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So in essence, you want to get rid of women in college athletic?? Lol. Doubt any would make a tm beyond kicker in fb. I for one enjoy women's sports. Have you seen the SEC track and field competition??? And don't me started on the gymnastics competition , I watch every yr. Lol.
To "mix" it up?? Sorry, couldn't resist. Lol.
LMFAO. I was thinking the same thing. Don't know how he gets around the Tide fans, many of whom will vote against him out of spite. Would be a good watch though.
The author forgot perhaps the most important ingredient, the "IT" factor. That's the one thing you can't measure with a ruler but you know it when you see it. Guys with IT, comes thru in the clutch when you really got to have it. I'm not sure such a guy exists presently in the SEC but a few could emerge this yr. Hurts looks the part but he's yet to make the big throws required. He has a few big runs but you need clutch passes. The SEC has some impressive young guns starting with Hurts but also Eason, Patterson, Lock and the kid at SC. Interesting to see which ones end up having "IT". Wish the author had weighed in..........
For what it's worth, I agree with you. However, what is "stupid" is that a prerequisite seems to be your tm must be a title contender. The award is for "Most Outstanding Player" not the best guy on the best tm. This past yr seemed to buck the trend with LJ winning it but his tm was in the top 5 for much more the yr. Still, he put up ridiculous stats and often jumped off the screen as the best guy on the field. Having said that, I suspect if Fitz can get 9 wins and an upset over either Bama, LSU, or Aub while getting ridiculous numbers, he'll get an invite. Heck, 9 wins including 1 over Bama might net him the award. It worked for Johnny. Lol.
To be fair most women's sports at every school loses money. Beyond Ucon, UT and a handful of other schools, just about all women's basketball tms lose money.
Well he's partly right. If you want to have a successful program that wins 8-10 gms a yr and plays in "good" bowl gms, you can do it with 3* guys you develop. BUT, if your goal is to compete for and win national titles, it won't happen sans great recruiting classes. And not just 1, you need multiple back 2 back. Since 2000, there has been NO tm to win a Natty who hasn't consistently had top 20 classes. I think Clemson had the lowest ranked classes over a 4yr period leading up to their 2yr title run. Their avg was about 12th. Every other title winner has avg multiple top 10 classes b4 actually winning. So it really depends on your programs expectations. If your goal is to be competitive, win 8-10 gms a yr, and toss in an upset or 2 along the way, recruiting classes aren't that important. But you better be able to develop players for it to happen. However, for tms who want/expect to win/compete for titles, you better bring in top 10 recruiting classes on a routine bases or it won't happen. Every time I see a post saying recruiting classes/ player "*" don't matter, it's usually from a fan base that hasn't won or competed for national titles and doesn't expect to.
But it was pretty funny
LMFAO. That's pretty much how they operate.
Eh, it's not as big a deal as people make it out to be. A lot of guys skip the combine and do their workouts (read interview) at their schools pro day. Some are injured and can't go while others want to work on their technique, lose/gain weight or just get a step faster. Skipping the combine isn't a big deal. His biggest problem are the "reasons" they snubbed him. If it's no more than we already know, and he has a good pro day, he'll get drafted. If it's a "great" pro day, he'll get drafted early. Talent usually negates minor flaws and he only needs ONE tm to like him. Only way he goes undrafted is if the NFL has more bad info or he sucks at his pro day.
That plus they don't play the tms in the West. UGA has better chances of reaching Atlanta than LSU and thus better title chances, imo. However I think LSU has a better chance of actually winning the SEC Title gm if they can get there.
Good luck to him wherever he goes. I can't help but think his talent was largely wasted. I wonder how things may have worked out for him under coach's who would've better developed and used him in a suitable system. He was the 3rd best DT QB yet Cameron and Miles forced him into a pro set offense. Don't know why LSU kept bringing in highly touted DT QBs but not run a spread offense. I'm willing to bet he would've been more successful under D Mullen, Dabo, or even Gus. All those guys and more went after him heavily. Anyway, best of luck BH.
Maybe Romo and ONE pick (1st or 2nd round?) but not Romo & a couple of picks. As a Boys fan it would be nice to have him though.
Have to agree. If we get offensive improvement, it'll offset the def taking a step back and could lead to a more successful yr. However, I think towards the back half of the season the def will be scary good as new guys figure out what's expected of them.
LSU'MC, pleas, please please stop the LF to the Jags talk. Don't wish that on him. Lol. Seriously though, I hope he goes to the Colts or Panthers. It would make either tm title contenders and I'd actually get to see some of his games. The only time I could do that with the Jags is the one early morning London gm.
Yea, such a cheap ploy. Even tried to link him to other players who may be objecting for political reasons. He missed under Obama b4 too so clearly, he's "been there, done that".