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Otte appears to be second on the depth chart. Probably won't start though, will be interesting to see who they plug in. I imagine it will be Moore.
I think we still have a reasonable chance to get that tight end to commit to mizzou.
Somebody needs to make a video of all of our receivers' drops throughout the season to "drop city" (I assume that remix is out there).
He seems like too good of an athlete to keep off the field. It also seems very likely he'd sit as a backup his entire career with lock coming in.
I don't even understand.
I don't know why they list Harris as a 3 star constantly. He's listed as a 4 star everywhere else.
I wish we'd utilize reed more.
I've seriously never heard a single thing about that. I have no idea how.
Why would you say that?
I'm not sure we have any JUCO wide receivers on our board in all honesty. It would be nice, but I've not heard a thing about it. As for our other wide receivers, I'm not sure leftwich is starting by the start of next season. Nate brown pretty well has an automatic starting spot with the kind of talent he has. We'll get the guy back who was suspended this year (his name slips my mind). Lawrence lee should get plenty of time along with j'mon Moore. We lose depth on our d-line, but the starters seem pretty locked with Augusta, Brantley, Harris, and loud. Our back seven only gets better outside of losing Webb. Our o-lineman get another year under their belt, only having to replace morse. The thing I'm most excited to see is the talent at running back we have returning and coming in. Mauk only gets better as we look to have a better team next year than currently.
Bagget has one hell of a leg. He just struggles with accuracy at times. He's played well of late though, hopefully he can continue that.
To be fair, our offense was garbage at that point and time.
I don't think the kids care about the kind of offense as much as the facilities the university has, among other things. That's why I also mentioned a lot of lower tier teams would find success with the triple option. It doesn't require an incredible amount of talent to produce a lot of offense, not to mention how hard it is to defend.
I wouldn't be too hasty, mizzou had the same opportunity against navy one year in a bowl game a couple years back. We couldn't stop them worth crap. The triple option is scary, I'm not sure why more teams don't run it. Especially lower teir ones.
He meant auburn and Georgia.
Well unfortunately we lose our top 3 receivers in hunt, white, and sasser after this year. We will have a good crop of young talent coming in from the 2014 class at wide receiver next year. It will take time, but I expect the tigers to have a decent wide receiving corps next year led by nate brown. We return 4 of our 5 starting offensive lineman as seniors. Culkin will hopefully learn how to catch in the off season. Hansbrough returns along with ish Witter. Not to mention the additions of chase abbington and nate strong. Our defensive line loses depth, but expect good things from Marcus loud and Charles Harris next year. Along with some very talented d lineman on the interior with josh Augusta and Harold Brantley. Also heard hatley's name called a lot this Saturday. Our back seven will only improve as we only have to replace braylon Webb at safety. The loss of duron singleton also hurts a little as he was a great run defender. I may eat my words, but I think it's safe to expect a better Missouri team next year. Roll tide! Show them what SEC football is about.
Any of these teams can beat each other on any given day. That said, the only team that I think really stands a chance against bama is the ducks. Their defense has improved a lot and makes them a really scary team if I'm Alabama. Met a lot of nice bama fans at the SECCG, roll tide!
This would have happened whether or not that is true. You didn't see south Carolina fans doing this last year. I'm also just speaking for myself, I could care less about what a fellow mizzou fan had to say.
Can Georgia fans show a little bit of class? They were even talking crap on reddit. NOBODY talks crap on the CFB subreddit. There has to be some class Georgia fans out there. Great game btw, Alabama, your team showed up and mizzou definitely did not. Now go win the SEC a national championship.