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That right there tells you this is pandering bullcrap. It's a joke.
You are an idiot. If you can't take a joke, go live in a cave.
Awesome, we can get to 11 wins over them quicker!
I love Brett. I think he is doing a good job with Arkansas.
I'm a Bama fan, admittedly biased, but this guy is not what Auburn needs. He is on a make or break year and you give him a raise? That is crazy.
Long time = one year? Lol
Same with Bama and USC... great historical significance but pretty one sided.
I think Sumlin is stupid... He is black too... So what? I don't see a quality product on the field from him. His race isn't the issue, idiot. It takes a racist to look for racism in an honest discussion.
I'm a Bama fan and somehow we dropped the ball here, unless his skill set just didn't match up with what we needed. Two weeks left was an insult. Good luck kid and RTR!
Fluke... like 5 turnovers and a helmet pass? Lol
That is quality. From a Bama fan, ty for that, Brett.
Even as a Bama fan, I recognize Tennessee was close to being great this past year. I don't know why fans can't be honest about the sport. My SEC championship game prediction is Bama and Tennessee. That worries me more because we play them twice.
Exactly. Clearly the game plan was to allow the sell out on the run by MSU. They stopped nothing.
I know that doesn't come easy for an Auburn fan, thanks.
The video doesn't work on my Note 5 anymore. I generally browse this site on my phone. Can you guys fix that?
German Eagle, I think you make a good point. But what levels of talent were each coming into?
Bigger piece than you realize coach... Thanks for staying!