Are you ready for the Game of the Century? Or this year’s version of it at least. That’s right, it’s Alabama vs. LSU. Two titans enter. Only one will leave … and the other will probably make the Playoff, anyway. But if you’re a neutral fan, who should you root for?

We’re here to help you out. We put together a list of 20 reasons it’s better to be an Alabama fan than an LSU fan. Sorry Tigers fans, your list is coming soon.

1. All the championships

Honestly, how many more reasons do you even need than 17 national titles?

2. You’ve employed the greatest coach in the history of the game … twice

First there was Bear Bryant, and now there is Nick Saban. (You remember, him, right? He left you to go to … the Miami Dolphins?) Meanwhile, LSU had a coach who ate grass.

3.  You don’t have to wear purple

Imagine being a grown man who wears all purple every Saturday … couldn’t be Bama fans.

4. Checkered hats go with every season

Say what you want about Bear Bryant, but the man knew style.

5. Winning is a lot better than losing

LSU knows a lot more about the losing part of that.

6. You get to be a part of college football’s best rivalry

Who’s LSU’s rival? Tulane?

7. You can understand what your coach is saying

LSU fans definitely don’t have this luxury, a’ight?

8. Visiting fans actually like going to your stadium

Death Valley is the worst place to be for an opposing fan. At least Bama offers some southern hospitality.

9. You get to embarrass Tennessee every year

One of the true joys of being a Bama fan.

10. You get to watch Tua play quarterback

As long as his ankle is OK.

11. Any slant pass can be a 70-yard touchdown

With these receivers, you’re only seconds away from a touchdown at any point on the field.

12. Rammer Jammer is the best cheer in sports


13. Your coach has his own chopper

What kid is gonna say no to a coach who shows up to his school in a chopper?

14. You can’t watch an NFL game without seeing a ton of former players

LSU can be DBU … Bama is Everything U (except kicker, of course).

15. You’ve already beaten LSU in a championship game

Eight years later and the Tigers’ offense would still be struggling to cross midfield.

16. You don’t have to root for New Orleans sports teams

It’s better to have no NFL team than have to root for the Saints.

17. Lynyrd Skynyrd never wrote a song about Louisiana

“Sweet Home Louisiana” would be a song about taking a date out to gas station chicken.

18. Most college football teams are coached by your former assistants

And Saban is undefeated against them, so that works out pretty nice.

19. The entire world roots for you to lose every week

There’s no better feeling than making the entire college football world mad when you win again.

20. Alabama football has been good for 100 years

At LSU, you get a full degree if you can count to 100.