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Guys... There's this button between the tab and the shift key. Press it again.
And the moon landing was a fake.
That's one misleading title.
Hopefully Murphy performs better at his pro day. Also would have thought sasser would have been invited to the combine, guess not.
He is at the university of Oklahoma, last time I checked that wasn't an SEC school. You shouldn't report on a kid outside of the sec just because it's a bigger story. The same wouldn't happen for a kid who transfers out to a non-SEC school because he wasn't seeing any playing time. I don't expect anything different for DGB.
I think our cornerback play will get even better, but I'm uncertain about our safeties. Simon is always been a little iffy, while I'm not sure who starts on the other side (maybe Anthony sherrils?). I'm at least confident that our defense will be better and at the very least just as good.
This list is unbelievably subjective. Half of these players haven't even seen much of the field if any at all.
I'm saying that phrase is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard.
It's amazing to see how much of a difference one receiver can have on a team. After the injury to Treadwell ole miss was just never the same team.
Their bums.
"Keep in mind that you're making yourself look stupid" - AuburnPunchesChildren 2015
Weird, it's like the comment section is for commenting or something.
I guess if it's anybody from the pac-12 it's probably them. Oklahoma state just caught me by surprise, but that might be because I don't really know much about their team. All I know is they weren't that great last year so a jump like that seems unexpected.
Our special teams and defense practically put up 42 points on them last year. I'd say so.
I think brantley will make more plays, but nkemdiche is the more talented of the two.
Don't you have something better to do?
11? Well that's about as good as it's gonna get, boys.
I thought skipper was 6-10? Could be just imagining things.