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The thing that concerned me the most, honestly, is mauk developing the "Blaine gabbert syndrome", and fleeing the pocket when there really is no danger.
To be fair to White, no highly touted prospect meets expectations at the University of Texas. He's been cursed.
The only spot I would really be concerned about in the Missouri secondary would be the safety spot opposite of braylon Webb. Both our starting corners projected for this year played valuable minutes and performed well, especially while Gaines was injured.
"Guys, I know what we should do! Let's make a video of Georgia, Alabama, auburn, LSU, Florida, TAMU, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Ole Miss. Sprinkle a couple videos of Vanderbilt, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Miss State in there. Then present it as a video for the SEC as a whole! This should be good!"
I am so excited that James Franklin is getting a chance to play in the NFL. What a great human being, he just needs to stay healthy.
Auburn was lucky in making it to the national championship, but Auburn got to that point because they were good.
What about Jimmie hunt? Or has something happened to him?
Who says they don't? At least they are doing something about it instead of passing it off as nothing purely for the fact that they are football players.
Oh come on, guys, this comment is hilarious. Well played, Jake, well played indeed.
It's too bad Earnest Ross is gonna graduate. I'd honestly love to see that happen.