Hey, I'm Teddy. I'm a huge classic rock fan, and of course I love SEC football, and more importantly, Auburn football. I've been reading Saturday Down South for 3 years, I check it daily during football season. SDS is THE go-to site for SEC football. William Wallace is a bad ass, btw.

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In SEC play, you will not always be able to rely on scoring outside of the red zone. In the red zone, especially in the SEC, touchdowns are extremely necessary to win big ball games.
"We still have to keep an eye on Texas A&M once they get into SEC play" So I guess playing South Carolina wasn't SEC play...that's harsh. I guess you meant SEC West play. The Texas A&M games in October and November will be indeed interesting to see.
Congratulations to Eddie Jackson, I'm sure the Alabama secondary is glad to have him back on the playing field.
Texas a and m may have earned a top 10 maybe even top 5 spot but a lot of his poll is a joke. Marshall ranked? Wisconsin loses a game and only drops 4 spots? Not to mention ranking auburn 12th (maybe that's just me, a bitter auburn homer) Ridiculous that this mans opinion is regarded in the ap poll
Just a former Georgia Bulldog trolling. Everyone assumes if Chris Davis didn't return that field goal for a touchdown that Auburn would have lost. No, they would have gone into overtime with an Auburn team with one of the best red zone defenses and an Alabama team that was a bit cold on the kicking game. Auburn did win with the final seconds of the Mississippi State game, but the Georgia game was won with 25 seconds left and Texas A@M was won with about a minute left. Every team with double digit wins has at least 1-2 games (some more than others) where there was a close game. Does that make them bad for playing it close then barely winning in the last minute? Depends on who they play, but while the games could have easily gone the other way, it didn't and the games were won.
Looks like that 100% chance of winning against Temple might need to be bumped down. A lot.
Probably the Gamecock defense. No one doubted that Kevin Sumlin's offense would score a lot of points, but this South Carolina defense looked miles away from where it was only a season ago (and not in a good way)
Well, would Wisconsin still be perceived as the league's 3rd best team after Ohio State loses Braxton Miller for the season? I know Ohio State has some depth; even in the big 10, a 12-0 regular season record isn't all done with one guy.
If they could get away with those road game jerseys, I'm all for it! I've always felt that the current road game jerseys lacked imagination, and I hated that Auburn wore them in the national championship game against Florida State. I'm guessing the only reason they aren't allowed to do the orange jerseys would be in case they were playing Tennessee or Clemson on the road.
Auburn homer-isms aside, I knew what the top 2 plays were going to be.
Concerning Auburn's list: Tre Mason and Ben Tate both had higher yardage totals than Ronnie Brown and Stephen Davis, no offense to their great work.
Do us all a favor and go get a sense of humor. SDS was not trying to offend with this article. They put in the disclaimer that these are some pretty unique names, and I agree. The last names can't be helped, and some of the first names are nick names, so its not all as offensive or racist as you want it to be. Plus if you did some research on these names, the collection is from a variety of races, not knocking on any particular one.
Les Miles's conference record at Oklahoma State probably shouldn't apply to his overall SEC record.
University of Louisiana State...I thought it was Louisiana State University. Maybe he shouldn't have been cleared...
But thats the thing, Auburn always plays a good 6-7 ranked teams year in year out, while some SEC teams barely play half of that. In 2010, Auburn played 7 ranked teams, in 8 contests (Clemson, South Carolina twice, Arkansas, LSU, Georgia, Alabama, Oregon) while in 2013, auburn played 8 ranked teams (Miss State, Ole Miss, LSU, TAMU, Georgia, Alabama, Mizzou, Florida State). It comes with the territory, and when Auburn fields a good team and good coach, they can usually handle the heavy schedule.
Yea army guys right you need to two defensive tackles and two defensive ends, not 3 defensive ends and 1 defensive tackle. We all know what you mean, though
Correction on the section concerning backs posting 1000+ yards in their first two seasons: Michael dyer is also a member of that club, despite the absence of a junior campaign.
Maybe an extended top 10 would include some Florida and Georgia rematches and I personally can't wait for auburn vs. LSU
Auburn was 5-1 after beating ole miss. They lost to LSU the week before 35-21.