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It is a poll based purely on this past weekend's performance.
Agreed. Lol We have to get skin tone perfect, now? This is stupid. Lol I mean, you can look darker or lighter in photographs. Do we need to make sure our pictures are the perfect tones and that they are "representative" of us?
As a Bama fan, I disagree. Innocent until proven guilty is the rule in the United States and here we are convicting him with no trial.
The Troll is strong with this
OMG.LOL Ty so much for possibly the best billboard material in a long time, Gus!
No. No one is surprised that Tennessee is still in the gutter.
I am a Bama guy and I usually pull for Vandy in the East. I think this is a great hire and even a potential step up from Franklin. Vandy may not be a perennial power but I think if they keep this up, my Tide may see them in Atlanta soon.
Who is better? This is freaking fantastic!
Roll Tide, guys. You cannot win them all.
Completely agree, bro. Go win the Crystal for the state and SEC and Roll Tide!
Well, your team explains your bitterness....
As a Bama fan, I totally disagree. How many wins did the Baylor Bears have when RG3 stole the Heisman from Trent Richardson? Weren't they 10-3? The most valuable player is the moat valuable player even if you don't like him. ATM is a train wreck without him this year.
All those points! Points were raining for days! But seriously, atleast Bo got 2 points....
There has to be some account for ability. We know certain teams don't have the talent yet and their record is only because of who they played.
The divisions would be severely imbalanced.
Good old "Home-Town Tech & Comsmetology Institute".
Teenagers never change their minds....
I hear that he is a Bama lock, right now. I sure hope so.