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Both Ole Miss and MSU will be put in their places. The conspiracy theorist in me suspects that UA, AU, UGA, UF, LSU, and even TA&M boosters don't like the upstarts.
Jerious Norwood didn't contribute much his freshman season, but he also split time with fellow sophomore Nick Turner in his second season. Both had over
He's not as thick as Dak, so it is an issue. But, he's significantly faster, and a little more nimble. His passing numbers are comparable to Prescott's as a sophomore, perhaps a little better. His running is far superior.
He was a true freshman. It will refine.
The offense he ran wasn't glamorous, and he was injured his senior year.
That is a false choice. For MSU, it wasn't a choice between recruiting a roster full of 5-stars or recruiting and developing. It was a choice between picking players who were more highly-rated but still not elite or players who were less highly-ranked with higher potential, as seen by scouts.
Fitzgerald had the most 10 yards runs in the conference this season. He also had the most 50, 60, and 70 yard runs. He had 5 50 yard runs this year. Only one QB has had as many as 2 50 yard runs in the past 7 seasons. I'll take Fitzgerald's legs.
Keyshawn made a living on 50/50 balls. He was only open about once a season.
He did fight for the ball well and block out the DB from the ball.
He could have worked on that, and he also could have worked on routes, AND had more film. He would always have been a borderline pro candidate.
DeRunnya Wilson was a tragedy. He was maturing into a good receiver, and would have had tons of film had he played his senior season. MSU would have had a more productive offense, and he would have had a better chance at the pros.
Imagine for a moment exchanging Fitzgerald's stats from UA with a game played against MSU's defense. Then, exchange Hurts game against MSU with a game against Alabama's defense.
I see that based on the numbers. Fitzgerald didn't get to play against MSU's defense. Hurts did. Fitzgerald did have to play against Alabama's defense. Hurts didn't. Fitzgerald had 5 runs over 50 yards, all in conference play. No QB since 2010 has had more than 2 in a season. Neither was a good passer, but Hurts had more to work with and his numbers weren't any better. Again, he didn't have to play against Alabama's defense.
That stinks, but he can make it. He's definitely an NFL receiver. His arms seem to be about six feet long.
I imagine he gets on the field faster that way, which would lessen his chances of redshirting.
That's what I was thinking, but there have been so many.