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They are lucky the new sanctions didnt come out before signing day, I still dont think it will be anything like what happened to SMU.
Im kinda surprised Pettway isn't on this list.
Not that I dont appreciate what he did in 2010, but no way he beats out Bo Jackson.
That will be the arguement, they have already had money invested in them. I didnt say it was right, I just think that will be the next stance they take on it.
If there has been a coach visit or a recruit on campus yes there has already been money invested in them.
Coaches have butouts that have to be paid. There is a good bit of money Invested in the players from the university, perhaps they could do a reimbursement to the university if another school wants to see a player on the field without the year wait.
Nah I learned my lesson with JJ and had a pretty good idea JF3 wasnt it. We really wont know who the starter will be until about ten minutes before the first game next year even if someone takes control early in spring.
Nice scenery, I can see why some recruits would consider FAU.
Or run him on the edges like McCaleb used to do.
I know I cant be the only one who saw the hostage/bank robbery and thought Harvey Updyke completely lost it.
I don't think that will be the problem.
I will say the worst fans I have dealt with were clemson fans, they were cocky before they were relevant I can't imagine what they are about to become.
I like Saban, I even root for bama when they arent playing auburn, my problem lies with the fanbase 25 percent of them around the town I live in are over the top obnoxious.
I was stationed in South Carolina for four years, I'm well aware of how they act as well.
Alabama fans... Sore losers even worse winners, congrats to Clemson for a hard faught game too bad the title couldn't stay in my home state.
That was a terrible game, they just gave up around the middle of the 3rd quarter. Worst post season game this year.
Auburn had a ton of injuries the last few weeks, they just got some much needed rest. I think this is going to be closer than people think.
I think their new oc can definitely polish hime up. He might not be the starter at the beginning of the season, but I think he takes it by game three if he gets the assistance he needs.