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How did LSU Softball (which I agree is good) beat out LSU Baseball?
You're right, I don't like Richard Sherman, but I am a huge Patrick Peterson fan. Not sure how you reconcile that.
Why do you want to "get a reaction" out of people you "could care less about"? "Honestly"... why?
I would choose delusional over homer.
That was a 3 OT game and en route to a national championship for LSU (however, I do understand that beating LSU is like a national championship to Arky fans). Mispronouncing "Ar-Kansas: is hardly a douche move. Not sure if it was a slip of the brain or trying to be silly but he has been known for both.
[slow clap] Great, after-the-fact, article. I admit you did say LSU should be on "upset alert", but without all the detail you included here. And you referred to it as a "rivalry game" which loses credibility (except for Arky fans, now their your biggest fans). I especially like how you emphasized "at the time"... brilliant. I would have been completely lost without that. And while I'm not jumping on the "Fire Les" bandwagon, you do have to put some blame on the coaches. The game plan didn't work either week and they were either stubborn to change or had no plan B. This is like your friend turning and saying, "I was thinking that", but didn't say anything at the time.
I guess you missed his caveat of "or did I not understand it". However, I believe the question was implying who you would start your college team with not who would you draft to your NFL team. But you're right, me and the other 3 writers could have misunderstood.
I'm guessing Chris Wright is that guy who takes Eli Manning at 6 or 7 in the first round of your fantasy league with Jamaal Charles, Le'Veon Bell, and every other QB still available.
Yeah I was thinking that too.
Absolutely! There's one camera angle of Marcus Randall where a student is jumping up and down in the background. Then Randall jumps up and the kid hits the ground.
Flynn to Byrd was definitely exciting but the Blue Grass Miracle is easily the crazier ending. And why is a 52 yard field goal on this list? You are saying that is one of the 8 craziest endings to a game?
More like pin the tail on the prediction
Man, we talkin' bout the practice squad. - AI
Rudy Ford was worth at least a mention in the Auburn dud paragraph.
It was a bad call, but there was no apparent Bama bias officiating that I could see.
Worth noting that they did have a positive exchange as well (although after you published this article)
Herbie had LSU losing to OSU in championship. Corso had LSU winning it all.
I'm a chronic optimist so I like LSU as a contender, but it really depends on where Harris is above the neck. JJ's problem was he never had the capacity up there. I understand that players can develop, but you either have mental capacity or you don't. That is what I'll be looking for in BH.