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Our defense gives up a ton of everything in the first half. Our secondary gives me major concern as we have yet to show we can cover butt with granny panties. I'm crossing fingers and toes for a Gamecock win but Lock appears to throw an accurate catchable ball, which has been our kryptonite so far this year. If We've figured out how to cover I think we win. If not Mizzou takes this one by 2 TD's minimum.
USC will be on here over the next couple of weeks.
When I saw that first pass I thought to myself, "this team is finished". Crazy snap judgement from a first pass, I know, but given the way the season has gone I thought that. Thank goodness they play an entire game and not just the first snap. Nunez showed an insane amount of poise and "get back". He was inconsistent as a passer but we expected that. He was exceptional running the ball and we expected that too. But close to 200 yards passing and 100+ rushing was a good start. Here is hoping we see carry over into Mizzou.
You just might be on to something because we look like absolute garbage right now. Our 0-11 squad looked more competitive than this.
Nothing is overshadowing the personnel issues. Every Gamecock fan sees them every week.
We have to run the ball 40 times, 25 of those should be to Wilds, if we are to have a shot at beating UGa.
Orth is better because this is what he's always wanted to do... play QB for Spurrier. Kid looked composed as Shaw in that pocket. He had the errand throw to end the game but I don't think we'll see many throws like that moving forward. I'm looking forward to the game Saturday as, somehow, Orth gives us some moxie. If the defense plays for two half see have a legitimate shot. Plus... I want Spurrier to win for all the doubters outside, AND inside, the chicken coop!
Looking at the game I thought our d-line outlasted their o-line. It appeared to be the reason we were getting pressure on the QB in the 4th that we did not get in the 1st-3rd. It is only 1 game, but I can't wait until next week.
I've been hearing all the rumblings in Gamecock country but I am impressed by what I saw last night. Our d-line outlasted their o-line, as evidenced by the pressure we were able to generate in the 4th quarter. Their o-line is built for 90+ plays a game and we out lasted them. We played with a QB that hadin't played a meaningful snap in 3 years with unproven WR's, outside of Fay-roh, and a re-tooled o-line. We had a few drops that would have went for big gains had we been able to hold on to the ball. There's always room for improvement but to say Mitch isn't the guy, based on his 1st start in his home state, is a bit pre-mature in my opinion.
I am too happy for DT! For all the sh*t he took from our fanbase last year for NOT being Connor Shaw I'm glad he's seeing some success at the pro level.
I think our defense wore their offensive line out. If you watch the game our line improved as theirs got tired. Looks like S&C worked this off season.
It was his first game under center with a load of unproven WR's and a re-tooled o-line in his home state. While he didn't look good throwing initially he looked comfortable running, which helped. I think he improved over the course of the game, until he took that hit that gave him the hip pointer. I think the next game will be the tale of the tape for him.
our defense was atrocious last year... but thats last year. predicting this years defensive performance against Clemson, based on last years, is about as useful as predicting Clemson's offensive performance based on last year. It's a new year people. lets play this thing out and see what happens.
I think he wants to see a more mobile QB and doesn't think Mitch is the guy. Fair point but it's his opinion. I'm anxious to see what the kid can do!
He's WAY more active on the recruiting trail than he's ever been at USC.
He's lean at 220lbs, but has time to put on more weight. Besides... Delvin Taylor wasn't the biggest kid when he arrived and he's in the NFL. If you have the motor, the HBC will tune you up!
Looks like UNC is turning into UGa-North!
I don't know his situation at all but I hope he makes the right choice whether it's us or somewhere else! Tell you what though... this d-line will be something special I'm sure if it. LOL at Sawyer! Love that kid!!!
I'm not so sure. I've read they Watson is starting and if he's close to 85% he'll give our defense trouble. I agree that if the offense is clicking early we should be fine but if we head to the fourth with anything less than a 3 TD lead I think we are certainly not a lock here.