Sometimes, players are drafted into bad situations, and it appears that may be the case for former Alabama S Minkah Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick has been struggling as he prepares for Year 2 in the NFL, but his mom has an explanation for his struggles.

She responded to a Miami Dolphins’ beat reporter’s tweet about how Fitzpatrick has been struggling by saying the team has him playing out of position:

Seems awkward to have your mom call out your team, right? Well, Fitzpatrick actually agreed with his mom on Wednesday after practice (via

“She’s not wrong,” Fitzpatrick said, per a team transcript. “Coach has asked me do something right now. I got to do what they ask me to do. If we have to have some discussions in the future, we’ll have those discussions.

“You just got to do it, man. If you resist it, you’re not going to play well. If you think about playing somewhere else, you’re not going to make the most of your position. I’m not 215 pounds, 220 pounds. So playing in the box isn’t best suited for me, but that’s what coach is asking me to do. I’m going to go out there and practice my hardest.”

We’ll see where Fitzpatrick lines up this fall, but if the Dolphins continue to play him out of position, he may try to leave Miami sooner rather than later.