Hey, I'm Teddy. I'm a huge classic rock fan, and of course I love SEC football, and more importantly, Auburn football. I've been reading Saturday Down South for 3 years, I check it daily during football season. SDS is THE go-to site for SEC football. William Wallace is a bad ass, btw.

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Yes, hogs should be in top 25. May not have as many wins as the rest of the top 25, but they have upset two ranked SEC West teams, and played close against 3 others. Heck even had Auburn scared until the 2nd half.
Sorry that that most of the power 5 conferences outside of the SEC have cupcake conference schedules.
Ever since Auburn nearly knocked off Florida State in the national title game last year, Florida State has just squeaked by, on the field, and off the field. They may not be punished for the off the field incidents (yet) but I think I speak for everyone in the SEC when I say "Florida, we really want your team to embarrass Florida State. Don't just do it for the SEC, do it for the nation. Hell, even do it for yourselves."
If a qb has 2600 passing yards, how is his leading receiver only have 300 yards? Unless tamu has 12 receivers with 100 yards or more
^^^ THIS is the comment/response of the week. Perfectly captures the well-wishers and not-so-well-wishers in a rivalry. There are plenty of those on both sides of the Iron Bowl rivalry.
Texas A&M won 21-16, not 17-10
2009 Iron Bowl for Auburn. 2010 Iron Bowl for Bama. 2010 SC vs. (Bama). 2012 LSU vs. (Auburn). 2012 Texas A@M vs. (Alabama). I'll even say LSU's loss to Mississippi State this year was gut wrenching, since they almost came back and won. A loss is a loss, no matter how bad or how close, and many fan bases, I'm sure, have their own "worst" losses.
Tennessee is losing games but* more closely, my mistake. And I forgot about Tennessees loss to Oklahoma so that's 26 losses for the sec east not 25.
Not to mention you talk about Texas a&ms collapse yet you fail to mention Missouri's and South Carolina's collapse. Ole miss and Mississippi states rise as well made the sec west a lot more competitive while Florida and Kentucky was not as much of a doormat as last season. Tennessee is still losing games but not as closely. Arkansas is playing closer games than last year. The sec as a whole is getting stronger, but there are no consistently dominant teams in the east, unlike the west.
Using the transitive property (team a beat team b then team b beat team c therefore team a should beat team c) does not always work. Unique Matchups and momentum change the outcome of many games. If you want to see how well the west is doing compared to the east, look how many ranked west teams there are (5) while the east has 1. The west has 1 undefeated team, 2 1 loss teams, 2 2 loss teams, 1 3 loss team and 1 4 loss team, 13 losses this season. The east has 1 2 loss team, 2 3 loss teams 3 4 loss teams and a 5 loss team, 25 losses, nearly twice as many losses this season with 4 weeks of the season remaining. Arkansas is the only team in the sec west who has a loss to a non sec-west opponent, while all sec east teams except Georgia have lost to someone outside their division. Then there are the sec east vs. sec west Matchups. The west is 9-1, the sole loss being Arkansas, the sec wests worst team, to Georgia the sec easts best (?) team. There are only 4 cross divisional games remaining, so the sec west ready has a winning record against the east this season and it's not close. So...maybe the west is at the least, a little better than the east?
Some honorable mention should be made for Ellis Johnson's defense
Ugh, don't compare Jameis Winston to dak Prescott, Winston is not worthy to lick dak's cleats
Alabama was not ranked #1 this season...not yet at least.
Alabama was not number 1...do y'all need an editor?
Ehh, I'm pretty sure Ole Miss and Mississippi State fans are cringing as much Auburn and Alabama fans when they include the rival school's QB as the "Alabama" and "Mississippi" tandem. Don't class Marshall and Sims together, please. That being said I do think Marshall and Johnson make better QBs than Prescott and Wallace.
#3, Alabama was #3, not #1... please check your article titles before making such daring assumptions. It wouldn't kill you guys to spell check or fact check your information before posting online. Do you not have an editor?
Hell, looks like Katy Perry has found a new spot as a talking head. She parties with the locals, she's well known, and made better picks than most of the ESPN analysts (also easier on the eyes than a lot of them, too).
Yeah, I'm a little confused about this one too. TAMU didn't look all that sharp against Rice, either, a few weeks ago, but I guess Auburn isn't worthy of being ahead of TAMU in the power rankings, despite having a better AP ranking, and a better result against a common opponent.