Joey Galloway saw the narrow win for Alabama at Florida, and believes it’s a good thing for Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide. Alabama has now won 32 straight games against the SEC East, but this margin was only 31-29.

“Coach Saban always talks about his team not being focused,” Galloway said on “College Football Final” late Saturday on ESPN. “So they go out, they beat Miami handily, everybody is thinking they’re the best team in the country. Then they play a Mercer team, so you don’t get any confidence. These are young kids playing football. I think this is what Saban is always talking about. You have young kids, they start to think they’re better than they are.”

Galloway believes Saban can go back to his team and say, “I told you, you didn’t listen, but I told you, we weren’t as good as you thought we were, so now you get re-focused.”

Galloway looked ahead to Alabama’s schedule, which is Southern Miss, Ole Miss and then at Texas A&M.

“I think this is a great thing for Alabama to get a win in a close game, a hostile environment, now this team can refocus because it’s going to get tough,” he said.