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Spencer Williams* FTFY
I don't think this necessarily means they win the east, but Georgia at 18? And no Tennessee? I don't get it either.
I think if you put ole piss at #14 and bumped everyone else up, this isn't a bad list.
Also, if I'm remembering right, as did ours.
Nice. At least our wide receiver isn't trash.
Honestly he probably doesn't even belong on this list at all.
To be honest we haven't really been that good of a team on the offensive side of the ball every year we were in the SEC. The best year was 2013 when we were practically running a two qb system. Assuming that maty is healthy and gets back into the form we saw in 13 (if not better), this year could be our best offensive year this far, despite possibly having the worst receiving corps at least coming into the season. Taking in to consideration that we have possibly the most experienced offensive lines in the SEC and Russell Hansbrough back, our offense seems to be in good shape. As far as the defense is concerned, we improve in every area except for maybe our pass rushing (which shouldn't be that big of a drop off).
Dead on. Treadwell definitely is the no. 3 wide receiver, doesn't belong in the top 2.
Generalizing a fan base is a pretty weak comeback when I don't really complain on here at all.
He's so upset.
Really, I don't know why they don't make ole miss the whole all-American team.
Both isn't redshirted.
Maybe considering the state population. But more than a state like Florida or Texas? Absolutely not. Also, not sure how many people care, but we do have an MLS team.
Well I didn't expect much. Keep these predictions coming.
3 touchdowns in the scrimmages is also 3 more than we had last spring. So keep that in mind. I don't really see the problem in a 9-14 maty Mauk, definitely an improvement from what the other scrimmages have had.
You didn't read what he wrote, did you?
The only thing i can think of when i see mcgovern is that he looks like a freaking musketeer.
Could have won a national title in 1990 if it weren't for the 5th down... That would be nice.
I feel like there must be an injury hampering him. Could still be the hamstring issue, but you could see he was a far better athlete than Sam on the field. His play in the senior bowl wasn't what we were seeing throughout the season.