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Gran did an amazing job last year. He completely changed the offense after Barker went down and Kentucky had a very good season! I am very excited about the Dean Hood hire as well. Stoops is doing all the right things to make Kentucky competitive.
A 61-42 record at Mississippi State is impressive, I only wish Kentucky had that kind of success. Nick Fitzgerald is going to be one of the best QBs in the league next season. I don't understand why he wasn't recruited by more high profile programs.
Paranoid delusions are a sign of dementia Paris I would suggest you visit the Alzheimer's center for a memory test, they have one of best programs in the country at the University of Kentucky. You better a taxi of get someone to drive you there because you probably will not be able to find it by yourself. They have a program for indigent patients too which should make you happy.
You are suffering from paranoid delusions from Alzheimer's The only multiples are multiple people who hate your guts Get lost clown
Hurd is a pathetic excuse for a teammate A team player does not quit on his team midway through the season. You finish the season then move on Hurd can forget about the NFL he will be a long shot gamble at best because if his attitude
Adbesten Paris is about 75 years old and has dementia, he doesn't get out much so he is desperate for attention Stoops offered Hood a job as soon as he was fired at EKU. Hood was ticked at EKU and needed to get away from the area so he took what he could find on short notice. Good did a solid job at EKU and will be an excellent addition
The bottom line is can the AD line up boosters and donors for UT Fuller was fired because he ticked off some powerful alumni so they got Hammy to pull the trigger and fire Fulmer I really liked Tennessee when Fulmer was Coach and hope the boosters (Harlem and company) allow it to happen
Sagan won't do anything he know smoking weed is cultural in those circles
This is hilarious!! Now hear this Paris thinks he is a probation officer! Maybe that is why he is such a psycho and wants everyone's name, address and personal detailed information about their life. I hope you understand Paris that you are one step below a prison must have graduated at the bottom of your high school class. Let me guess your favorite part about your job was the strip search and body cavity examinations? Get lost creep
You are a waste of time Paris10........anyone who reads the Herald Leader is an uneducated foolish liberal with nothing better to do with their time. You are probably a homosexual internet stalker who wants to set up a man/boy date or you want something more sinister and illegal, you really give me the creeps. Now go back to your favorite porn site and leave Kentucky Fans alone.
Time to change your Depends adult diper Paris Stay Classy!
Paris You have been exposed by many people as a fraud and a liar Nobody cares about some fake name you post under on the Herald leader And a statement is not "slander" if it is true and the BBN fans on here all say the exact same things about your worthless miserable life
You exposed Paris for the worthless fool he is today on this thread One thing to remember Paris know nothing about the inside workings at Kentucky So Paris uses people on this thread to learn about what is going on in the program Then he repeats what he reads on these pages to act like he has connections inside Kentucky football He is a fraud and a liar For example I told Paris that when DJ got demoted Stoops was using the QC man in the booth to call all the formations Brian Landis Now Paris on this same thread uses that to say coaches are leaving like rats Landis went back to high school to coach Paris did not have a clue what was going on and now he makes claims that coaches are fleeing like rats Paris is a lying piece of crap
Ole Miss has the best talent money can buy
BBNWildcat12 You can analyze Paris all day and you will get nowhere. Paris is a bitter old man with Dementia. Paris lives in a rest home and gets a little crazy when his sugar gets out of wack. In order to pass the time he enjoys trolling on every thread and pissing every Kentucky fan off. Paris is obsessed with his multiple screen name theory that the same person is attacking him with multiple names. As long as he is medicated he will lay in his lazy boy and drool in hinself
Paris Old age is difficult for you That is why you try so hard to bring everyone down You should think about developing a healthy habit and try to lay off the bourbon
Paris Your obsession with multiple screen names and posting on the Hersld Leader is troubling to me I believe you have all the classic signs of Dementia.... Irritability, personality changes, restlessness, lack of restraint, wandering and getting lost, anxiety, loneliness and mood swings Are you always so paranoid? Are you depressed? Please get some help