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There seems to be a lot of mixed information about what he did for Clemson. It looks like he was executive director of the booster money coming in to the athletic department. He must have been going through some highs and lows between his wife passing away and Clemson winning the national championship.
Xavier Thomas has already stated that he's staying in SC and it is down to Clemson and South Carolina. Why add Florida State to the mix?
Both of these are absolutely correct. The question is which one falls first. Coaches quit coming to him because of how they are typically treated or he retires.
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"Saban had this planned all along. It was his end game for Kiffin" - 90% of the Bama posters on here.
I guess it's a two-sided coin. You could say he's developed a lot of coaching talent or you could say that he's had plenty of coaches there were excited to get out from under his thumb.
Maybe what I'm trying to say is that I'm worried that college football is turning into recruitment only. A lot of schools are recruit first, develop talent 2nd. Saban is a big reason of Alabama's success since 2008 but the game changes. Saban is a much better coach that Swinney but Clemson won on raw talent alone. As some of these Clemson players make it to the NFL, you'll have your proof whether they only used them to win games or actually helped further their career. So far, Swinney really doesn't have a good streak with their NFL talent the last 6-7 years.
In the short term, it works. How do you think Clemson turned it around in 2-3 years? In 2010 they lost to South Florida in a bowl game. Got destroyed by WVU in 2012.
I don't think anyone disagrees with what you said. What is starting to be the issue is that it's starting to be more public on how difficult it is to deal with Saban. His success paired with how he treats his coaches is his own worst enemy. He is either going to pull an Urban Meyer and breakdown from the stress of expectations, retire because he can't find any assistant coaches he's satisfied with, or lead Alabama down a dark path that ultimately requires them to fire him. Your last statement, "programs that let the players clown, and the coaches all are bffs, are the programs that do not sustain long success". Alabama was just beat by a team that lives by that mantra.
The evidence is mounting up that no coach likes to report to Nick Saban. His own success is going to destroy him or make him retire early.
"South Carolina losing linebackers" - link title from the main page So are the Gamecocks losing one LB or multiple?
Is he trying to compete with Kiffin on being the douchey coach of the year? What a stupid thing to do. If he under performs at FSU and is let go... that quote will haunt him.
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So what you are saying is that Saban has no problem recruiting a freshman high school player even if he knows he might not even be around to see him graduate high school. Gotcha
According to the article, it sounded like he didn't want to recruit freshman because he knew he wasn't going to be around to see them graduate from college. Has nothing to do about competing. Simple
The dude brings more drama than Cam Newton with half the talent.
You don't know many Clemson fans either do you? The act like Alabama fans, and now they have the hardware just the same. Be prepared for the media love fest with a Clemson team that has gooching in their playbook.
Wow Auburn, that's weird. Everybody hates their rival but at the end of the day... Alabama had a much more successful season than Auburn did.
So if Nick Saban were to say, our brand of football won tonight.... what would Dabo Swinney's response have been?