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DD2, DD2 Legend, and a couple of other names you go by. You're the troll that makes fun of people with cancer. Better not let you're momma find out you're on the Internet again. You'll be grounded for the Jr prom.
USMC, I was stationed in Biloxi and spent a good deal of time in Louisiana which is a beautiful state. I spent some time in Alexandria that I enjoyed immensely. I haven't had the pleasure of visitit LSU but can't wait.
Your posts are normally intelligent and interesting but this one not so much. I hope we can move on from here.
You're the guy always ripping what other schools do in regards to football. Universities ain't all about football no matter how much you wish it were so and they don't play these games to satisfy your itch.
Barry Odom and Mizzou have to man up and keep most of these dudes. I hope they do.
I think Alabama as a state and a school are fantastic. The people couldn't be nicer and most of their fans are first rate as is the University. It's a lovely state to visit and I look forward to going back there. I try to stay positive where ever I go.
Did you see Myles Garrett's new book on the NFL draft? It's "How to Eff Away Millions of Dollars by Shooting Your Mouth Off." Can't fix stupid.
Well, you don't see any of the "fans" here ripping Florida for winning in a "down" East the last couple of years either. I only read that nonsense when Mizzou won the East. Just sayin.
Stop whining. Mizzou's a great school and a good fit for the SEC. Baby.
I agree totally. If your team is running the ball successfully the other teams O is on the bench and their D is dog tired by the end of the game.
Here's my opinion, thank God there's only a few LSU fans as ignorant as you.
Snowflake, you still angry Mizzou is in the SEC? Go have a cookie you'll feel better.
The people complaining about Mizzou on this site don't know what you're talking about. Missouri is a great university that unfortunately got caught up in the racial protest garbage that has hit our country. Those protests have hurt the football team and pissed off a bunch of fans. But don't for a second think it can't happen at LSU, Alabama, or any other university in the country. Let me tell you, it's not fun. Up until very recently, we had a thriving basketball and football program and I believe both will recover and again join the top 25 of each sport. I think Missouri is a great fit for the SEC. Both TAMU and Missouri are members of the Association of American Universities which an international organization of leading research universities devoted to maintaining a strong system of academic research and education. It consists of 60 universities in the United States (both public and private) and two universities in Canada. Only Vandy and Florida were members before we joined the SEC. The people here who don't like Mizzou need to stop whining and crying, we're here to stay.
I see you jumped into your other troll identity. You are so predictable.
You're an effing troll. One look at your lame comments tells everyone that you know nothing. Mizzou's won two east titles since the joined the SEC. How many has Georgia won? Zero.
You're the same troll who made fun of Maty Mauk's dad having cancer. You change your name but you're still the same old scumbag, just changed your name to shawn.
You're the same troll who made fun of Maty Mauk's dad having cancer. You change your name but you're still the same old scumbag, just changed your name to shawn.