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I don't know his situation at all but I hope he makes the right choice whether it's us or somewhere else! Tell you what though... this d-line will be something special I'm sure if it. LOL at Sawyer! Love that kid!!!
I'm not so sure. I've read they Watson is starting and if he's close to 85% he'll give our defense trouble. I agree that if the offense is clicking early we should be fine but if we head to the fourth with anything less than a 3 TD lead I think we are certainly not a lock here.
I pick DT because we have 2 QB's behind him that Spurrier doesn't appear to be confident in. Also because if he isn't playing well we're TOTALLY f*cked!
Spurrier isn't going anywhere soon. If UF hires Dabo they're smoking something... and it's really strong!
Nick Chubb deserves to be in the conversation, no doubt. But Prescott gets it. A Sr QB who led his team to a very surprising season. If Chubb had ran the entire season I'm sure he would have gotten it. He'll be, or should be, the front runner next year. This year I think he's the National Freshman of the Year.
"See you guys Saturday" "CAN'T WAIT"!!!
I love beating Clemson. Winning that game would take some of the stank off this season!
I have no qualms with anything written in this article. As much as I love DT he's had a chance to close games out and has not. Dobbs lead UT back from a 2 TD deficiet on the road at a rowdy Willy B. Welcome to the SEC young man! The only other freshman QB with that amount of poise I've seen this year, and I HATE to say this, is Watson at clemson.
We couldn't put the game away because DT is inconsistent. We all knew that coming into the season but we love the kid! Thank goodness the defense only had to stop the run today!
It will be fun to watch. I hope it's fun to watch for 4 quarters! :)
Hopefully we'll have more than a 2 TD lead going into the 4th. If not, and the trend continues, then all bets are off and UF likely wins the game.
C'mon David! There is plenty of blame to go around... let's just get behind the squad and root for the home team! Go. Game. COCKS!!!!
Cooper is a MONSTER for us this year! I'm really looking forward to watching him finish the season and seeing how he progresses over the summer. He just gits r' dun!
I wish people would stop saying Spurrier ran Marcus into the ground. If you watched any of Marcus' college games you'd notice that he actually got stronger as the game went on. Also his injury is not a result of the number of carries he had but the result of a lineman rolling on his leg and a defender spearing his knee with a helmet. I don't care if you're only carrying the ball 15 times a game, if you're downfield blocking and a lineman rolls on your leg, or a defender puts a helmet on your knee while your foot is firmly planted into the ground, the same injury will happen to you and most likely end your football career. And that is regardless of position too. The hit against Tennessee he took could have happened to a WR, a TE, or the QB. It's just a matter of chance that his career is over. And yes... it DOES suck!
Leadership is key. A good leader can calm a locker room when it needs to be calmed, or it can unite a locker room in the face of adversity. Just curious... was there a voice from the players who played that roll for us when you were there Stephen? If so was it one person or one person from the offense and one from the defense?
I think after the Vandy win he really wanted to light a fire under the team because it was ugly. The defense and special teams seem totally unmotivated. As a whole the team just isn't mentally tough. I say as a whole because the offense pulls a vanishing act in the 4th qtr too. We can blame the play calling all we want but two sacks on DT in overtime of the UT game, and DT's decision making under pressure just show we are not mentally tough. I hope, by some stroke of luck, the coaches and players figure it out over this week. Otherwise the only bowling we'll be doing is in those clown shoes at the bowling alley.
Florida may not throw a pass against us and win the game. Our defense is that bad. And I'm not trying to dump on my team because when the defense was good is was G-O-O-D! But people who think we're bad mouthing the squad by calling out the defense have only to watch any game tape this year. Tape doesn't lie!