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3 touchdowns in the scrimmages is also 3 more than we had last spring. So keep that in mind. I don't really see the problem in a 9-14 maty Mauk, definitely an improvement from what the other scrimmages have had.
You didn't read what he wrote, did you?
The only thing i can think of when i see mcgovern is that he looks like a freaking musketeer.
Could have won a national title in 1990 if it weren't for the 5th down... That would be nice.
I feel like there must be an injury hampering him. Could still be the hamstring issue, but you could see he was a far better athlete than Sam on the field. His play in the senior bowl wasn't what we were seeing throughout the season.
Can't tell if defense really good... Or offense really bad.
Since when are the rams actually moving?
To be fair, we are pretty disrespected. Maybe not as much as a lot of people make it out to be, but we are. You can't deny that.
The center is like the QB of the offensive line, while the left tackle would be like the biggest offensive weapon a team has.
I don't even like the color red, but for some reason I absolutely love Wisconsin's helmets. In the SEC (based helmet design) I'd have to say I really like vandy's and florida's. Out of alternative designs I'd honestly go with either mizzou's yellow tiger on black.
Not sure Rhodes stays in the starting spot, Malik ceuller should push hard for the starting spot as well.
Agreed, the tradition of the rock m is too important, but the fact that there are no seats on that side kind of just make it look a little odd. Especially considering we'll probably start adding seats to the other side relatively soon.
Pretty sure he's a Kansas fan, so I can guarantee nothing.
Weird how you think that about ole miss players on every list.
The safety spot opposite Simon is a little question mark, but I really like Anthony sherrils and expect him to start.
I may be mistaken, but isn't auburn known for its violence issues?
They already won the duals championship. Right now they seem unstoppable. I don't know that much about wrestling and I could be wrong, but I'd be kinda surprised if they didn't compete for a national championship.
I think everybody can agree Georgia was the better team last year between the two. They just didn't get done what they had to get done.