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JP, I am not sure Freeze will get the axe. The approach Ole Miss has taken so far shows they are intent on sticking with him. Personally have no idea what the heck actually happened, and hope Ole Miss guys realize I am not making light of this (it sucks for them and the rest of the SEC), just being sarcastic. The real bad news for them is Hail State is going to have loads of fun with this as it goes down.
Bama's last one was 2009, A&M's last one was 1994, so we've been "cleaner" what, 15 years longer than Bama? And, in 2010, the NCAA released a statement accusing Alabama of being a "serial repeat violator," with an "abysmal infractions track record" and an "extensive recent history of infractions cases unmatched by any other member institution in the NCAA.” Which is of course horse pucky. Alabama is a major sports institution that like the rest of the SEC has years when minor things happen that get blown out of proportion by some wonk at the NCAA. The NCAA has a history of inconsistencies, and there is no indication that the administration at Alabama does not take its mission of NCAA compliance seriously. A&M should not be proud of the fact it had the lapses it had in 1955, 1966, 1988 and 1984, but its recent history has been pretty good about NCAA compliance. Is there a problem lurking out there? Who knows, I am certainly not going to claim the school is perfect. No school is. But recent history shows the school either takes compliance more seriously, or we are much better at hiding stuff than Alabama is today. See, you can spin anything any way you want, but almost 30 years ain't bad to be "on the wagon". When Alabama gets to 30, let me know. And I sure hope Rudders was being sarcastic, because if he really thinks in a University of almost 60,000 students there aren't more than a couple losers hanging around, he needs to have his head examined.
So, Baylor's coach brings in players he knows to be violent, works with his BOR and local cops to quash the crimes they commit against women, so they can commit more crimes against women, then recruits more of these pr#cks and shields them, and then writes a book about how much smarter he is about developing social rejects than anyone else..... and not a peep from the NCAA. North Carolina falsifies academic records for more than a decade on hundreds of players...... and not a peep from the NCAA..... Louisville is Hooker U, and not a peep from the NCAA. The lesson here is Ole Mis was stupid about this. It is not that the school flagrantly violated NCAA rules (you know they did), but that they gave cash. Apparently, that is the one thing the NCAA really gets p.o.'d about any more. Next time, recruit criminals, falsify their records and give them wall to wall hookers and you are in like Flint with the NCAA.
UGA and Freeze. Bang on. This article looks like it was written by a guy who just started watching SEC football when the SECN went live......
Man I hate these cupcake games. My school does them like everybody else, but I do not watch them anymore. While most SEC teams have done a better job of scheduling in one OOC game per year that is of interest, there are still an average of two per team per year that are just bogus.
Side note: A&M left the Big 12 years ago and still Aggie fan sites have posted get well messages and lead articles wishing Coach Snyder a recovery. One site's article was a tribute to Snyder's ability to beat anybody at any time a offered that cancer did not have a chance against Snyder (Snyder's teams regularly beat up on A&M's squad). Went to several Big 12 fan sites..... and not one word. Beat the Hell outta Cancer Coach, but really glad A&M left the Big 12. Kansas State and you deserve better.
And once again SDS missed the entire picture. The $40 million figure is meaningless. Any one who runs a business (and this is a business) knows that it is expenses versus revenue. Lots of money in but lots of money out does not mean you can do anything you want. Its the PROFIT MARGIN from predictable market share that makes long term budgeting a reality. Texas A&M made more money than any school in the nation last year, but a huge percentage of that came from donations, not a predictable income source. Waiting for SDS to come up with something other than a junior high school analysis of how college sports programs are run.
Sumlin's contract was poorly thought out. The reason most schools spread buyout payments is there is almost always a rider (funny SDS can't figure out how to put the most important part of buyout clauses in a story this long.....) that protects the schools over the long run. Usually, any coach who gets another job has the buyout reduced based on earnings from his new job. So, a buy out spread over 5 years could get reduced by a huge amount (getting hired as an OC at say $1 mil per year would reduce the buyout by that much per year, $3 mil per year as a head coach, etc). A&M's AD at the time was in a rush to hire a new coach, handled the whole thing poorly (imho) and the contract almost looks like he was desperate (the AD knew he was on the hot seat too) and made two long term contract decisions just before being shown the door. Neither has been a spectacular success. Sumlin's contract is one of the worst college contracts I have ever heard off. Puts the school at a significant disadvantage for the term of the contract. Unfortunately, if and when Sumlin is shown the door (I had high hopes he would leave for the NFL voluntarily), the next hire will be demanding something similar, because the bar has been set.
Not sure why Auburn would want him. Not that he is a bad OC, but no indication he is a great OC either. Why hire average? I mean, look where its gotten A&M the last few years.
