Tua Tagovailoa came into this season with the highest expectations, even though he had never started a college game.

He’s met those expectations however, and quite easily. The Alabama offense has looked unstoppable, dropping 45-plus points on all six of their opponents thus far.

Tagovailoa has impressed in every facet as a quarterback, from his decision making, to his accuracy, to his downfield throwing, which is one of the more under-appreciated parts of his game.

Check out his passing chart, courtesy of @CFBFilmRoom on Twitter:

Yes, 66.7 percent accuracy on throws 20-plus yards downfield is not normal at all, it’s outstanding.

Tagovailoa is the Heisman favorite this season for good reason, but stats like these are the real things NFL scouts will be looking at when he decides to advance to the next level.

Speaking of the NFL, check out how last year’s college stars fared when passing the ball downfield:

Absolutely wild.

Tagovailoa is over 12 percent more accurate than the No. 1 overall pick in last year’s NFL Draft.

There’s still half a season to play, but the way things are going, Tagovailoa is setting himself up for a year full of records in college football.