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Not going to happen with 72 yards rushing.
Strong in this one, the fight is! Best of luck to you Fay-Roh!!!
Fair point. I think Willy B will be packed for kickoff.
Why do you think Nuñez leaves? If anything the chances of Mitch leaving are higher. Hasn't played since September and reps are how you improve. The lights looked too big for him when he did play.
I think we should get announce a new coach and then worry about who will be starting next year.
You and me both. Him as QB coach and Lattimore as the RB coach.
The greatest Gamecock I've ever seen can say whatever the hell it is he wants to about the program. He's played his way to that.
This Saturday is going to be brutal. Clemson isn't coming to beat this team... they're coming to put a nail in this seasons coffin. Look for Dabo to run it up on this team.
I called this loss last week too. Now after Clemson hangs 80 on us at Willy B next week we can finally put a nail in the coffin and send this staff on its way to retirement... all of them.
Another one of those 2-star recruits who've ruined the reputation of the program (if you don't sense the sarcasm in that statement then this is my sarcasm notification)
He should be getting paid with the effort and heart he has displayed this year. It's a crying shame that the offense hasn't feed off him.
I never understood why we didn't make the top 3 players in the state a priority for this program. It's great to raid Ga, Fla, and NC but we are USC and we need kids from the home state imo. They play with a little more pride when they play for the home state team.
If you choose to not come to USC then best of luck to you Bryan. I'm gonna dab on em, and stay patient for our new HC.
As a Goose Creek native I really wish he would have choose us out of high school. If the new staff likes him then bring him in. If not I hope he likes Orangeburg.
Have you watched our defense lately. Talent or not the defensive scheme is non-existent and coverages are... not that great. Every QB we've faced has a career day in some positive statistical category against this defense. Hoke should have lobbied harder and told Spurrier he needed to bring in new blood with him or he wasn't coming at all. But when you have no other opportunities lined up you take what you can get.
Good catch... my grammar has been terrible as of late.
Can't possibly see any of these guys as hold overs accept maybe Wharton. Everyone else... happy job hunting. It will be very interesting to see where most of these guys end up. I can see Elliott getting a HC position somewhere and taking Mangus with him. Everyone else will likely be Sun Belt or FCS coaches. Even the S&C coach needs to go.
Forget Clemson, this team may loose to the Cotadel next week.