Alabama fans enjoyed watching the College Football Playoff semifinals, and comedian Jermaine “FunnyMaine” Johnson was one of them.

FunnyMaine released his latest video of how Bama fans watched the semifinals fresh off the Crimson Tide’s win over Notre Dame, and Ohio State’s win over Clemson to setup the national championship on Jan. 11.

Of course, there was a hearty laugh about Northwestern beating Auburn earlier in the day, as FunnyMaine said, “I forgot they were still playing ball. My bad. My bad.”

He tried to convince himself that the Notre Dame matchup would be tough, but it was difficult. Then he quickly shifted to DeVonta Smith having another big game, and his obvious move to win the Heisman Trophy. But the brief injury on Smith’s second touchdown where he landed hard was tough to watch.

Najee Harris’ hurdle also brought a colorful response, with graphics and sound effects. Then there was the 15-yard penalty against Nick Saban, which was a surprise.

Ohio State “looked good” in a win over Clemson, though FunnyMaine noted that “we don’t look half bad either.”

“Yo best, versus our best, the way football was meant to be,” he said. “Back in the natty where we belong.”