TJ Yeldon was one of the top running backs throughout his career at Alabama. Yeldon amassed more than 3,300 yards rushing and 39 total touchdowns. He also averaged more than 5.7 yards per carry during his 576-carry career.

But that isn’t enough for one NFL scout, who thinks Yeldon is overrated because of where he attended school.

“He’s a little overrated, because he’s coming from Alabama, but he’s not bad,” the scout told “He’s strong, but he’s not very fast. He would be a good second back if you already have a No. 1.”

Aren’t anonymous scouts the best?

Yeldon obviously won’t be the first back selected in the NFL Draft. That distinction will come from either Georgia’s Todd Gurley or Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon, but Yeldon won’t last too long on the draft board. Over the last two years, no running back was selected in the first round, but Gurley and Gordon hope to break that streak. Yeldon is figured to be a top five or top seven back in the draft.

Throughout Nick Saban’s tenure at Alabama, he’s put players in the NFL year after year. For the last five years, the Crimson Tide have had two first-round picks. Safety Landon Collins and wide receiver Amari Cooper will extend that streak this year.

While many are quick to point out that Trent Richardson never lived up to the hype in the NFL, Eddie Lacy proved the opposite, winning the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award.