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Prayers up for you sir. Godspeed on your road to recovery.
Son, you can't stay that long, you only get four years of eligibility. Sorry.
Very sorry. Prayers for the family and friends.
South Carolina locked and cocked since there is no mention of them here?
Kirby has to get rid of the mental block we have with beating Florida. Its not talent, its mental. Solve that problem and we are good. Tech and Vandy were flukes, the wins over Tennessee will come after their miracle win last year. Auburn did basically the same thing to us in 2013 and have not beaten us since.
This doesn't even make sense. No one in their right minds believe these are the top 25 players EVER to sign with the SEC. No Hershel Walker, no Bo Jackson, no Tim Tebow just for starters. Amazing.
Somehow, UGA has to get past the mental block of not beating Florida. Its purely mental now, the talent is there and should count for something.
I actually started laughing when I read that. Tennessee, the 2016, Circle of Life or whatever Winner. Back to Rocky Top Andy.
Funny coming from UGA which is 9-2 vs Auburn over the past 11 years. Stick to your gaytors.
Kentucky and Louisville refused to play each other until the state legislature got involved in the early 80s I believe. Forced them to compete.
I would say for you to win fewer games to protect the trees but you don't win many games already.
I forgot to mention the Lifetime Achievement Award or whatever that was you won as well. Congratulations!
I love that "Offseasonl National Championship" that Tennessee gave itself.
Of course dropping acid is the sign of a strong moral character.
Easy. Your team will soon be basement dwellers with those other dogs, then you settle your problems out of sight of the rest of the conference.
Passed out, not sleeping. Same substance that had him fall out the hotel window in Atlanta probably. Big trouble for any team that he plays for. Money talked at Ole Miss I guess.
And in other news from Kansas.......... We'll see how many of them actually sign with Kansas. And covering the news from Kansas is sure to make Missouri fans happy with SDS.
They should advertise next California Psychics. Think of the money Dobbs and Jones could make being as gifted as they are to tell the future.
All we have to celebrate in Atlanta is Shanahan leaving, although it is one game too late. He and Mark Richt share an inability to make the right decisions in the most crucial spots.