Now, if he would just stop those irritating videos......
To be in the top 25 it helps to have a track record of finishing strong, being able to beat a top 50 team at home every now and again (or just about any Power 5 team at home for that matter), and not having a history of imploding at the end of the season. A&M, sadly, has a 3 year track record of abysmal finishes and no quarterback (again) in the run up to next season. (Yeah, I know IMG is sending us a guy, maybe, but Sumlin could not make it work with 3 different young highly rated QB's, so no one is buying that QB whisperer crap anymore). Texas has a brand new highly touted coach (who may or may not be any good, but what the he$$, its 9 months from the next football season so why not jump off the ledge?). Not agreeing with the pick, but there is much more reason to believe Texas will make more improvements than A&M next season, and he is bringing in a QB who left A&M because Sumlin could not manage a locker room. I really hate to say it, but right now Texas makes a lot more sense in a pre season 25 than a Sumlin led A&M team competing in the SEC West. Sumlin needs to step up his game, by a lot, to get A&M to that level.
#9 answer: Sumlin's buyout is still huge and there is no real replacement worth a contract similar to Sumlin's (and no, Chip Kelly is not a lock for the HBC job at A&M). Next year, Sumlin is most likely gone, but the powers that be at A&M have a year to prepare. He has made the most of pat excuses for piss poor performance this year (on his third or forth set of OC / DC picks, lost the one player who brought leadership to the locker room, can't bring out the "winning streak in bowl games," lost his "rebuilding depth in the defense" schtick. The only thing he has left is the two recruits from IMG, "the O line is going to be more experienced" and "I've still won more games than most A&M coaches". None of that is going to buy him a cup of coffee in College Station, since Aggies are tired as hell of watching his coached teams get the stuffings knocked out at home. So, either he has a miraculous win streak at home this year against SEC teams, or he is gone. My vote and my guess is he is gone.
Bowls have been losing ground for years, but this is a really good example of what the "who cares about anything but the National Championship" effect is having on the Texas, Liberty, Citrus, and "insert every other minor bowl game here". Too many bowls with absolutely nothing on the line except for extending practice. Who cares? Spring games get more interest from fans.
What a crock. The only consistent thing about Sumlin's teams are their ability to blow games at home and implode in November. Sumlin needs to stand up and talk about what the h e l l he is going to do fix a team that does not show up for the last home game of the season. Nothing I don't like about Sumlin personally, be as a coach he leaves a lot to be desired.
His decision, but for those players who chose not to, good for them. They were recruited to play college ball with the promise of college preparing them to play pro ball. Playing in a bowl game they get nothing for after they have declared for the draft is not smart, its stupid. Grow up, college teams are farm teams for the pro's. College coaches do not use, "its a great education" as the primary recruiting tool for most of these kids. Its, "We will get you to the pros". As for the dollar, that's what I went to college for. What did you go for?
SDS once again shows ...... not much. If Knight had not transferred in, A&M probably would have gone 4 - 8.... if that. Sumlin's mismanagement of his quarterback recruiting and retention was just horrible. Actually, the best thing about Knight transferring is it gives A&M a year to prepare financially for Sumlin's buy out. Jake Hubenak is not a winning QB and unless Kellen Mond can excel performing behind a less than stellar OL, next year is going to be much worse than this one. Sumlin just cannot figure out how to win at Kyle, and cannot get his teams up for late season games. Time to start putting money in the bank for his buyout.
What you should have posted is how much money each team made per game.
The real problem for the SEC is not divisions, its that gap between interdivisional play. A&M played UT this year, but when exactly do the schools play again? And how long before A&M gets to play as a visiting team at Neyland? Been in the SEC for 5 years and played UF once but never at the Swamp, never played UGA. That's crap. Three of the greatest environments in college ball and in a 14 team conference not one game at those great venues. Keep the divisions for playoff purposes, but not the divisional schedule. An SEC team is an SEC team, schedule should be based on making sure SEC teams play the entire SEC slate in as short a time period as possible (2 or 3 years). To protect rivalries, put 3 or 4 games a year up as "protected" and rotate the rest regardless of division. At the end of the year, add up the victories. The East team with the most (even if they did not play all the teams in the East) wins goes to the championship, the West team with the most goes. Figure out how to deal with tie breakers for champions and play ball. And why is it that sports writers think that tagging permanent games between Mizzou and A&M is a great idea? The two schools are a long way apart, there are not any geographical attachments between the two states, and no large fan bases for either school in their fan bases states.
Two of my nephews graduated from USF. The graduation ceremony was.... embarrassing. Seen more respect at most high school graduations I have seen. Its basically a commuter school, so a commuter coach would fit right in there.