Former Alabama RB Damien Harris gets to experience something not many people in sports get to go through — playing for one of the greatest coaches of all time at the college level (Nick Saban) and then moving on to play for one of the greatest NFL coaches ever (Bill Belichick).

Harris was chosen in the third round of the 2019 NFL Draft, and he’ll play for the New England Patriots this fall.

In an interview with, Harris explained how he thinks working with Saban has prepared him for working for Belichick:

Q: Some people make connections between Saban and Belichick from the standpoint of coaching style. Do you feel like working with Saban will prepare you for working with Belichick?

DH: Absolutely. I mean, I think Coach Saban prepares all of his guys to be ready for this next level and be ready for the NFL. Obviously, Coach Saban and Coach Belichick are very similar, they know each other, they’re friends, so I think that on top of Coach Saban being the coach that he is, I think him having that relationship will also help me transition to the NFL and the Patriots and help me be successful.

Harris will also join a backfield that features former Georgia star Sony Michel, who won a Super Bowl ring with the Pats as a rookie last season.

Will Harris get a ring for himself this fall? Belichick will certainly have the Pats in contention.