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The only thing Cam raped was Bama. But coming from the toothless nation that likes to sing Rammer Jammer, I can see how you can't tell the difference.
What an idiot. I can't imagine a father that would let their daughter date or marry a scumbag like that.
The whole immunity deal from the NCAA was a complete joke and setup. What school wouldn't love to have that power to sink a rival. The NCAA are the ones that need a shower.
The last time Auburn got caught doing anything was a setup by Bama boosters. The last time Bama got caught was because of Fullmer. It's a vicious circle...
Kind of a stretch for a story. Bentley was only at Opelika because his dad was on Gus's staff for one year. Blackmon is closer to Auburn and Gus, Bentley and his dad were only in Alabama for 1 year.
Actually, MSU didn't say NO...they tried to raise the money and couldn't. Then the coaching staff sat on the information until it was obvious he was going with Auburn.
He can't get an advantage in the NFL by maximizing his roster. He out-man's college teams by out-recruiting. He's an average coach when it comes to Xs and Os. I don't care for Belichick, but he can coach circles around Saban.
I don't blame Barber. He was never going to improve his draft stock by returning. Young should have returned, but I believe he already had his degree and was looking at a new OL coach. Maybe Hand could have helped him, but he never seemed liked a player destined for the NFL.
Auburn has been cursed since 2013. Losing to two of the worst UGA teams that I can remember with the worst play calling/coaching I've ever seen. If anyone has been lucky, it's UGA.
Because his parents said they felt confident they could find employment in Alabama after talking with the Bama coaching staff on their visit. Isn't his father a preacher? Hmmm...interesting. It's not like this isn't the 100th family relocated to Alabama by Saban. Heads back in the sand now...
...and he's been fired. The Bama money stretches deep into Louisianna.
Well duh, the entire family is being moved to B'ham by Bama. Nothing to see here folks, move right along.
Build him a big corner office and name the field after him. Just watch out if he starts getting in front of the camera after hitting the sauce.
That was my immediate thought. Somebody just got told he's about to be a daddy.
I don't understand why a high school coach would try to help any University to recruit any player. His responsibility is to help a kid get an offer and to help him make the best choice...for him. The coach should never give a crap about trying to help a University.
But they didn't have a problem inviting a guy that got arrested in the past 12 months with weed and a stolen gun in the car?
Now they are getting media exposure for NOT having one. Brilliant!