Joel Klatt has taken back a comment he made about Alabama and Nick Saban 6 years ago this week. Now he wants everyone else to move on.

Klatt was among the college football analysts who once declared Alabama’s dynasty over because, “They have a Nick Saban problem at Alabama.”

To be fair, “The Herd” host Colin Cowherd in 2015 led Klatt down that road by saying that, “In life, you’ve got to be able to pivot, I don’t think Nick’s pivoted particularly well.”

Klatt has admitted his mistake, but he wants everyone else to recognize that as well.

“Guess you guys missed when I have repeatedly talked about how wrong I was…Nick Saban adjusted and continued to build the best program CFB has ever seen @AlabamaFTBL…He is the greatest coach in our sports history…But hey, keep pulling this clip for clicks!! You do you!,” he wrote on Twitter.

Here’s the full clip: