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She has a point in that bentley, if he plays, is getting a layup. Our o-line should be up to the task against UMass and he'all have our top 3 WR's AND the suite of TE's at his disposal. And Dowdle looks like the best back we have... he'll be in the backfield. BMac hasn't had THAT type of set up. Why not play both?
People see Jalen hirst and think, why isn't BMac doing all of that? Let's look at Hurst... he has a solid o-line (3 are pre-season all SEC)... he has a first team SEC WR and TE to throw the ball to... he has one of the best OC's in the history of college football coaching him. If BMac was in Bama's offense he'd likely be having a similar season. But we aren't Bama. No solid o-line, true freshman, RS freshman, and sophomores at all of our skill positions and as much as I believe in Rooer, he's no Kiffen (who I still believe would be a sh*tty HC). Putting Bentley back there would do nothing but kill his confidence.
I was wondering the same thing. Truth is the o-line hasn't improved and Elliott is likely gone at the end of the year. Can't blame the kid one bit.
This is why no fan should ever flame a kid for decommitting. When kids decommit too many fans tAlk trash and speak about honoring a commitment. Yet when schools think they can get bigger fish it's all good. Love my Gamecocks though. Best of luck to the young man.
We don't have a QB issue. We have an offensive line issue. Orth was able to move the ball because A&M was in a prevent defense, sending 4 or less D-linemen. McIlwain was able to move the ball against Miss St because they were in a prevent defense, sending 4 or less d-linemen. When a d-line sends 5 people after our QB they get to him because our o-line is terrible. If Orth starts against UGA it'"" be the same thing. He'll have no time in the pocket, just like Vandy AND Miss St, because our o-line is atrocious. So stop bashing McIlwain because it's not his fault. Or Muschamps... well, Muschamp DID keep Elliott so it is his fault.
When Orth was in the game A&M was in prevent mode. Not sure he would have had that type of time to throw the ball in the first 3 quarters.
It's Spurriers strain-o-magic o-line that Muschamp has to deal with at the moment. If McIlwain actually got protection he'd be doing much better. There is also the issue of all the true Fr., RS Fr., and inexperienced RS Soph's we have all over the field at the skill positions. There isn't much in the cupboard right now and I fully expected this to happen.
The issue isn't with McIlwain in as much as ya with the offensive line. The problem is we need a mobile QB back there who can escape the pocket when required which, with our line, is often. We put Orth back there, more of a pocket passer, he'all get hurt and we're playing with McIlwain anyway. I don't like it either and wish we had an older, more experienced option for him to learn under for at least the fist half of the season. This is just where our team is. They say he's a very resilient kid and I, for one, seriously hope he isn't loosing his confidence. I hope we get rid of Elliott and get an effective o-line coach.
Means this year is a mulligan. Strap in cause we're about to hit some SERIOUS turbulence.
Watching that Mississippi State game made me want to head to the nearest bridge as well.
I think this will be a great game. I think we win by a field goal with a low score but this is going to be a tough nosed game where we see a lot of growing up for both teams.
I think MSU will have the edge in against our running game. David Williams is still MIA and they have that 5-star kid making his start. He punched a woman or something, right? Our line is better at pass blocking imho. AJ Turner will earn some yards but I doubt he, or anyone, gets past the century mark. If we have a chance at all our WR's have to catch the ball. Everyone says we have a QB problem, but I think we have a WR problem. 5 drops in 1 game is far too many. If we have 5 drops again today we won't win this game. It's be another ugly game, a lot closer than most MSU fans think. But I think we win another close one because of special teams. 17-14
We need Williams to step up. Turner won't last the entire season at 180lbs.
Our youth and inexperience were on full display last night (only 6 players with more than 12 career starts). I hated all the drops but loved how we fought til the end. The offense seemed to improve over the course of the game bi know it's Vandy, but I'm impressed with the effort last night.
Start Orth. That Vandy D is full of goons this year. Orth beat this D last year and has experience at this level. Start Orth, but play McIlwain.
I hope these are the little ones where a coach didn't properly file a visit document or something stupid like that.
Spurriers staff is no longer here. Let's move forward.
BMc CAN pass. Treon passing ability and decision making in the passing game were always in question. BMc's questions center around pocket awareness (most true freshman have a tendency to take off) and arm strength. Nothing to do with his decision making and accuracy.
Couldn't agree more. I expect the defense to be better but we have too many holes on offense. Unless McIlwain has a Josh Rosen type of freshman campaign, and a RB materializes out of Gamecock pixie dust, .500 is where we'll be this year.