Greg Sankey was a little shocked by NCAA President Charlie Baker’s proposal, as it wasn’t sent to the commissioners.

Baker’s proposal wants to create an FBS subdivision that would allow for athletes to be compensated through an NIL trust fund. Schools would have the chance opt in or out of the compensation fund.

This would make it easier for schools to establish NIL deals with their own athletes directly.

At a roundtable event with other Power 5 commissioners in Las Vegas, Sankey said that the commissioners were a little late to the news compared to the rest of the world.

“It was not sent to commissioners,” said Sankey. “We were all a little bit late relative to the rest of the world. What we’ve seen is Charlie working to be a part of a broad solution.”

Presidents and athletic directors also weren’t made aware of the proposal until later. Sankey seemed frustrated that the NCAA didn’t rope them in.

“Why wasn’t our Board brought into this conversation sooner?” said Sankey.

NIL’s involvement in college football could be changing again.