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It'd be cool if you actually knew what you were talking about
True. Well do us a favor and beat Ole Miss then.
Both teams will be undefeated unless Ole Miss loses to Auburn.
Hope he stays another year. I'm proud that we have someone like him representing us.
Definitely. I mean this list should be made up entirely of Georgia players. Anything else is garbage.
I don't see us losing two games. Maybe one (Ole Miss), but definitely not two. That would be a huge letdown after the way we've dominated so far.
That record's not going to help you much this year will it
But with all that comes the pressure of winning. Dan would feel it and would be on the hot seat a lot more than at State. And we'll end up with a top 10-15 class this year and if Dak comes back too, he won't be leaving (not to mention the inevitable raise).
I believe we had more TOs than Auburn
And we didn't even storm the field Hail State
You probably wouldn't. He played baseball at State and is in the MLB now.
New rule: Arkansas wears those all the time
Lol you know what is the worst tradition? Your dumb eagles. "War Eagle!" like really? That whole thing is just based on some bs story made up by one of your drunk fans.
Yeah not too worried about the penalties, just think the whole thing's kinda lame. But more bells are always welcome.
Ok then bring plastic clappers or something stupid like that, but COWBELLS? Are you serious? This is a classless move by Auburn.
Wow. That's pretty pathetic. I'd think twice before ringing if I was an Auburn fan.
Eagles need a reality check, huh? Don't worry, you'll get one this Saturday.