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All word coming out of tennessee is that jg will jave the spot but butch wont announce so that dormady doesnt transfer before the year. And jg was the number 1 dt qb over hurts and bentley.
But Bentley? Im not saying be dont be skeptical, but if any other team had a number one dual threat on the team. That would be all they would talk about is analyzing his play ability( bama and tua)
I know Tennessee doesnt have the proven starter, but guarantano was the number 1 dual threat of his class ranked higher than hurts and bentley. Why expect growing pains from him with a red shirt but you dont see any with the others?
I dont need to see the photo to know he's got a big hog.
Its apolitical because he already turned down an invitation in 2014 after he had been to the white house twice with bama. You people are so eager to be offended you cant see that he just doesnt see the allure in going again.
He is an idiot, hightower is a Lewisburg, TN product some have pride for local guys regardless of bias.
Yeah they should just sit there and suffer through the first major decision of their life, even if it will prevent them from acheiving their dreams. These kids need to learn how to be blindly loyal to a coach that can take another job tomorrow with no repercussions. And they need to do this just so i can have something to argue about with the other mouthbreathing morons i work with.
That story came from a tweet he made hanging up emoji cleats. The reality was that was him talking about FIFA, he had lost a video game and was joking about hanging up his fifa cleats. He continued to play and develop into a potential threat with more development.
Win the east* my phone is cutting out words for aome reason sorry if its hard to understand.
Rankings were 247 for all of them. And do you not remember why yall fired richt? Because eventhough he averaged 10 wins a year he consistently failed to meet expectations those expectations were to the east and nationally.
Mark richt's last three classes ranked in order 12,8,5 the current class is ranked 8 so evidence doesnt support you hypothesis. I find it hilarious everyone males fun of tennessee for their yearly optimism yet every year since 2012 Uga was the expected winner of the east(except last year of course).
So if its Tennessee's year next year why am i already hearing the Georgia hype train leaving the station?
This is also my opinion and im not sure how i would feel about it.
It is my interpretation that he is saying that his dad doesnt speack for him, and i personally find that refreshing that this young man is taking control of his life and his public image.
If only yall would have realized it with the pathetic Carl Lawson
What production his career numbers are 67 tackles 24.5 tfl and 14.5 sacks hell Derek Barnett had 71 tackles 20.5 tfl and 10 sacks just his freshman year. I said it after last year and ill say it again Carl Lawson is a flop and never lived up to any of his hype.
Watch the full video and he sniffs his hand after
The one thing i think about next year is that jg was the number 1 dual threat this year ranked over jalen hurts, not saying that they cant get those things wrong but im hopefull for what he will be able to do.
And barnett has two forced fumbles and an interception. Its simple there is no de that comes close to barnett statistically not a single one