One of the biggest kept secrets in the SEC (and all of college football) has to be who Alabama will start at quarterback against Louisville.

It’s not an easy decision. Jalen Hurts returns as the team’s incumbent starter and has an incredible 26-2 record.

Of course, the 26th victory he received credit for was actually more because of the play from his direct competitor, Tua Tagovalioa. The sophomore came into the National Championship last January and led Alabama to an overtime victory.

Former Alabama radio color analyst Phil Savage admitted things could change quickly, but he predicted on Friday that Nick Saban would start Hurts in Week 1.

“I think they are going to weigh the resume, the fact that he’s got game experience. The fact that he’s been the starter for 26 wins for the last two years,” Savage said on SiriusXM Radio.

“But in no way, shape or form do I think Jalen Hurts will be the quarterback by the time Alabama gets into the meat of its SEC schedule. Is that a couple weeks? Is that a month. I don’t know that.”

A lot of analysts seem to be in agreement that Tagovalioa is Alabama’s future behind center. He has more upside than Hurts and can be the reason they win another championship. As for Hurts, he’s viewed more as a competent starter who, with all the other talent on the roster, does enough not to lose. Crazy enough, Alabama can win 10-plus games with Hurts as the starter.

And that’s seemingly another factor in Alabama’s quarterback competition. If the rest of the roster is superior to everyone they play, Saban doesn’t really have to risk playing the less-experience signal caller with more upside.

Savage brought up all of the returning talent on the offensive line and receiver Friday, but he also said in crunch time, the quarterback will be a big factor.

“For the first eight games of the year, so essentially the months of September and October, I don’t know if it matters really who the quarterback is,” Savage said. “I think it definitely matters when they turn the page to November and play LSU, Mississippi State and Auburn.”