Joel Klatt recently joined The Next Round to discuss Will Anderson Jr. and Bryce Young announcing their intentions to play in the Sugar Bowl.

With top college players routinely choosing to skip non-Playoff bowl games, the decision by Anderson and Young surprised many.

“I was pretty surprised,” said Klatt. “I think that those not directly involved with the program would’ve bet a lot of money that they would opt out.”

Young and Anderson are both considered 1st-round picks, potentially even being selected in the top-5 .

“I always say, if you can’t improve your stock, then you should probably sit out,” said Klatt. Klatt mentions that nothing Anderson or Young can do in the game will improve their draft stock.

However, Klatt clarified that he thinks these players playing is a good thing.

“I was surprised, but listen, pleasantly surprised,” said Klatt. Klatt referred to the rarity of top picks choosing to play in non-playoff bowl games.