Alabama and Georgia have so many ties between them, ranging from coaches to players to administrators, that some natural trash talk was bound to happen leading up to the National Championship Game. While we haven’t gotten anything too juicy, outside of a strength coach destroying a trophy, Tide freshman receiver Jerry Jeudy may have offered up a quote worth discussing.

While being interviewed by Alec McQuade of NBC 11 Alive of Atlanta, Jeudy was asked about his relationship with some of the players on Georgia. The promising freshman was mostly cordial in his comments regarding the Bulldogs but at the very end of his interview, he offered up one interesting statement.

When asked about Georgia’s defensive backs, here’s what Jeudy had to say.

“They’ve got some great, talented DB(s), but none that can hold us,” Jeudy answered.

That’s pretty bold for a player that has 13 career catches for 244 yards and two scores. While he may be right, Alabama’s receivers won’t matter if quarterback Jalen Hurts can’t get them the ball. The QB’s ability to do so may very well determine Monday night’s game.