Danny Kannell is no stranger to poking the bear across the SEC, but this time, he offers an opinion not seen almost anywhere else.

The college football analyst questioned why there’s a conversation brewing about Alabama losing to Georgia and still making the College Football Playoff. Kannell didn’t spell out which four teams should make the CFP, but he obviously believes only one SEC team should make it. But he earlier ranked his top four as Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and Georgia.

“Why is the conversation being had “If Bama loses, they should still be in,” Kanell tweeted. “I think they are the best team in country and will beat Georgia BUT if they lose maybe we should consider that WE WERE WRONG ABOUT BAMA.

Pure and simple, Georgia wins they’re in. Bama is out. Period.”

This debate also opens the conversation that goes like this: Are the four CFP participants the best four teams in the country, or can there be a conference title runnerup included in that group? Taking it a step further, one wonders how to factor in the other teams in the conference title games, such as Northwestern, Pitt and Texas, and how they stack up with the contenders for the fourth spot.

It’s difficult to see how the consensus could be wrong about Alabama’s dominance if the Crimson Tide lose to a one-loss Georgia team on a neutral field.