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I think you could be right about this. The only thing that makes me think this might now happen is how terrible TSUN has been with developing freshman QB talent, Patterson has a chance to be different. LSU and TSUN both have killer classes.
I agree, I think UGA would find a great coach in Mullen, and he would be smart to take the job if offered. While Smart would be a great choice I am sure they are a little gun shy about getting someone with no HC experience. Mullen would be successful at UGA in my opinion, better recruiting grounds, easier division to play against, more and better resources to build off of, etc. etc. Two things to consider, Mullen signed two good QBs from the state of Georgia last year so one could deduce that he might do alright in recruiting over there, and he has done better against Auburn (A big rival for UGA) than most other SEC schools he has faced (albeit Auburn has had some crappy seasons when he beat them).
A lot of people trash the writers at SDS and I am usually quick to defend you guys and enjoy most all of your articles even those that are a little on the edge of accurate and seems to be aimed more to get someone to open the webpage than get good insight on football. However, we are 8-4, not a huge mistake, but for the love of God our stadium is DAVIS WADE STADIUM and our field is SCOTT FIELD. It hasn't changed recently how are you guys ignorant to that fact or too lazy to make sure it is right. I'll give it to you I don't think I can name every football stadium in the SEC but I also don't publish my ignorance on an SEC blog for everyone to see. Dang it guys you are better than this, write like it.
If Beth Mowins called every game I would never watch football on TV again. It was nauseating. Also, call me a sexist but women (and men for that matter) who have never played or coached football on any level have NO business calling games. I never played organized football and if I wanted a terribly inexperienced interpretation on the subject I would ask my own dang opinion. I want someone with a background that gives them good insight. If you want commentary on javelin, shotput, and discus I am your man, football, no sir, me playing backyard 5 on 5 isn't really the experience I want in a commentator. I don't expect a football player to commentate a basketball game, I don't expect someone with ZERO football background to call my football games.
Interesting concept, I think that would be a really cool statistic to look at.
I can respect the honoring of a commitment, while I don't necessarily agree with that, I do understand the logic behind that. Whether to play or sit out would be a very tough decision with lots of variables coming into play. I do believe that we all should be supportive of our student athlete's decisions when they are making a sound decision to help themselves in the long run.
As a fan I can reassure you the student athlete owes nothing to me or any other fan, that sort of thinking is ridiculous. Do they owe something to the university they attend? Maybe, but honestly the university gets a lot more out of a phenomenal player in a year or two than the athlete does from the university.
I totally agree man, I think college athletes need to think about themselves, their future, and that of their family. Fans can get their panties in a twist about a student athlete making a "selfish" decision but its the athlete who has to live with those decisions, which ever way they choose to go. Fans should be thankful for the time that each athlete gives to the school and success that they bring and supportive of their decisions, the fans that don't can go eat a turd.
No they were making fun of your boy Chad Machine Gun Kelly. That was a direct quote from him, spelling mistakes and all.
Haha dang you must have been a State fan for a long time. I hope we pick up six. I wouldn't be too terribly surprised if we went 5-7 or 9-3 not enough football has been played for me to be confident either way.
I don't necessarily disagree with that assessment I just really didn't get wowed by the game Saturday. Even without opening up the playbook any SEC team would have probably handled USM, it simply isn't a huge quality win and doesn't tell us much about our team. I tend to put little stock in season openers unless they are against a Power 5 team.
Well what I meant was, if we win that'll mean we were worthy of being in the top 25, if we lose it wouldn't matter either way. I wasn't predicting a win Saturday, I am not predicting a loss either. LSU hasn't played a game this year and MSU didn't play very well I have a hard time making a prediction off the information I have got.
Dang, I really love this graphic, I hope y'all keep going with this all season. It will be cool to see at the end of the year for sure.
I'm just going to say that I really don't think Mississippi State should be ranked in the top 25 necessarily. I am not saying that we aren't a top 25 quality team, but our performance Saturday shouldn't have really change too many people's mind unless they saw something on the field that I did not. I would just as soon rather us stay unranked until after the LSU game. I know that Wisconsin and Stanford loss but those losses were to #2 Alabama and a half decent Northwestern team. Losses that aren't that much different than a win over a C-USA team in my opinion.
I think we have a good chance of finishing 1st in the SEC in annoying fan on an SEC blog. We could win the single and team award.
The mustard buzzards have beaten State 14 times, UNC has beat South Carolina 34 times.
Stromboli's is one of my favorite pizza places which is saying a lot considering Old Venice, Lost Pizza, and Dave's Dark Horse Tavern all have pretty dang good pizza. The only problem is that the dining room is small, they have outdoor seating but that doesn't always work. I would eat at Mugshots everyday if it wouldn't be a waste of money and make me obese.
I would actually be pretty happy if they came out and beat the hell out of everyone and won the NC. I mean everyone gives them crap all the time it would be good for some people to lose to Kentucky.
That is a fun fact, pretty dang neat.
Yeah they definitely didn't consider our student in Starville's population. We just about double when school is in. Starkville is right around 45k with everyone here.