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Man, we talkin' bout the practice squad. - AI
Rudy Ford was worth at least a mention in the Auburn dud paragraph.
It was a bad call, but there was no apparent Bama bias officiating that I could see.
Worth noting that they did have a positive exchange as well (although after you published this article)
Herbie had LSU losing to OSU in championship. Corso had LSU winning it all.
I'm a chronic optimist so I like LSU as a contender, but it really depends on where Harris is above the neck. JJ's problem was he never had the capacity up there. I understand that players can develop, but you either have mental capacity or you don't. That is what I'll be looking for in BH.
#1 is spot on , but how in the world in SCar not dead last??
After the purple and gold were picked for LSU it was found that blue and white had actually been picked for the original colors.
That's pretty cool. Thanks. It gives you stats per area code.
Wyoming hates Colorado St... that's cute. South Dakota hates NDSU... Does SD have a team to like? Evidently Vermont didn't understand the question. But my favorites are "No one responded from Delaware" and the "Who cares?" in Rhode Island.
I would give one to Anthony Jennings and LSU for having a much better week.
Bwahahaha... You do realize that LSU is a run first, ball-control offense by design, right? Funny that we were forced into our game plan by Ole Miss. OM was in the game in the end... check. Turnovers happened... check. Wallace made a terrible decision... check. "LSU controlled the clock because they had to..."? That could be a worse statement than those "we almost won" arguments from non-SEC teams.
Clearly, Charles. That whopping 34 passing yard advantage you had made me lose sleep. Until I remembered about that 130 rushing yard advantage we had.
I wish we could have escaped MSU like we escaped this list. Geaux Tigers!
Got milk? It doesn't look like any of the minstrelsy photos I looked up but I can see where the white on the lip could be a bit heavy.
It seems like a simple solution - Let him go to Utah. But I think that would open up the possibility for kids to take advantage of that precedent in the future.
Les was coming to the defense of his players. I love it!! His greatest quality (save Jarrett Lee, his last 4 games still boil my blood. Great article. Fun to read. Thanks.