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I don't think we've seen Prescott reach his full potential. He hasn't played a full game yet, and he hasn't played against a good team either. Expect the real Dak to show up and be ready to go.
We finally found the bamawagon
Preston Smith is undefeated
I'm PUMPED for LSU. Prescott's going to have his troops ready, and it's a good thing we're not ranked so we can maybe fly somewhat under the radar. The only thing we need is that win.
I genuinely felt bad for Will Muschamp. He looked like he was ready to start crying.
Actually we beat USA at USA (not like location really mattered though)
Just hope it doesn't get to our heads. If it does than I don't even want to.
I remember in 2012 when we played Texas A&M. We wore all white, sparkling facemasks and all, against their all black.
We'll see
I think Dan's just trying to get Damien some experience against (supposedly) lesser competition before we hit the meat of our schedule. I still don't think we should be seeing him at all unless we're up by 30 in the fourth quarter. Dak's our guy. End of story.
Geez man it's just for fun
1: Jon picked Florida 2: No one ever said State was better than OM (even though you can't seem to beat us) 3: MSU was picked as a SLEEPER team 4: Ole Miss is already ranked pretty high so they wouldn't be much of a sleeper now would they?
Yeah what I got out of your message was something like "State sucks and Ole Miss is the best team ever". At least try and sound objective next time. You should change your name to "BiasedBlackBear007".
State fans were really impressed with our alternate uniforms Saturday. People are actually petitioning Scott Stricklin to make them permanent. I'd actually be on board if only we would remove the ambnoxious logo from the pants.
Paul obviously has a crystal ball so I'll leave him to it
B..b..better than Manziel? Maybe
Oh and you'd know all about that wouldn't you, seeing as though Georgia hasn't won the conference in over a decade. And as I recall, we beat you last time we played.
Yeah, but I think it's cooler playing Southern than, say, Arkansas State. I think fans are more excited because it's an in-state (FBS) opponent rather than any other cupcake team.
It's all in good fun. If anything these guys are being praised their cool and unique titles.
"Decent" Nough said