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He was asked about his experience against the SEC and made a half-hearted joke. It wasn't really a "dig".
He was responding to a question about experience against the SEC and made a half-hearted joke. It wasn't like he led the presser with that.
"If we get in a bowl..." If they get in, it's time to cancel a few
You are right, this was very classy by these guys.
Great play, but doesn't rival the Clowney hit.
Lamar Jackson would have to lose a leg to not win the heisman, howeva... wouldn't it be fitting if this year's Bama game vaulted Fournette back to the top of the conversation.
Yes, I realize. Do you realize I was just answering his question as to why it's in the news? As far as Mizzou, Clemson, Auburn, and Memphis, none of them where purple and gold to my knowledge or have a large Mardi Gras attachment. However, again (and I'll type slow for you) "it doesn’t seem to offensive to me unless referencing Mike VI and I’m not sure that was the intent of the players".
Because it made it's way to the field where 2 players posed with it. Also because of the last 2 weeks of history between the schools. Also because of the recent death of Mike VI. However, it doesn't seem to offensive to me unless referencing Mike VI and I'm not sure that was the intent of the players.
While I doubt moving back the SEC championship game back is plausible this year, it seams like the future solutions for similar problems. If they built in a week between end of regular season and SEC CG, you would have opportunity to make up any games in the future,
New PAC-12 fan motto... We put the 12 in PAC-12? But that's still not as good as the ACC "It Just Means Less"
Wow. I thought this was going to be a sarcasm piece, but this is real? How in the world did "It Just Means Less" get through the system? This is funny.
How did LSU Softball (which I agree is good) beat out LSU Baseball?
You're right, I don't like Richard Sherman, but I am a huge Patrick Peterson fan. Not sure how you reconcile that.
Why do you want to "get a reaction" out of people you "could care less about"? "Honestly"... why?
I would choose delusional over homer.
That was a 3 OT game and en route to a national championship for LSU (however, I do understand that beating LSU is like a national championship to Arky fans). Mispronouncing "Ar-Kansas: is hardly a douche move. Not sure if it was a slip of the brain or trying to be silly but he has been known for both.
[slow clap] Great, after-the-fact, article. I admit you did say LSU should be on "upset alert", but without all the detail you included here. And you referred to it as a "rivalry game" which loses credibility (except for Arky fans, now their your biggest fans). I especially like how you emphasized "at the time"... brilliant. I would have been completely lost without that. And while I'm not jumping on the "Fire Les" bandwagon, you do have to put some blame on the coaches. The game plan didn't work either week and they were either stubborn to change or had no plan B. This is like your friend turning and saying, "I was thinking that", but didn't say anything at the time.