wins the East in three years, but I am saying look out, he's going to beat some teams he isn't supposed to and he is going to have the BBN contending for titles.
Either way with the Florida situation I think Mullen will (and definitely should) get a fat raise at the end of the season (or heck, sooner). We are getting a bargain with him at 2.65 million, I think we could bump him up to 3.2 or 3.5 no problem. I know that is a big jump but no other MSU coach has ever left with a winning record, and he has been posting them almost every year. He is doing so much with very little, he has earned a dang raise regardless of how our season turns out. Oh, and if we want to keep Geoff Collins around he'll get a raise too for sure.
All this is junk. I am against athletes getting paid this way because not ALL athletes are getting paid (which they should be). However, all this is pretty much speculation at this point. Even if he did get $400 that should be maybe a one game suspension. This indefinitely stuff is crap. The NCAA needs to get their crap together, let athletes get paid, or make certain no one but the university they attend makes money off them. What I really want to know is what makes his scenario different from other allegations for payments received by players that warrants a suspension.
In all fairness, TSUN actually exceeded capacity and MSU was at over 99% capacity for the game so it is not really the fault of each school that the numbers aren't as impressive as 100,000. I will say in the student section in Davis Wade Stadium we had people standing in the stairs for four quarters, so I am not at all disappointed in our attendance. We also got back some tickets from TAMU late in the game and I imagine those are hard to sell just a few days before kickoff.
Absolutely, he has the experience and talent to do just as good as D-Day in my opinion. I was super worried about Muniz starting but after hearing about this I'm not concerned in the least. I would still like Day at center and Beckwith at guard but I think this is the best option. Muniz pretty much blew his shot and erased all confidence in him with his play at LSU.
I pretty much completely agree. I, through my maroon colored glasses, don't see his actions as intentional. However, I do see how other people are seeing them as such and for the sake of argument we can say they both were. One game suspension is not a bad punishment at all for a player twice intentionally hurting another player, however, there have been numerous players (NICK FAIRLEY) who committed indisputably intentional acts to hurt others players and gotten off without any suspension. I feel like this is a case of a middle of the pack team having success and infractions being enforced like they should be while larger programs get off completely free. I think the suspension is most likely due but not having the same treatment of all players in all programs treated the same is bullshit.
It will be interesting to see at the end of the season WHEN not if Florida is looking for a new coach how much attention Mullen will get. I believe that they just might be after him real hard after seeing what he has done at State (which is pretty amazing considering how State is typically a doormat and now we're more run of the mill, and this year we look damn good). Since he was OC in the Meyer glory days they might drop a fat offer on his desk, and I hope Scott has some tricks up his sleeve to keep Mullen here in Starkville. Dan and Megan seem happy here and he didn't jump out as soon as possible. With the future looking bright and a good raise I hope we can keep Dan as the Man in Starkvegas for another couple-three hundred years.
I've heard a bunch of stuff about our kicking situation from a few sources, unreliable at the very best. I think some online source that was semi-reliable had a story about a 2015(?) kicker out of West Point, MS but it sounded like he didn't have an offer. I heard they were interested in some kid at a JUCO that was fairly decent. I also heard that there was some kicker out of south MS that was supposed to be a stud that wanted to come to State but Dan Mullen wouldn't 'waste' a scholarship on a kicker. Basically everyone thinks they know where Mullen can find a 60+ yard kicker every day of the week. I wish all the people I talked to were actually telling the truth and Mullen has his pick of the litter and just picks one up.
State actually has four posters this year. Quarterback Dak Prescott, senior center Dillon Day, junior linebacker Benardrick McKinney and senior defensive tackle Kaleb Eulls. They all look pretty much the same. I like all the posters this year except Alabama and Florida, I have mixed feelings about the yellow poster for TSUN, I mean are we supposed to act like that's not Ole Piss? Hail State!!! GTHTSUN!!!!!
I think both sides make fairly good arguments, however, I tend to believe they deserve to get paid. I understand they get free tuition which is pretty good. I understand that other students cannot have a part time job because of extracurricular activities other than football. However, football makes the school a lot of money. There would be a lot of other activities that would not be available unless the student covered 100% of the cost without football. I'm not saying they should be making money hand over fist, but the equivalent of minimum wage for 20 hours a week is not unacceptable. I also think each player should be able to apply for money to cover the cost of their family to visit their games. I have always been able to go to school AND work, I also have a decent amount of scholarship money. The fact of the matter is these players cannot work and a lot of them don't have any money coming in from their guardians. I know there are a lot of other students them may be in the same boat, but if you are a football fan and you watch them play every Saturday and you're not willing to let them have a little bit of money here and there for all the work they put in all week then you are a toolbag. They need to be paid, and the NCAA needs to find a good way to let it happen and implement a well regulated system to ensure that it is fair for everyone.
I actually sort of like this idea but not the way June has it playing out. I would love to see the FCS or the Div II schools play in the spring. I honestly believe if their football season didn't coincide with the FBS season then they would have larger fan bases. People don't want to talk about who Alabama A&M beat Saturday when Alabama or Auburn are playing, plain and simple. We'd get football for three extra months, and they would get more fans keeping up with them, and possibly going to their games. I don't think having every conference other than the Big 5 is a reasonable scenario. Personally I want to have these conferences still playing with everyone else. I don't think they are so far off that they can never really compete, I don't think they want to be cut off from the Big 5 either.
I wouldn't be surprised with a 10 win season at all, however, I am trying to keep my expectations in check. Just about every time State or TSUN gets hype they underwhelm in incredible fashion. I think we have the players and I think they have the work ethic, talent, and mindset to really do some damage this year. Comparing this year's team with previous years and their records this should be a 10ish win season, realistically I think we will have a successful season with 8-9 wins. Anything less and I will be disappointed, anything more than 10 and we'll probably have to drive a bus around to pick up all the State fans that just had a heart attack.
I agree Prescott should be getting more love in some of these rankings. Not that they have anything to do to with performance, but when it comes to getting awards at the end of the season hype has a lot to do with them sometimes. I think he has shown on the field that he is the number two or possibly the number one QB in the SEC I think he and Marshall given the same team would be a very tight race, and with how hard Prescott plays I think he just might come out on top. If Steele is going off of potential and performance (which I'm sure he is) Maty Mauk and Dylan Thompson both have ground to stand on against Driskel and Wallace. If I am able to pick any starting QB to have on my team from the SEC this year, luckily I'd pick the guy I'll be rooting for anyway in Dak Attack Prescott.