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Am I the only one who really likes the Tamu helmets? Those miss st. helmets are absolutely dreadful to look at and even more dreadful with the rest of that uniform.
I don't see why people seem to think we're gonna have such a good OL. I mean, will it be better than last year? I imagine. Experience just doesn't necessarily mean production. There's boehm, McGovern, and who else are sure-fire consistently strong offensive lineman? Or are we going to pretend people like McNulty and Chappell haven't underperformed the past years?
I don't think it's fair to pinkel to penalize him for not having the resources or geography that mark richt has at Georgia.
Exactly what I was thinking. Spurrier has done a ton in his career up until lately so I definitely see the argument. But richt? Give me a break.
The cheerleader on the left also looks exactly like cassadee pope.
The one with Mauk in a suit was probably the best one.
Judging by the way the scrimmage went today, I'd say the potential is certainly there.
I do believe David Johnson transferred.
I really love the talent we have at receiver. I just don't think the chemistry and game experience is there yet.
Highly doubt they would have redshirted him no matter what.
Why? It's literally just a statistic. There's no changing those.
I mean... We already knew their SOS was bad? Not sure what you're talking about.
Ezekiel Elliott might be the only running back I'd put ahead of chubb.
You literally just like copy and pasted your previous comment...
It's a very thin line in the West. Which is why it really annoys me when Bamatime mentions the two conference wins. Arkansas was close in just about every game they played. Just took a little to get over the hump.
Any team that plays well out of their recruiting rankings is always going to get disrespected. I mean yeah, you'd think media outlets would learn. But they also don't have a whole lot to go on.
Wasn't our highest attendance before the 6k seat expansion that much? Wouldn't call that our "capacity". Possibly the highest we've had, but not capacity.
Same here. I feel our new AD is going to do some special things when it comes to filling the stadium week in and week out.
I'd assume there would be some sort of penalty for refusing to leave the pile, but I don't know.
Oh come on, pulling their head forward? They're 240+ defensive lineman. You're telling me their necks are too weak for that little added weight?