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Reading comprehension must be difficult for those on this site. I know the NOA is long and has big words. But if you read it, you'll find things that don't fit your narrative. Sorry to disappoint. Read it slowly though. Don't want you hurting yourself.
I don't care about Kiffin or Richt. Neither coaches in the SEC.
Oh wow we aren't nice to our rivals. We must be the only fan base to ever not be nice to our rivals. Lol
You mean like Leo Lewis Jeffry Simmons and Willie Gay? Weird you claim it's Ole Miss doing the exact thing State commits have done the last three years.
You act like that's bad. Even with the NCAA probe we land a top 30 class. And it's only one class. State is lucky to land a top 20 class on a good year. Must suck.
I'm not saying this only because we got him. But that RB could be a huge gem. All time leading rusher in MS is impressive on any level. Got good size too. Really think he will be a surprise. Very happy with LB and OL depth in this class. Lack of secondary concerns me a bit. Also got two QB commits. Overall a good depth building class. Let's hope next year we're back to normal.
I believe it's our third commit going Juco? Wonder if all three stick with us after a year.
Sure are a lot of state fans getting defensive. I don't believe he mentioned your school. In fact he didn't even mention which schools. And he didn't threaten to do anything. He just said he would remember it. Basically saying he wanted nothing to do with those involved with it. Even with this massive cloud over us we manage a top 30 class lol. One bad class won't hurt. And it's not really that bad of a class either. I'm happy with it. Got a lot of depth in key spots. Do I wish we got Akers and others? Of course. But for the circumstance I'm very happy with it. I really don't understand why people hate freeze. If you're about to say it's because he cheats, according to the NOA all cheating was done by boosters or other staff. So please give a reason, with evidence of your claim, as to why you hate the guy?
Everything I'm hearing says it's between FSU and Ole Miss. My guy says FSU. But obviously I want him at Ole Miss. Best of luck to him wherever he decides to go.
Well, there you have it folks. According to two people I've never met, I care. They know more about me than I do. Just because I follow my team and signed up for a free site that takes 5 minutes to sign up for, I must always care and let it eat at me 24/7. I mean you're a Bama fan so I understand. You have to live through your team. It's your only way to feel validated.
The Egg Bowl matters. I simply said I didn't care about this egg bowl. No I don't care when we lose. It matters sure. But I don't let whether my team wins or loses effect my life. If we win, great. If we lose, I don't care. Not every fan lives their daily lives through a football team. I love the sport, but I'm allowed to not care if my team loses.
So you control my thoughts? I personally didn't care and don't care. Like I said above you guys won. It's a game. Not a way of life. Maybe you should do some self analysis and stop living through a group of college teams on the field success.
Recruiting isn't the issue nor did he claim it was. He was simply pointing out his strength is being an ace recruiter, which he is. The rest is unknown for now.
Prove himself*. SDS, can we get an edit button yet? Sometimes our long whiny rants need to be edited.
I'll be the first to say I'm not exactly thrilled about the guy. I think he's got a good track record, but like you said against stiff competition he seems to struggle. My point was that I'm our current situation, it was probably the best we could get. If this was last year coming off a Sugar Bowl win with momentum, maybe we could've grabbed a bigger name. But it's coming off a 5-7 season with the NCAA still hanging around. My only point was we haven't given him a chance to proof himself and we're already upset about it. Give the man a chance.
Exactly. Still disappointing that a woman can simply claim something happened and the man she accused is instantly punished before given fair trial.
The majority of us didn't really care. Our season was over either way. The only thing we would've gained from a win was a trophy and a bad bowl game. I personally haven't even cared. They beat us. They deserve it.
Under the circumstances I like the hire. We just don't have a very good appeal right now. "Hey coach want to be the next OC at Ole Miss?" "What's the NCAA going to do?" "We don't know." "Sorry not interested." That's probably how the conversation went with the "big name" coaches. Even without the investigation you're asking a coach to come face Alabama, LSU, A&M, Auburn, Arkansas, and MSU yearly. Then telling them they have to compete and try to win the west. Again, not appealing. Realistically we aren't a destination for the established coaches. Thus, we have to take chances on unknowns. The two unknowns we have both have a pretty good track record. For the circumstances I'm happy with both hires. I don't understand the critism being given honestly. Let's let them have a season or two first shall we? Then we can all say whether or not it's a good hire or just "status quo".
Whoever did this deserves what they get. But I will say it's very possible this was done by their own. There are plenty of cases for example anti LGBT "hate messages" that were proven to be done by the victims. If it was an Ole Miss student I really do hope they get the proper discipline. No room for this. Not many fans I know proudly say "hotty toddy" and why would they make it blatantly obvious who their team was? Either way the person responsible is a low life.