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Whether you’re a lifelong Alabama resident or a Georgia graduate living in New York City, Saturday Down South is the top destination for SEC fans both inside and outside the Southeast. SEC football is more than just a game on Saturdays, and this reality informs everything we do here at SDS. Why do SEC fans love SDS? Because SDS is for SEC fans, by SEC fans. We understand the game, life around the game and what it means when you hear a person say “Go Dawgs” or “War Eagle.”

Saturday Down South provides coverage of all 14 SEC football teams including breaking news, analysis and historical data. If it happens in the SEC, SDS has it covered.

Drew RobertsChief Executive Officer
Drew is on a mission to prove that Kentucky football has a pulse and find new ways to combine fine cigars and SEC football. He loves football in the south and is one of the three co-founders of Saturday Down South.
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Kevin DuffeyChief Technology Officer
A graduate of University of Florida, Kevin is unashamed of jean shorts and has an odd obsession for obscure SEC football stats. He also finds pleasure in bashing other conferences.
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Jon CooperDirector of Distribution
A regular SEC Football expert who writes about the 14 teams, all the while preparing for an eventual QB challenge with any and all 3rd-string QBs in the SEC.
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Justin KingDirector of Video Operations
A graduate of the University of South Carolina and former ESPN employee, Justin believes the best stories can't be scripted and the best moments come naturally.
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Mack DaltonDirector of Communications
Worked for the internet in Los Angeles before being lured back to Florida by SEC football and the promise of a bourbon bar. When he's not internetting or watching football, he's probably out giving himself 4-footers on the golf course.
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Brad CrawfordSEC Football Analyst
A former print media journalist from the Carolinas, Brad joined our team in 2011 and has a soft spot for free safeties after once leveling a wide receiver in junior high.
Christopher SmithSEC Football Analyst
An itinerant journalist, Christopher has moved between states 11 times in seven years. Formally an injury-prone Division I 800-meter specialist, he now wanders the Rockies in search of high peaks.
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Christopher WalshSEC Football Analyst
Christopher Walsh has covered Alabama football since 2004 and is the author of 19 books. In his free time, he writes about college football.
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Brian McLaughlinSEC Recruiting Analyst
Brian is the SEC recruiting analyst for Saturday Down South and also selects the Parade All-America teams. Brian has a strong wife, three above average kids and a passion for college football.
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Ethan LevineSEC Football Analyst
A former newspaper reporter who has roamed the southeastern United States for years covering football and eating way too many barbecue ribs, if there is such a thing.
Keith ChartrandSEC Football Analyst
Worked in online, print, TV and radio. Bobby Valentine once wore a pair of my socks for 8 hours. In an awkward exchange, he handed them back to me to which they were immediately deposited in a trash can.
Drew LaingSEC Football Analyst
Drew Laing will be providing analysis and insight on all 14 teams and specifically on Florida and Arkansas. He believes there is no better time than Saturdays in the fall.
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Jordan CoxSEC Football Analyst
After living in Birmingham, Ala., Jordan left the center of SEC Nation to head south to Florida to tell the unique stories of the renowned tradition of SEC football. In his free time, his mission is to find the best locales around.
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Jason HallSEC Football Analyst
A former freelance journalist from Nashville, Jason covers his alma mater and would thoroughly enjoy seeing the Big Orange return to the pinnacle of college football.
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Murf BaldwinSEC Football Analyst
Murf Baldwin specializes in diving deep into the Xs and Os of the game with the goal of educating and entertaining while bringing fans closer to their team.

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