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Hard to have much sympathy for Freeze. I've talked to him, nice guy, and he certainly talks the Christian talk well. But you can look at his history with the OM program and get a pretty good idea of what type of hire he was. IMO, he had already been associated with the program and knew of how things really worked, was told that the school and boosters were ready to do what was required to make a serious run, and they needed a hometown guy who was ready to play ball for a chance at his dream job. I don't think for a minute any of this was something Freeze initiated or directed. But I'm sure he knew exactly what was going on, probably before it happened. He knew the deal he was hired for and tthe consequences if it hit the fan. It is all over the fan. He played along with the university stance of hardline denial. His "bring it on" tweet is infamous. OM lied about what was in the first NOA before last years signing say and he played his part. May not have been hhis grand plan, but he knew what was up.
Except non directly pertain to Tunsil. IMO, NCAA decided they had enough to dole out whatever punishment they wanted, so they stopped digging.
Why even put Fitzgerald on the list? State won't win enough games (>10) for him to be considered seriously. Even if he had tgat kind of special season, which I don't expect. Great season I hope, but 9 or 10 wins would be special and that still wouldn't be enough. Dak broke every record at state conceivable (and a few conference and national ones along the way I'm sure) and took state to its highest ranking ever, for several weeks was considered the best team in the country. And now we all see that wasn't a fluke. And he didn't even get invited to NY. That odds makers even list players on teams that aren't legitimate championship contenders is stupid.
Not going to argue about where MSU should be oon this list. I expect the traditional power running game to be improved. How much I have no idea. But... "Most of State’s other top backs were seniors." Really? C'mon. Name one. Holloway? Please. We are glad to finally see him go. I know this article was only about the two deep, but Aeris Williams and Dontavian Lee are both junior power backs. Two promising guys not mentioned, Alec Murphy and Nick Gibson, are coming off their freshman seasons and may see some carries. Not to mention Malik Dear who is a hybrid threat in the running game. And of course Kylin Hill who was mentioned. I'm pretty sure you didn't watch any State games last year.
These comments! So... every team in the SEC should score more points this year than last?
Different brother. Yes, there were two of them in the headlines from Oxford.
That all sounds logical to me. No need to restrict coaches from changing jobs. However, I think reciprocation isn't out in left field either. Recruits, whether you like it or nit or even agree or not, may sign with a school but they often base much of their decision on the personality aand ability of the coach or coaches recruiting and later training them. These usually are assistants, and buyouts really have zero effect on slowing their migration from school to school. So if there is a coaching change after NSD, the kid should be allowed to change too. Afraid a coach is going to take your prized recruit to a competitor? Then pay them enough and treat them well enough that they don't want to leave. And I say that as an alum of a school that can barely keep coordinators and other assistants a whole year.
Response to weewee. Damned sds.
BTW, my wife is an Ole Miss grad. Nice to see what you think of the women there.
Kylin Hill, Mississippi State. Aeris Williams came on strong end of last season. Dontavian Lee has the physical talent and if he has worked out either his blocking or ball secyrity issues may well see mmore snaps. And both Nick Gibson and Alec Murphy looked great in practices and spring games last year and now have a year of expeience. Unless Hill comes in and blows away practice and offers a different level of production, its hard to imagine not letting him RS to develop and space out the talent a bit.
You make your institution proud. You did actually go to college, right?
Current NOA didn't include any fallout from the Tunsil draft night. Still under investigation. Try again.
Better to have the commit and hope to hold them after JUCO than not have it and hope to flip them.
Boo hoo. Reminds me of all the b!tching about the length of the investigation itself. Don't want the investigation to drag out? Cooperate, so that new sh!t isn't coming out as they are about to wrap it up. Don't want other schools mentioning the investigation during recruiting? Don't do sh!t that warrants an investigation. Or as my rebel friends tend to say instead - don't get caught. I doubt MSU made too much hay about it, though if I was Mullen I would. Just that they didn't seem to be strongly competing late into the gagame for mmany of the same or even same types of players as has usually been the case. DD an exception, but he was long committed to OM. Gay would have been a big flip for OM, but he seemed to strongly favor LSU and MSU anyway.
We needed DD more than Gay I think, and you guys needed Gay more than DD.
Woot Woot! C'mon DD... do it! You know you'd rather be "the man" at WR in Starkville than just another target or even a defensive back watching bowl season from home in Oxford.