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Shaw is easily the best QB we've ever had. So what he didn't throw for 10,000 yards and 100 TD's. He took care of the ball, was there when his team needed him the most, was a HELL of a competitor, and a leader we may never see again. Good luck in the NFL Connor! Someone should wise up and give you a legitimate shot at playing.
This is a trap game if I've ever seen one! Let's hope we're ready!
Murf, I'm going to start following you my man! I like your articles and the amount of research that goes into them. The file breakdown is AWESOME and your analysis is much better than that of my own! Thanks again, and keep up the good work! Go Gamecocks!
He's ALL Gamecock! I think he isn't as shifty as Davis but at times he does look like he doesn't want to be hit. At 6'2" 225lbs he should deliver blows! Mizzou's passing game seriously scares me but our corners do seem to be getting better. I Al Harris Jr. has progressed SO much from the TAMU game. First up is Vandy! Good luck this weekend and we'll see you in Columbia!
Melvin Ingram was an absolute BEAST in that G&B and I'm happy to see him returning to full form. Everyone always asks what pro-team I follow and I always list out all the teams with former Gamecocks!
If YOU have to say it then chances are you most likely are not!
There were plenty of bad calls on both sides of the ball. If you'd take off your dawg glasses you'd see that.
Generous grade for the D. Tackling was better but after TAMU it really couldn't get worse. We still gave up over 400 yards. I'd have given it a C- or a C. Lots of work to do on that side of the ball to face the likes of Auburn and Mizzou!
He got a gift on that one. Thank goodness we got the win!
Title hope aren't gone. You can still win the conference out right cause we'll loose at Auburn... unless our defense improves exponentially. Missouri looks really good too. Still a long year and anything can happen. Go Gamecocks!!!
Gurly will be the biggest reason why UGA wins all of their games this year... if I were a gambling man that's what I would bet on.
The defense was fresh the entire second half because of the offense controlling the game. While I would normally say... "but it's Clemson"... after watching us get manhandled by TAMU and struggle against ECU in the first half I'm nervous about our ability to run the ball against SEC caliber d-lines. Here's hoping my doubt is turned to believe tomorrow. Go Gamecocks!
I don't think a loss for UGA would seem as bad as a loss for USC. If UGA looses this game it's just 1 divisional loss for them and they've lost 1 and still won the division before. A loss for USC puts us in "win and wish" mode and we know how that has turned out for the past 3 years. 11 wins each season, sure... but no SEC East or title game appearance.
Lattimore!!! The rumblin, stumblin, BUMBLIN!!!! Kid was an animal. If he had Davis's speed he would have been absolute trouble!
I knew it was bad, but didn't realize we've been this bad. Here's to turnarounds.... beginning Saturday at 3:30pm at Willy B!
This game is always to close to call but I think UGA's run game will prove too much for our D-line. I haven't seen anything from our D-line, YET, that suggest we can stop the run.
He used to throw with such velocity. I remember watching him against the Gamecocks and you could hear the ball going through the air sometimes. It was amazing. I remember the first time I saw him behind center I thought.... "why the hell is that offensive lineman behind the center?!? Where is UK's QB?!"
Couldn't agree more David. I felt like DT looked like a RS Soph more than a 5th year Senior that first half. We have to figure out how to slow down Gurly because he's going to run through that candy tackling we've been doing through the first 2 games. If the offense shows up we have a chance. If not it's going to get ugly.