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Keep him from getting first downs and from scoring TD's and you'll NEVER have to see that dance again. Until then... #KeepPounding #DabOnDemFolks
Muschamp could always recruit. I want to see the on field product. In the meanwhile I'm personally reserving judgement until the end of year two. Until then #SpursUp
I was thinking the exact same thing. He had 1 year at UF... which is no time to develop talent. All you can do is put in what would best fit what you have. Driskell didn't help his cause at all.
Just schedule the games for Saturday nights and give the teams 2 weeks off between semi-final and final. Problem solved. This has nothing to do with Bama and everything to do with scheduling the final on a Monday night imho.
Recruiting was never his issue... I'm looking to see how he develops talent and coaches.
I like the hire. I'm on the Muschamp train but refuse to anoint him, or any of his staff, as the chosen ones until I see production on the field. Until then... #SpursUp
Muschamp is already recruiting at a very high level, as he always has. I'm firmly on the Muschamp bandwagon but reserving all judgement until the end of his second year as that will provide better insight on his player development and coaching ability, as his recruiting was never an issue. That will give me a better overall picture of what he has applied from his Florida miscues. Til then... #SpursUp
I'm liking this hire more and more with every article I read. #TakeBackTheState
It's better than 9 decommits. He's already improving the trajectory of the squad!
We hired Frank Martin who had a similar sideline demeanor while at K. State. And let's be honest here... if Carlton Heard doesn't block that punt last year Muschamp is at Florida sitting at 11-2 right now. Everyone says he failed but he didn't. He just needed one more year. I'm on board with it as are most USC fans. Some want Lincoln Riley. Some think Herman is going to be announced still.
He was never offered the job. He went dark in the hopes of getting an extension but had to save face because we're announcing Muschamp. Rich Rod... what an @$$ clown.
For the love of all things please let Rich Rod be in the consideration for OC. Not our HC. Please!!
Why even write this article? USC is the worst team in the SEC this year. Period.
Captain obvious with this article but thanks for sharing.
The more I read about Muschamp the more I want him for our coach because he really wants this job. We'll just have to deal with his sideline antics the same way we deal with Frank Martin's I guess. But he is showing the country he wants to be here. I'm on board with this all the way.
Dude is fishing for a pay raise. No way he is considered for the HC. No fuhggin way!
I'm not a fan of Muschamp but his pursuit of the job is slowly converting me.