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The only way we legitimately find out is through a police report (which he wasn't arrested, so that obviously isn't an option). Or from Mauk himself. Which also won't happen. The university never addresses the cause for suspension if it's not public already.
Don't act like Mauk doesn't have the talent. He most certainly does. He just has horrible decision making and I'm not really sure how much he actually cares about football.
Holy cow. I wasn't really even being serious. Just throwing out what could have possibly happened. Dude is going through a lot of crap right now between people calling for his head at qb and his dad. Probably just did something stupid as college students tend to do.
I've heard it from people who go to mizzou. And people on reddit are saying it. Not exactly evidence, but it's the closest thing we've got. He was also arrested freshman year if you all remember.
It probably has to do with Mauk being a huge drug dealer.
Let the lock hype commence.
Good, feed the mentality of major college football players only going to school to play football. I'm sure this would help.
Once we get Hansbrough back I think things will start opening up for our offense. That being said, any team with a good offense we'll lose to right now. We just have no way of matching points offensively, our defense can't do it all. Also, what the heck is going on in Fayetteville?
The o-line played their best game of the year... Not really sure what you fools are talking about. They opened up holes at times even ish Witter could identify. Gave a lot more time to throw the ball. The lack of offense seemed to lean on the quarterbacks more than anything.
Actually he can be our biggest ground threat. And probably should be
I'd like to see more out of Leftwich. The catch he made was really impressive. Unfortunately Moore and brown have all the physical tools they would ever need, but can't seem to hang on to anything.
Yeah, our offense blows thus far. There isn't much room to talk.
The offensive line was good last year?
I feel like this game ends up a lot like the semo game as far as scoring goes. Assuming we have boehm and Hansbrough back (which seems to be the case), I think we fare better given the opponent. I figure pinkel will have the guys ready and the miscommunications at wr be straightened out after a week of practice.
I don't really know how they justified the sun Devils being so high. None the less it was an impressive win for A&M.
Well when we look at it from a statistics standpoint, LSU really underperformed.
Let's be fair to Mauk here... The second (to-be) int was 100‰ the receiver's fault. And there were plenty of drops and Culkin stepping on the back of the end zone. I didn't have a problem with his play except for some decisions he made. He likes to never give up on the play when he should throw it out of bounds (see first int).
Agreed. Some times they had space and made something out of it, but most of the time they were just smothered... Against semo. Highly doubt they were playing to their full capabilities though.