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Yeah, but I think it's cooler playing Southern than, say, Arkansas State. I think fans are more excited because it's an in-state (FBS) opponent rather than any other cupcake team.
It's all in good fun. If anything these guys are being praised their cool and unique titles.
"Decent" Nough said
Who calls us cow college other than you you guys?
Yeah. Congrats on being ranked. You guys definitely deserve it.
Ole Miss fans sure are pretty cocky about being ranked in a couple preseason polls. News flash, they're meaningless. Now go back to the corner before we beat you with our third string quarterback.
Sorry but we're not planning on losing to Auburn this year. Your luck has officially run out. Btw, you're right about Dak, he's going to be even better.
Indeed. We were up with ten seconds left too. Auburn's good, but they could have easily been 8-4 last year.
11-2? I'll take that for sure. A&M's definitely a win imo, and I think our players are pretty pumped about Auburn after last year. I think that's a win too. Ole Miss, LSU, and Bama are the teams to beat. I believe we can even go 2-1 against them if this season's really to be special.
Can't say I'm very fond of players buying into their own Heisman hype. Just seems a bit selfish to me. I don't even think it's a good "goal" to have. It seems that the focus could shift from teamwork to individual stats pretty quickly that way, and you start doing things for the wrong reasons.
Great article and I like this series. These teams are more similar than a lot of people realize. This year's Egg Bowl could be one for the ages.
Hmm, I don't remember the fumble, but I do remember our 3rd string QB scoring on the 1st play of OT followed by yours throwing an interception to seal it. We were never going to lose that one, but by how much was the question.
There are definitely pros and cons here. I think more emphasis should be put on scheduling power teams, but not take away games against other schools. There are good teams not in a power conference that deserve recognition.
Interesting. I think it'd be fun if we played Oklahoma. I say bring it on. We're not afraid.
It is rough playing in the West. We have way more losses than we'd like, but we do lose to the best. A lot of our losses come from Alabama, LSU, and Auburn, for example, all of which have made national title appearances in that time. I'm already calling a couple Western upsets for us this year, so hopefully we can end the streak.
Thought that didn't sound quite right
Auburn's slate is interesting indeed. If we beat LSU and Texas A&M then we'll be ranked well within the top 20, and that would make 8 (assuming the rest stay ranked). Ouch.