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Ward shouldn't be here. He lost 2 All Americans on the d-line last year, one of which was supposed to return for his senior year. He's playing with one of the youngest defenses in the country in one of the toughest conferences. Couple that with the non-qualifiers who were going to be counted on from day 1 and the guy is dealing with a short deck. While is is very, VERY tough to watch this unit I think it will return to form next year. I think Lewis and Durant will come in and be leaders, vocally and by example, from day 1. Go. Game. COCKS!
The passing is not bad at all... it's all the damn drops. Between Roland and both TE's we should be 5-1 right now if they catch the damn ball!
UK pockets aren't deeper than Michigan. Stoops will be in the Big 10 next year coaching at Michigan. History, tradition, a weak conference from top to bottom, and L-O-A-D-S of prominent alumni and donors. Good luck keeping him. I mean that in all seriousness... good luck keeping him at UK.
I think if the defense plays with heart the entire game we'll be fine. This years squad has 1-3 guys who play hard and look like they want to make a difference. Everyone else looks like they're out there to wear a uni and chase this young girls with big butts in those sun dresses.
Pharoh Cooper wouldn't have pot in his room... he'd have dope! Cause his life is dope and he does dope sh*t!!!
No... most, if not all, schools have an NCAA violation at some point in time. Some more serious than others. I hope that Gurley and Winston get cleared of this.
Agreed. I think he's gone away from the run when it was working just fine. I think he's talking about the defense when he says the players have to turn it around. He can't possibly be talking about the offense. And why isn't David Williams playing?
Hats off to you Mizzou fans my man. Seriously!
Spurrier won't retire because I don't think he'd go out like this. This team definitely has the talent to win, I just don't think the will is there. We've stopped a run oriented and pass oriented team for 3 quarters. I think the defense is just thin and always gased by the end of the game. If we ran the ball and controlled the offense more I think we would be good. I'm not cashing in my Dylan Thompson chips yet. The kid is inconsistent, without a doubt, but he's moving the ball and managing the offense. If he was accept his role as a manager, and quit looking for the deep ball so damn much, the team would easily be 5-1 right now. Between is throwing decision, and the play calling, our young defense doesn't get the time to catch their breath and end up loosing games. Yes, we put up 38 points but when your defense is on the field for damn near all of the 4th quarter something is going to give.
Yes... our defense is pretty bad. Enough said!
Brad... I was SO ready to call BS on us never returning a kickoff, but you're right. Ace Sanders returned punts and returned a number of them for TD's his last year in the G&B.
Love SOS. When he feels he's made a mistake he owns up to it. Most coaches won't do that.
I hope everyone on the set picks Mizzou.
If we have to take away parts of what the opposing team did in order to say our team sued a good game, then we didn't play a good game. Period.
Shaw is easily the best QB we've ever had. So what he didn't throw for 10,000 yards and 100 TD's. He took care of the ball, was there when his team needed him the most, was a HELL of a competitor, and a leader we may never see again. Good luck in the NFL Connor! Someone should wise up and give you a legitimate shot at playing.
This is a trap game if I've ever seen one! Let's hope we're ready!
Murf, I'm going to start following you my man! I like your articles and the amount of research that goes into them. The file breakdown is AWESOME and your analysis is much better than that of my own! Thanks again, and keep up the good work! Go Gamecocks!
He's ALL Gamecock! I think he isn't as shifty as Davis but at times he does look like he doesn't want to be hit. At 6'2" 225lbs he should deliver blows! Mizzou's passing game seriously scares me but our corners do seem to be getting better. I Al Harris Jr. has progressed SO much from the TAMU game. First up is Vandy! Good luck this weekend and we'll see you in Columbia!
Melvin Ingram was an absolute BEAST in that G&B and I'm happy to see him returning to full form. Everyone always asks what pro-team I follow and I always list out all the teams with former Gamecocks!