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You're delusional if you think they ALREADY aren't.
What Gamecock in TX said. I played sports in college and we ALWAYS went home after the games. Whoever told you that lie is so full of sh*t their eyes are brown.
I MUST call bullsh*t on this one. Not sure why anyone at U.K. would be paying attention to USC while in Louisiana, or even how, but this is just a lie.
We don't stoop to the level of Clemson fans. We're better than that.
Judging from Champs quote it sounds like their scholarships will not be renewed. Sucks.
1 reason for pessimism... o-line play.
Champ raves about the o-line so maybe we're all missing something. That said I hope Elliott gets the chance to prove his worth as an HC! I live in Atlanta so I'll go watch a game or two.
I thought Taggart didn't interview! You mean we could have had Taggart and picked Muschamp instead?!?!? Damn.....
Couldn't agree with you more. I meant to say when we get back to running the State on the field. We're a good 3 years off. I see now why people were so pissed at Spurrier.
Disrespectful? No doubt! But I look at it like this... they wouldn't have been able to do it had we been more competitive in the game. The more disrespectful issue was our ineptitude against a well oiled machine. Hats off to Clemson, but fu€% them at the same time. I hope they plaster the score and everything all over the walls of Willy B, the dorms, the weight room, AND the football offices. When we get back to running the State we'all get back to 11 win seasons and competing for titles.
Football players, and basketball players, typically don't go home for Thanksgiving because of games. They'll eat with the coach and team. Love the fact that Champ is practicing on Thanksgiving day. He's really starting to grow on me.
My logic is this... we should be very competitive in the East next year, barring injuries, given the year over year improvement and the obvious lack of talent when compared to UT, UGA, UF, UK. If we can legitimately compete for the East we can compete for the SEC crown. Will we win it? Doubtful. But we should compete.
You can see he's CLEARLY learned from that experience. SC players would run through a wall for him. Will we win a championship? I don't know but I most certainly expect to compete for them on a consistent basis starting next year.
Totally agree with that!
Edge talk aside Missouri is more than capable of walking out of Willy B Saturday with a W! We will have to bring our A game. Period!
Why should he stay in a situation that is no longer beneficial for him? If you could make more money at a new job would you leave immediately or stay through the end of the fiscal year to support your current team and manager because they depend on you? You would most likely leave immediately. Then your old Jon would find a replacement for you. UT is going to do the EXACT same thing. Stop giving this young man grief for making the best decision for HIM!
This!!!! As if he'd tell a son or daughter, who feels the same way Hurd does, to honor their commitment. FOH!
This is everything that is right with America. An individual excersising their individual rights. If the team no longer serves his purpose the situation is no longer mutually beneficial. He should leave as soon as possible and I would advise every young man who feels the same to do the same. If you can't meet your goals where you are get to where you can as soon as possible. You have a VERY short window to achieve your goals ESPECIALLY when they are sports related.