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Little correction. You say if State loses, it would be back-to-back losses in SEC play, but since we beat Vanderbilt, that wouldn't be the case.
Uh correction. We BEAT #8 LSU @ Death Valley, #6 TAMU, and #2 Auburn. You say it like those teams were unranked when we beat them. Geez.
Yeah you'd like that wouldn't you
You know it's pretty fun being undefeated for once. We just sit back and grab the popcorn.
Don't care where it's on, just don't want Uncle Verne shouting "TOUCHDOWN DAN PRESCOTT!"
Oh I'm sorry, who have you beaten this year?
Whatever you say Herbie
It'd be cool if you actually knew what you were talking about
True. Well do us a favor and beat Ole Miss then.
Both teams will be undefeated unless Ole Miss loses to Auburn.
Hope he stays another year. I'm proud that we have someone like him representing us.
Definitely. I mean this list should be made up entirely of Georgia players. Anything else is garbage.
I don't see us losing two games. Maybe one (Ole Miss), but definitely not two. That would be a huge letdown after the way we've dominated so far.
That record's not going to help you much this year will it