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Hornaldo Brantley is a nice one.
Yeah... That would make sense. The bearcats do have pretty good uniforms.
I hate hearing how quarterbacks didn't necessarily play well, but they know how to win games. Well, so would a lot of other quarterbacks. It's a team game.
Yeah... I liked the first time we played them better.
Don't forget about aj Logan or josh Augusta. Those guys are monsters.
As long as they can catch the dang ball I'm happy.
Doubt smith plays at tight end. Can't wait to get to see these guys play though.
Two of the most delusional people on this site agree with each other? Weird, all we need is the GT guy.
According to the family, the article he wrote about Elliott was very inaccurate.
Chris should write every mizzou article. Pls no brad.
Putting Minnesota at 25 and Missouri unranked... Shouldn't they be reporting on lebron?
Yeah, I have no idea where this site gets its information. Probably expect Brantley to be lined all up and down the line. Not sure how Odom really plans on running his defense. It would sure be fun to see Brantley lined up for short yardage plays though.
Strong second string rb? Highly doubt it. Don't think beckner starts out of the gate at least, but likely to see quite a bit of playing time.
I'm expecting not as much of a falloff in 2015 as expected from the Missouri D-Line. Expect great things especially from our interior defensive lineman in Brantley and Augusta. Loud has proven himself more at the defensive end position than I've seen from Harris, but expecting those two to be the starters. Looking for big contributions from the Juco DE Marcell Frazier and possibly Beckner Jr. if we end up landing him. Beckner seems like a guy who can play all across the line with his size. Not exactly sure what to expect from the defense next year, but i think it's safe to say they are going to be pretty decent. Wide receiver and the play of Mauk will be our keys to offense next year. If mauk and the receiving corps struggle, the running game has to be a strong point of Mizzou's game next year (which it appears to be). Expecting big things from Nate Brown and J'Mon Moore. Either way the east seems to be a better division next year than this last. As for the top 3, it's definitely a race between UT, GA, and MU. I'll go with: 1. Missouri (homer pick) 2. Georgia 3. Tennessee 4. Florida 5. Kentucky 6. South Carolina 7. Vanderbilt
He's 6'3, how do you mess that up?
As somebody who lives close to Springfield. Meh.
Alabama beat the living hell out of us. Does that sound like an excuse? That wasn't even part of the argument anyway, get the hell out.
You're such a dumbass. Please actually read what I wrote before you even comment back. I'm not trying to talk smack at all, you're just delusional.
Getting really sick of this "if your team played these caliber teams in their bowl games" excuse. You are the "better team", correct? And the better teams play the better teams come bowl season, right? Then get done what you have to get done. Not everybody gets a shot at Ohio state, dude, that was YOUR job. Stop making excuses for why you didn't win, you faced the better team, yes, but you were also supposedly the best team.
Saying they are worn down more than any other conference is a piss poor excuse. Just accept the fact that specifically the Mississippi schools got worse as the season went on. While teams like A&M and Arkansas improved during that time frame. I do believe at one point in time the Sec West was the dominant conference in college football, but things certainly have changed.