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You walk north until you smell it, then west until you step in it. #clemsix
I can't wait to go to the liberty bowl!
three straight 11 win seasons isn't exactly losing steam. Neither is a top 5 recruiting class my friend. It's just one of those down years that will still see us in at least a bowl game. Something that Tennessee hasn't seen since what, 2010?
riiiiiiiiight. the fact that his draft grade wasn't good enough because of how undersized and lack of strength probably had NOTHING to do with it.
The one person on here that believed it could be done. NOT EVEN GARCIA OR BRAD HAS THE TESTES TO PREDICT US!!! Props murf
They were complaining about us being disrespectful, yet they want to bring up Columbia being burnt to the ground by Sherman.... They're in for a rude awakening tonight. GAMEEEEEEEEEEE
If we were to take a survey of percantage of obese fans in the SEC, Bama would be champions of that as well. Along with champions of lowest annual income, percentage on welfare, and Obama supporters.
Who repeatedly signs the number one class, yet holds a .500 record over their rivals in the past four years and completely embarrasses the conference in their bcs bowl. Remember that down here all that matters is what you did last week....or in this case 6 months ago.
We should be playing for a bronze trophy of Eric Hyman instead...
And the furthest east team is playing the furthest west team?
Nick Saban's all time win pct. is 74.8% and Spurrier's is 73.3%. Spurrier has 7 more years added into that and has coached at two MUCH worse schools....
I mean if you want to bring Duke into it, technically Spurrier won there to....
I don't really see that as much of a jab. Realizing though that through this dominant stretch that Bama is in, that they've only won the SEC twice is incredible. That's just a testament to how hard it is to win the SEC outright.
Florida is definitely not coming in second....or third for that matter. You have ONE player on offense that people know the name of. Just one. The only reason people know the name Driskel is because how much of a disappointment he's been.
Gurley's knew also didn't get blow out by practically 12 million ways...
Wherever Chad Kelly goes, success for South Carolina follows. The kid is more of a wrecking ball than Miley Cyrus. Him and Lane Kiffin together might be enough to break Nick Saban's pathological war.....I mean football machine.
There's 14 fan bases that are absolutely stoked for next year. Naming just 5 is a little annoying.