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Watching that Mississippi State game made me want to head to the nearest bridge as well.
I think this will be a great game. I think we win by a field goal with a low score but this is going to be a tough nosed game where we see a lot of growing up for both teams.
I think MSU will have the edge in against our running game. David Williams is still MIA and they have that 5-star kid making his start. He punched a woman or something, right? Our line is better at pass blocking imho. AJ Turner will earn some yards but I doubt he, or anyone, gets past the century mark. If we have a chance at all our WR's have to catch the ball. Everyone says we have a QB problem, but I think we have a WR problem. 5 drops in 1 game is far too many. If we have 5 drops again today we won't win this game. It's be another ugly game, a lot closer than most MSU fans think. But I think we win another close one because of special teams. 17-14
We need Williams to step up. Turner won't last the entire season at 180lbs.
Our youth and inexperience were on full display last night (only 6 players with more than 12 career starts). I hated all the drops but loved how we fought til the end. The offense seemed to improve over the course of the game bi know it's Vandy, but I'm impressed with the effort last night.
Start Orth. That Vandy D is full of goons this year. Orth beat this D last year and has experience at this level. Start Orth, but play McIlwain.
I hope these are the little ones where a coach didn't properly file a visit document or something stupid like that.
Spurriers staff is no longer here. Let's move forward.
BMc CAN pass. Treon passing ability and decision making in the passing game were always in question. BMc's questions center around pocket awareness (most true freshman have a tendency to take off) and arm strength. Nothing to do with his decision making and accuracy.
Couldn't agree more. I expect the defense to be better but we have too many holes on offense. Unless McIlwain has a Josh Rosen type of freshman campaign, and a RB materializes out of Gamecock pixie dust, .500 is where we'll be this year.
Redshirt... period. If every other QB gets hurt he plays.
Even while he thinks this is true I wish he wouldn't have said it. I wish he would have said the talent isn't there yet but we can be good. Rather have them motivated.
He's only 1. Hopefully he has leadership skills that will translate well for us. We need a complete group.
I just hope the secondary is much better come fall. If McIlwain is going to be the man he needs to see an SEC caliber secondary day in and day out.
The kid looked good against an atrocious secondary... but hats off to him for taking advantage. Can't wait to see what he looks like against an SEC caliber secondary.
I'm a Gamecock through and through but imho this has disaster written all over it. Kid has 1 year as a starter under his belt and, unless I missed something, didn't win a state title and/or wasn't an overwhelming winner for Alabama's Mr. Football. Word is he struggled with accuracy at the Atlanta Elite 11. What will that turn into when he's in front of 80K at Willy B, or on the road in Death Valley or between the hedges? I'm pumping the brakes on my excitement at the moment and if he proves me wrong I'll be more than happy to eat crow.
What's the writing on the wall?
I expect McIlwain to compete. If he wins the job, great. If he redshirts, even better!
I think we should temper expectations of McIlwain at this point. Other than the kid from UCLA last year I can't think of a true freshman who has started and lead his team to a winning season.