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Any team that plays well out of their recruiting rankings is always going to get disrespected. I mean yeah, you'd think media outlets would learn. But they also don't have a whole lot to go on.
Wasn't our highest attendance before the 6k seat expansion that much? Wouldn't call that our "capacity". Possibly the highest we've had, but not capacity.
Same here. I feel our new AD is going to do some special things when it comes to filling the stadium week in and week out.
I'd assume there would be some sort of penalty for refusing to leave the pile, but I don't know.
Oh come on, pulling their head forward? They're 240+ defensive lineman. You're telling me their necks are too weak for that little added weight?
If loud and Brantley were still available I'd say I'd expect this team to be better than last year's squad. Now I'm not so sure.
You can't actually believe Dobbs is better than Prescott based on the information we have thus far.
Oh come on, bamatime, how are we supposed to predict a team that's going to play in 90 years, that's just ridiculous.
Really awful thing to happen, but you gotta wear seatbelts people. Hope he has a quick and full recovery though.
Bamatime is missouri fan confirmed.
Nobody was complaining.
I mean... It is the worst case.
Worst case: Marshall 1970. Best case: undefeated?
More attention makes you play bad? Okay.
Lmao I had no idea what you were talking about until I read my comment again. Damn autocorrect.
Georgia fans are going to get pussy again if we win because of our schedule. Especially if they beat us.